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God's mysterious ways

Three members of the Christian Peacemakers Teams, held hostage by terrorists in Iraq for many months, are now free. In what can only be described as a miracle, the three men -- Canadians James Loney and Harmeet Singh Sooden and Briton Norman Kember -- were set free upon the streets of Baghdad by what could only have been the hand of God, ready to resume their vital works of bearing witness to the injustices visited upon the Iraqis by the West.

At least, that might be the impression one might get if one reads the CPT's press release and nothing else.

Fortunately, there are other sources for the story, which confirm that the "hand of God" that saved these three men from joining their murdered colleague Tom Fox, found shot and killed in the streets of Baghdad two weeks ago were American and British soldiers. These soldiers, armed with information from captured terrorists, discovered where the three men were being held and rescued them. Apparently the risks taken by Coalition forces in rescuing these three men is not worth mentioning.

Last December, I said that not a single US (and, by extension, Coalition) soldier should be put at risk in rescuing these idiots, and it appears to be so -- not a single shot was fired. Further, we found the men through interrogating captured terrorists, and hearing that more locked-up terrorists are talking is a good thing. So I think that, overall, I'm glad they're free to resume their idiocy.

But I am reminded of a quote from Joseph Stalin, one of the great thinkers of the Left:

"Gratitude is a disease of dogs."

It certainly seems to apply to the CPT.


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Comments (8)

I suspect CPT of ransoming ... (Below threshold)

I suspect CPT of ransoming them out, hence the terrs being scarce when the troops.

Stalin? Great thinker??? "T... (Below threshold)

Stalin? Great thinker??? "The eye that alters/ alters all..."

I heard this news while dri... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I heard this news while driving to work this morning. I had a chuckle because I remembered Jay's blog entry and my response to situation: Don't expend a single soldier to save these idiots.

The good--and strangely and incredibly ironic--news is that not a single soldier was hurt, nor a shot fired in saving these morons. Imagine that, peacniks saved by the very men and women they abhor and condemn, without any violence.

Hand of God? Definitely.

The irony of this lost on the CPT? Probably.

Those 3 CPT hostages having to say 'thank you' to the soldiers? Priceless.

I live in Chicago, where th... (Below threshold)

I live in Chicago, where the CPT are headquartered. I am sure this story will be reported widely on the local news, and if they don't mention that American and (according to the Brit press) SAS special forces rescued these asshats, you can be sure they will be getting a call from me.

When these three "useful idiots" were first taken captive, I was amazed at how my local stations ran an interview of sorts with the head of the group: I qualify the term interview because the woman would not allow her face to be shown on camera. The camera, instead of blotting out her face, focused on her shoes instead, which appeared to be de rigeur Rogers Park Matron, i.e., penny loafers with sweatsocks. No mention was made of the fact that they weren't showing this woman's face. It was so strange! I remember asking myself if this woman was wanted, or an on-the-run member of the Weather Underground?

When the murdered hostage was found, the CPT held a rally in our Federal Plaza. The spokewoman for the vigil said that their late colleague loved the Iraqi people, and was willing to die to represent them. In spite of the murder of her friend, she remained beholden to theory, rather than open her eyes to the reality of the situation. I swear I can't understand people who, their colleague's murder notwithstanding, still mouthed their empty platitudes!

I don't really agree with C... (Below threshold)

I don't really agree with CPT and am not here to defend them (they're true believer religious nutbags, and I almost never agree with those people). They seem to think that understanding terrorists is more important that stopping/killing them (keep in mind I mean actual terrorists, not just any Arab with a gun). But I would like to point out that this press release was from the CPT here in Chicago, not from the hostages themselves. I would be very surprised if they were not extremely grateful to the soldiers that rescued them (though I'm sure they still chalked it up to "God", as is their wont).

They updated their release ... (Below threshold)
Bill B.:

They updated their release with a thanks to the soldiers.

BryanD wrote:Stal... (Below threshold)

BryanD wrote:
Stalin? Great thinker??? "The eye that alters/ alters all..."

You omitted "of the left".

You know, 'Uncle Joe', the 'Christian gentleman' friend of FDR... or has that history already been erased ?

- MikeB

Well done!<a href="h... (Below threshold)

Well done!
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