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White House Chief Of Staff Andrew Card Steps Down

President Bush announced the resignation of White House chief of staff Andrew Card at a morning press conference. He will be replaced by the director of of the Office of Management and Budget, Joshua Bolten.

White House Chief of Staff Card Resigns - [AP]

Update: Ankle Bitting Pundit's say Andy Card's resignation is not part of a big "staff shake-up", but rather frees Card to play a lead role on behalf of his favored candidate in the 2008 GOP Presidential primary - Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.


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Comments (6)

Andy's earned a rest; and t... (Below threshold)

Andy's earned a rest; and the exhaustion of the job was sorely showing.

I had hoped he'd return to Massachusetts and run for Governor, but he's too loyal a party man to upset the sinking ship.

It seems to me that the wro... (Below threshold)
mark blahut:

It seems to me that the wrong guy is stepping down !
The problem is george , when he steps down the
country will rejoice and regain some logical thinkers. Enough of this BS .

Call the friggen wahhhhhmbu... (Below threshold)

Call the friggen wahhhhhmbulance....

Hey, Bush isn't running again, but who could tell with the ravings of people like you.

You are going to be SO unhappy in november when your (party's) behavior loses them a few more seats.

Hey, looks like "ed" is bac... (Below threshold)

Hey, looks like "ed" is back. Do you think that universal health care would pay for your wahhhhhmbulance?

The big question no one is ... (Below threshold)

The big question no one is asking: does Card have an evil twin brother?

Poor BChoinski. The GOP ju... (Below threshold)

Poor BChoinski. The GOP just bought him a (one way) ticket on their new party boat - the SS Titanic. Talk about cognitive dissonance....






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