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Hannity and Levin Take on Alec Baldwin

Sean Hannity and Mark Levin called into Brian Whitman's WABC radio show while he interviewed Alec Baldwin. Hannity and Levin challenged Baldwin on his Cheney is a terrorist remark and other ridiculous claims. It seems that Baldwin wasn't up to the debate and left the interview early.

Expose the Left has the audio.


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Comments (20)

I heard Hannity replaying s... (Below threshold)

I heard Hannity replaying some of this on my ride home. Baldwin was beyond pathetic.

I'm still waiting for him to leave the country like he promided. The benefit to our national average IQ would make No Child Left Behind unnecessary.

I thought everybody looked ... (Below threshold)

I thought everybody looked bad here. It reminded me of something you'd see on the Jerry Springer show. I was especially disappointed with Mark Levin who has written a great book about the Supreme Court and I expected a bit more class from him. Oh well.

I prefer something more refined and dignified, like professional wrestling.

Levin said Baldwin had a "... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Levin said Baldwin had a "two-digit IQ".

A bit generous, I think.

TWO QUESTIONS: 1)Were Hanni... (Below threshold)

TWO QUESTIONS: 1)Were Hannity and Levin calling from the same phone? 2)Did they both have their pants on? BONUS QUESTION: What does the following greeting mean exactly: Caller) "Sean, you're a great American!"...Sean) "Your a great American..."

bryanD:2)D... (Below threshold)


2)Did they both have their pants on?

I dunno. Why don't you tell us ? It's your fantasy after all.

- MikeB

Interesting (though hardly ... (Below threshold)

Interesting (though hardly surprising) that Baldwin can dish it out but he can't respond to it - let alone take it. One could hope he'd learn a lesson about opening his mouth and making unfounded comments he's neither willing to nor capable of providing support for ... but I won't hold my breath.

I think when you take the k... (Below threshold)

I think when you take the kind of vitriolic and buffoonish statements that Ball-less has made throughout the years, and put them up against how Hannity and Levin presented themselves, it's justified within the context of the exchange..

He can belch out alot of shit, but he can't stand it when he has to smell it when it's thrown back at him..

"2)Did they both have their... (Below threshold)

"2)Did they both have their pants on?"

HAHAHA!! You so clever, big Bry!! That's a knee slapper if I ever heard it!!

Maybe Baldwin should man-up and take the skirt off next time he gets bitch slapped about his diarrhetic rantings..

MikeB,No, bryanD's f... (Below threshold)

No, bryanD's fantasy would involve a Zionist conspiracy being exposed.

SCSIwuzzy, Quit thinking ab... (Below threshold)

SCSIwuzzy, Quit thinking about me! And wash your hands!

No , more like Clinton and... (Below threshold)

No , more like Clinton and Baldwin playing the fleshflute or sexaphone together.

Levin said Baldwin had a "... (Below threshold)

Levin said Baldwin had a "2 digit i.q." Yeah the 2 digits before the # 02

<a href="http://futurist.ty... (Below threshold)
I'm no particular fan of Al... (Below threshold)

I'm no particular fan of Alec Baldwin, but I'm bound to say that Hannity and Levin came off looking as stupid and childish as he did:

HANNITY: ... who said to stone Henry Hyde to death? Are you the guy who said our president is a CIA mass murderer? I wanted you to come on the program and defend that, you gutless coward.


LEVIN: We've only just begun - are you 40 or 50 pounds overweight now?

I listen to Hannity's program fairly often, but I also find that I can usually only take about thirty minutes of it. His interviews with guests with whom he doesn't agree usually degenerate into arguments in which facts and reason are submerged in a flood of ad hominem attacks, recriminations, and the most bizarre arguments. Hannity isn't always the guilty party, but his debate skills leave much to be desired.

Several weeks ago he "debated" Mike Farrell over the subject of executing Tookie Williams. It didn't take long for Hannity to charge off onto the tangent how Farrell can opposes capital punishment yet supports abortion. Now, I don't understand this contradiction in liberal philosophy, either, but I fail to see what it had to do with the subject at hand.


The upshot is that both sides "won" the battle between Hannity, Levin, and Baldwin: Baldwin doubtless scored points with his admirers for having stood up to that nasty ol' Sean Hannity, and Hannity's admirers give him kudos for sticking it to Hollywood blowhard Alec Baldwin.

Oh, well... There are plenty of other stations on the radio.

Im not a big fan of Sean Ha... (Below threshold)
John Hammond:

Im not a big fan of Sean Hannity, but Alec really
shows what hes all about ,by refering to sean
as an Ex construction worker, what an elitist
moron, who does he think build the house
that he livs in? If he met Jesus would he
call him a no talent ex carpenter?
not dissing on actors, but his proffesion isnt
exactly the noblest in the world,I mean is the movie "Married to the Mob" really some giant
contribution to society?

Yeah really, anybody can ... (Below threshold)

Yeah really, anybody can be a bad actor ! just look at the democrats and how phony they are... But it takes real skill to build something worthwhile and needed like housing.

Baldwin obviously isnt used... (Below threshold)

Baldwin obviously isnt used to being challenged, or having his own words beg for justification upon scrutiny. His defenders claim he really wasnt insulting contractors, but seriously - is there any other way to interpret his remark ? The fact is that he *was* ragging Hannity for being a former construction worker. The remark was like a Fruedian slip type of thing, which exposed the elitist pomposity he is often accused of. And Baldwin drew first blood - Sean merely asked him why he didnt appear on the show, and Alec went personal with the 'talentless former constrcution worker hack' comment - thats where the animosity began. Now having said all of this - I must add that Hannity needs to drop the schtick about "a member of your party said this, do you condemn that statement ? Yes or No !". He does that all the time and its played. If he wants to call someone to task on statements *they* are personally responsible for making, thats fair game. But I wish he'd cut it out with the he-said-she-said nonsense.

Ah, come on. What is wrong ... (Below threshold)

Ah, come on. What is wrong with Baldwin saying Cheney is a terrorist. By the US's own definition, he's a terrorist just for helping to invade Iraq and cover up the bad intelligence! Come on! Shock and Awe? You mean "strike fear into Iraqis?"

Yeah, he's a terrorist and Hannity will never get it. Hannity picked this fight, not Alec Baldwin.

This is interesting. Peopl... (Below threshold)

This is interesting. People like Hannity are often accused of being thuggish. They are portrayed as wild eyed McCarthy-like fascists, only too willing to hammer down the rights of others. Yet it seems that the most inflammitory rants come from the left. If you saw Baldwin's unhinged, hysterical diatribe, calling for Hyde's death by stoning, you would never again deem him worthy of any credibility on any subject, let alone public affairs. And yet he is admired for his polictical acumen, and heralded for standing up to Hannity. I wonder how the media and people like Baldwin would respond if Hannity had demanded the death of Hillary Clinton by stoning on national tv. My guess is that it would have ended his career. I urge liberals to examine their own words before they are so quick to tar conservatives.

Look, Baldwin is an idiot..... (Below threshold)

Look, Baldwin is an idiot....no one denies that. But to accuse him of running away and not being able to defend himself is wishful thinking. He walked away, he didn't run away. I would have done the same thing too. Levin and Hannity have 15 hours a week to spout their side of things. Baldwin was a one shot guest co-host of a two hour show. He was blindsided when Whitman allowed their call and allowed it to continue unchecked. I would have been pissed too and I would have removed myself from the situation.

To be fair and balanced about it, lets have an analogy. Bill O'Reilly is a guest on Letterman. In the middle of the interview, Al Franken "unexpectedly" walks on the set and starts "confronting" O'Reilly about all of his "spin". How long do you think O'Reilly would set there before "running away"?

Hannity and Levin came off sounding like two 13 year olds who broke into daddy's liquor cabinet and decided to make Beavis and Butthead style prank calls. It was low class.






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