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Moussaoui Was to Hijack Fifth Plane on 9/11

According to Zacarias Moussaoui, the White House was supposed to be hit on 9/11:

Al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui testified Monday that he and would-be shoe bomber Richard Reid were supposed to hijack a fifth airplane on Sept. 11, 2001, and fly it into the White House.

Moussaoui's testimony on his own behalf stunned the courtroom. His account was in stark contrast to his previous statements in which he said the White House attack was to come later if the United States refused to release an Egyptian sheik imprisoned on separate terrorist convictions.

On Dec. 22, 2001, Reid was subdued by passengers when he attempted to detonate a bomb in his shoe aboard American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris to Miami. The plane was diverted to Boston, where it landed safely.

Moussaoui told the court he knew the World Trade Center attack was coming and he lied to investigators when arrested in August 2001 because he wanted it to happen.

"You lied because you wanted to conceal that you were a member of al- Qaida?" prosecutor Rob Spencer asked.

"That's correct," Moussaoui said.

Spencer: "You lied so the plan could go forward?"

Moussaoui: "That's correct."

Although he denied his involvement earlier, he shouted "death to America" and proclaimed he was al Qaeda countless times in court.

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Comments (2)

Forget the death penalty. S... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Forget the death penalty. Sentence Moussaoui to (fill in your favorite federal prison here) and just release him into the general population, turning a blind eye when he strolls through a dark corner of the prison yard...

I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ? whe... (Below threshold)

I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ? where are the other terrorists that were to fly with this creep, the other planes each had 4 or 5 ..make him talk ,torture or no torture !






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