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Dishonoring a fallen hero

I know it's wrong to generalize the actions of one or two assholes to tar a whole movement, but when the anti-war crowd's standard talking points end up spray-painted on a memorial to a US soldier killed in Afghanistan, it's really, really difficult to see the difference...

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But don't question their pa... (Below threshold)

But don't question their patriotism.

Or stifle their right to dissent.

And anyway, the punks who did this are fringe loonies who aren't at all representative of most lefties.

But of course, tomorrow's paper will have a story of how indignant anti-war activists will be raising money to fix the damage, right? Because they support the troops, right?


And anyway, the punks wh... (Below threshold)

And anyway, the punks who did this are fringe loonies who aren't at all representative of most lefties.

Then there are a whole lot of loonies on the left.

The only oil coming out of ... (Below threshold)

The only oil coming out of Afghanistan is from the poppy. Obviously these morks were the ones "without education." I betcha there are of few of us that would be glad to ed-u-cate them.

I also am waiting to see the candle vigils and fundraising for an award for information leading to the conviction of the perpetrators coming from the AW movement. And I'll probably be waiting a long, long time.

This was a straight case of... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

This was a straight case of vandalism..A more problematic case of how we might honor the memory of another fallen American soldier is the truth that surrounds the death of the former football star, Pat Tillman. In this case the family, far from trying to preserve the truth surrounding the death of their son, is still still trying to get at the truth, long after his memorial service? But like the the Petithorys, the Tillmans have no wish for their son's death to become a underserved symbol for an opportunistic political statement either.

But like the the Petitho... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

But like the the Petithorys, the Tillmans have no wish for their son's death to become a underserved symbol for an opportunistic political statement either.

But that's not gonna stop you, is it?

If they haven't caught the ... (Below threshold)
Just John:

If they haven't caught the perpetrators, how do they know they were "anti-war"?

Hmmm, JJ, it's just a guess... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, JJ, it's just a guess, based on the graffiti. Did you read the linked story?

It was no Night of Broken Glass. But calling such acts "just vandalism" would make Goebbels proud.

Obviously the work of punks... (Below threshold)

Obviously the work of punks. "Christian Crusade"? Probably enamored with Anton LeVay or GayLezTransgenderWhatever or Mao. I hate to use the word "nut" unless about a public person. Too pat and unenlightening a term. (bush-bots OK though for their slavish no-nothingness; China-Homeland Security axis: affront du jour!) Doubtful if the work of a consciencious anti-war demonstrator. They (OK, "we") don't need it. Don't fail to consider "agent provocateur". They DO exist. And they're handy for Changing The Subject.

How ironic that someone has... (Below threshold)

How ironic that someone has to buy an oil based product to protest oil. Just like the thousands of lefty internet hounds that type anti oil statements on a computer made from petroleum products.

Methinks the Left Protests ... (Below threshold)

Methinks the Left Protests too much...


EMERGENCY CYBERCAST WARNING: There is a BUSH-BOT BLACKOUT in progress regarding the Sino-Homeland Security Axis of Evil. Wizbang: RESIST AND POST (Yea or Nay is OK (and you'll respect yourself in the morning). Saint Drudge is your Guide. The Cat Is Out. The barn door is open! Don't let your History pass you by. (May your archives SYNCHRONIZE WITH EVENTS, i.e. "Where were you, daddy, when?") signed, a Friend.

Don't hate me folks, but if... (Below threshold)
Jack Burton:

Don't hate me folks, but if I caught these people I would beat them, to death, and not lose a minute of sleep. The behavior of the liberal left is disgusting, and I could care less about their rights. I won't stand for it.

This was a straight case... (Below threshold)

This was a straight case of vandalism.

Really. Is this what you would say if they painted swastikas on a Jewish synagogue?

BryanD, you bring out the S... (Below threshold)

BryanD, you bring out the Shakespeare in me yet again:

Words, words, words...

epador, I'm unfamiliar with... (Below threshold)

epador, I'm unfamiliar with the citation: "words," etc.(the Sonnets, The Merchant of Venice, I know; Romeo and Juliet: the first act I'm still luxuriating in (from time to time) and anyone familiar with Shakespeare can't be all bush-bot), but the current Don't-Mention-It-And-It'll-Disappear/ Hutchison-Wampoa-Will-Sing-You-To-Sleep(for good!)-So Shut-The Hell-Up-Or-Else Universe the USA media has been dropped into in the last 24 hours is downright ORWELLIAN! And I only WISH I were exaggerating! Even Michael Savage seems to be de-fanged on this one. And I've been surfing/listening/watching. So far: (St.) Drudge and Coast2coastAM retain their dignity. The rest are (how do I put this delicately:) Cowards or SCUM! jus' winnin' friends..

P.S. just refreshed: Has an... (Below threshold)

P.S. just refreshed: Has anyone gone by the Wizbang House? I hope they're not napping in a cyanide cloud! W ain't worth it!

this is despicable and to t... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

this is despicable and to think the average person who opposes the war would do anything like this shows how far out some on the right are. let's not forget that the majority of this country opposes the war and the majority honor the sacrifice these soldiers make and just want them to come home safe.

but to deplore this yet support politicians who question the patriotism of veterans like Max Cleeland and John Murtha is quite a double standard. both actions are deplorable and should be treated as such. the right certainly is no hallmark of good etiquette, so don't take the actions of a couple of idiots to represent the entire population that opposes the war.

Judging by bryans hyno rea... (Below threshold)

Judging by bryans hyno reaction to this disgrace, methinks he approves !

Shame bryanD doesn't know m... (Below threshold)

Shame bryanD doesn't know much about that obscure Shakespeare work about the Prince of Denmark. He'd make a great Laertes.

But if you would prefer to ... (Below threshold)

But if you would prefer to play Polonius, then study this link:


and start about line 192 if you have a short little span of attention. For these are indeed days of miracles and wonders.

But to get back to the post... (Below threshold)

But to get back to the post issues:

Vandalism indeed and how inspired?

By fighting words and despicable verbiage from anti-war propaganda, well demonstrated in caspule form above. If above is not enough for you, then how about the folks demonstrating in front of Walter Reed (WRAMC) or at the funerals of fallen soldiers? And if these folks are truly the aberrancies of the anti-war movement, why are they not constantly and visibly further censured and villified by said "movement." (Why are the only folks strong enough to mount a counter protest from the right?)

But by you and your kind, they are slightly dismissed and then your anti-war invective shrilled louder. Which does not discourage but further encourages them.

But take no responsibility on your part, for you are not yet to the end of the play where Laertes, the foil to Hamlet's inaction (and dupe of the King's manipulations), too late realizes and verbalizes his apologies to Hamlet.

Of course, feel free to spin this 180 degrees, and try to make our President the man who stole the throne, but I think either Clinton would play him better.

I'd be only too willing to ... (Below threshold)
Bat One:

I'd be only too willing to allow Jack Burton second crack at the small-minded, pitiful assholes responsible for this.

Of course, now that I think about it, I don't recall any right wing thugs desecrating the gravesite of Mary Jo Kopeckne.

sean nyc/aa wrote:<p... (Below threshold)
L.A. ex-dem:

sean nyc/aa wrote:

"let's not forget that the majority of this country opposes"

There is not a day that goes by that the Lying Dems claim to speak for the Majority. Yet they are the Minority Party.

So explain why 76% answered YES!, when questioned , "knowing what we now know , was it wise to go into Iraq?"

The people who did this - a... (Below threshold)

The people who did this - and the people who make apologies for them - are vile, sick, perverted, treasonous scum who deserve nothing but contempt from the rest of us and a lengthy jail term if they are caught.

Now, when will we hear people on the left make the same calls?

(crickets chirping)

Thought so.

Really. Is this what you... (Below threshold)

Really. Is this what you would say if they painted swastikas on a Jewish synagogue?

Don't know about Crickmore, but I think BryanD would offer them a second can of paint.

LA, I don't know whe... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

I don't know where you got your numbers, but google "iraq polls" and the first hit is this:


there, the NBC/WSJ poll (towards bottom) shows majority think it was not worth it to remove saddam (51-39) an overwhelming majority think we should begin to withdraw troops (61-31) but not a complete, immediate withdrawal (66-30).

Now please provide your link so we can compare.

Classy.... (Below threshold)







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