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Quote of the Day - Katrina Perspective Edition

"You don't understand the problem... so many homes were destroyed... Let's say we built every home that needed to be built, that would DOUBLE the number of homes we've built since we were founded and we were founded in 1976."
A representative of Habitat for Humanity explaining to me that the equivalent of 30 years of his organization's work was undone in a single event. A rather sobering measure of the work ahead in New Orleans.


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Meanwhile, I know a couple ... (Below threshold)

Meanwhile, I know a couple of dozen guys from New Orleans who are living and working in Orlando, making more money than they ever made back home, and about 2/3 of them aren't planning on moving back...

I have a job now in which I... (Below threshold)

I have a job now in which I answer the telephone and help my callers go through a certain application process. As part of my job, I have to ask each caller if the recent string of hurricanes have affected their ability to do a certain thing.

On Sunday, I asked a woman from Texas that question, and she burst into tears. She told me that she's lost everything to Katrina and Rita and had to move to Texas. She doesn't know what she's going to do because she's worked all her life and now she's on disability and she has no house, etc.

I felt so bad for her, but there wasn't much I ccould do but try to give her my full attention and get her through the application process as best as possible.

It was sobering to see how bad some people's situations are even though it's been over six months since the hurricanes.

Here's hoping they keep Jim... (Below threshold)

Here's hoping they keep Jimmy Carter busy for years.

A job that big and complica... (Below threshold)

A job that big and complicated can only be accomplished by a free market.

Government subsidies, controls, and other forms of graft will only fuck it up even more than decades of government interference has already.

My thought: The Free market... (Below threshold)

My thought: The Free market will rebuild this with astonishing speed..once the governments get the F...out of the way.

Phinn - You couldn... (Below threshold)

Phinn -

You couldn't be more correct. I looked up Habitat for Humanity International's ratings among charity organizations. They aren't especially good. So I am not sure that their productivity over 30 years of work is worth much as a yardstick. A better measure is to look at new home starts. The Commerce Department reported a seasonally adjusted rate for new home starts in January of 2.3 million for the year. That's the private sector at work. If the government would get out of the way, things would move much quicker.






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