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About that Whiny Conservative Study....

The study has seemed to have captured the attention of many people over the last few days. I blogged it but I write a satirical piece and filed it under humor, pointing out that the study showed the paranoid kids grew up to be conservatives but that the study as done in Berkley. The punch line being that if they were conservative and in Berkley, they weren't paranoid, everyone really was out to get them.

I was sort of amazed how many took a "throw away story" and actually paid attention to it. But leave it to James Lindgren of Volokh to not just throw random complaints about the study into the wind but to actually give it a serious review.

As you might have expected, the study didn't fare too well. As the saying goes, read the whole thing.

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Volokh: too much starch! No... (Below threshold)

Volokh: too much starch! Not enough fiber! I suggest they defer to iSteve.com when they get a yin to tackle stats. (or ideas!- The web's polymath!) P.S. Is the entire neo-con blogosphere emanating from Michele Malkin's breakfast nook?

Wasn't this study done by a... (Below threshold)

Wasn't this study done by a Berkely guy? Maybe we could make it more credible by having CBS verify the results? ;-)


Paul, sorry, but this is my... (Below threshold)

Paul, sorry, but this is my nit-pick of the day: fare not fair.

And just how long did it ta... (Below threshold)

And just how long did it take them to find/inlist/enroll 95 conservatives in/from/willing to claim origin of Berkely?


argh thanks Seixon... For s... (Below threshold)

argh thanks Seixon... For some reason every time I file something under humor I make a bonehead typo like that.

I make them other times too but I just get stupid when I make humor posts.

I've thought seriously abou... (Below threshold)

I've thought seriously about this study. I wasn't "whiny" as a child, but I did cry readily when my feelings were hurt or sonething wasn't fair (in my perception).

Now, I am very careful not to be unkind and to debate poitely without attacking the speaker. I also speak out for justice under the law, not according to PC garbage.

So maybe there's some value to the study!

Hmmmm.I'v... (Below threshold)


I've thought seriously about this study. I wasn't "whiny" as a child, but I did cry readily when my feelings were hurt or sonething wasn't fair (in my perception).

What I find amusing is that I was raised initially as a liberal Democrat since my family in New Hampshire had been Democrats probably since the founding of the party.

Another thing that's also extremely amusing is that I wasn't "whiny" as a child but rather vicious. Evidently annoying me at that age bought people, regardless of size, age or gender, a serious attempt at ass-kicking.

Thankfully I've long since settled down but it illustrates the nonsense in this sort of "study".






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