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A long overdue posting

I have a confession to make. I am a terrible procrastinator.

No, that's not quite accurate. I am a fantastic procrastinator. I am absolutely amazing at procrastination, to avoiding matters that I really should address, to keep commitments, to deal with matters that need addressing. My gifts in this area are beyond reproach.

Last September, in the midst of figuring out what the hell I could do to help paul and other victims of Katrina, I held an auction. Six people pledged various sums of money in exchange for the right to dictate a posting from me on the topic of their choosing.

I promptly put off actually writing the pieces. And put them off, and put them off... and then, when I had a major meltdown with my computer, I lost the e-mail addresses and mailed-in topics from the six winners.

I recall two of them -- Pennywit asked about some authors, and Jewels' involved a penguin -- and I'll begin with those two. I intend to write one of them Saturday, and do at least one a week until I have fulfilled my commitments.

The other four -- Zach (who sent me a righteously and justifiably pissed-off e-mail, a well-deserved and needed kick in my ass), April Dilli, Greg and Diane, and Plum -- please e-mail me at TempoMan49 (at) yahoo.com (one of the casualties of my crash was the loss of my saved Wizbang mail) with your topics. I WILL acknowledge them as soon as I get them, and I hope you're still around and reading to see this apology.

The main reason I write around here is for the readers, and you deserve better. Especially those of you who helped out paul and the other Katrina victims at our request. I let you folks down on this, and I'm gonna do my damnedest to make it right.

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Hey, Jay Tea - procrastinat... (Below threshold)

Hey, Jay Tea - procrastination is my middle name!!! So, I empathise greatly (wanna start a club? we could set up a meeting, oh, next year? ;-) )

I'm not one of the winners, of course, but I thought I'd just stop by and pat you on the back: you're probably my fav blogger here on WizBang (no, I'm not sucking up). But, y'know, Real Life does have a way of crashing in on blogging, darn it!

And on that note, I suppose I ought to get back to painting the living room that I've been painting the last three weeks, right? LOL

Best wishes, and I'll also toss in a gratuitous crack of the wet-noodle-whip *grin*

-- R'cat

Any particular reason why a... (Below threshold)

Any particular reason why are you are so demeaning to Paul by calling him "paul"?

I wanted to tell you about ... (Below threshold)

I wanted to tell you about your procrastination I just hadn't got to it yet

Luckily I'm a very laid bac... (Below threshold)

Luckily I'm a very laid back person, and quick to forgive (plus I'm a huge procrastinator myself, so I gotta cut you some slack).

We're square now, but if that peice doesn't show up by next hurricane season I'll be donating my size 12 Timberland to your rectal cavity. :)

Carry on.

You're all pikers.My... (Below threshold)

You're all pikers.
My alter-ego is Captain Procrastination and his trusty side-kick, Rationalization Boy.

Why do tomorrow what you can put off until next week?

It wasn't just about author... (Below threshold)

It wasn't just about authors. I'll reforward it to you ...







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