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Yeah, sure, now pull the other one, Zacarias

Yesterday, the whole nation was shocked by confessed would-be 9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui's statement in court that he was part of a fifth Al Qaeda cell that was supposed to hijack another plane on 9/11, along with convicted would-be shoe bomber Richard Reid and other, unnamed co-conspirators, and fly it into the White House.

I gotta call bullshit on this. Moussaoui has long been called "the 20th hijacker," and I think that it was no coincidence that each plane was taken by five terrorists -- except for Flight 93, which had only four. Moussaoui would have been the fifth, and perhaps his absence was the key element that let the passengers successfully thwart the plan. Further, Flight 93 was on course for Washington when it was brought down.

I suspect Moussaoui -- who's not the brightest bulb around -- is simply tossing out crap to confuse and aggravate his prosecutors. There has never been any prior connection established between Reid and the 9/11 attacks. And both of these two bozos are failures and embarassments to terrorists worldwide. To try to tie himself and Reid into a non-existent fifth cell, Moussaoui might hope to get the government to waste time and energy and scarce resources into looking for these fictional terrorists.

Regardless, Moussaoui was a part of Al Qaeda and a part of the 9/11 plots. It was his own ineptitude that kept him off a plane on that day, and he ought to be put to death as quickly as possible. There is absolutely no reason to keep him alive, paid for by the nation that he sought to destroy.


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He's auditioning for the pa... (Below threshold)

He's auditioning for the part of the Muslim world's Forest Gump. Next thing you know, he'll claim he loaded John Wilkes Booth's pistol.

He's bucking for martyrdom.... (Below threshold)

He's bucking for martyrdom. His attorneys didn't want him taking the stand because they know their client's nuts and wants The Great Satan to kill him so he gets the grapes and virgins, instead of spending his life stewing in a cell.

He's just trying to make su... (Below threshold)

He's just trying to make sure that he gets his 72 raisins.

He's been called "weak in the head" and a "nuisance" by other terrorist scumbags.

Plus, his involvement would screw up the whole "number 19" thing that fanatic muslims are so hooked on.

This guy is proof of the terrorist Peter Principle.

If it weren't for this "fre... (Below threshold)

If it weren't for this "free speech" thing, I'd say throw him in a dark hole and seal it up.

I could not believe the way the MSM presented his claims, and didn't have a bright red "BS" flashing over his face "by mistake..."

I agree, Jay. I had a simil... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I agree, Jay. I had a similiar observation when I heard Moussauoi's "shocking" news: bullshit. I think he essentially missed his flight, be it by design or accident, and has been fantasizing about what would have been (glory and virgins, I suppose) if he hadn't, well, been a puss and chickened out. Even more BS was including Reid (who was in Europe at the time) in on the plot. These two are the Laurel and Hardy of terrorists, and that's an insult to Laurel and Hardy.

Like I said yesterday, end the trail, get the sentencing down and release him into the general population of your favorite federal pen and what will be, will be.

<a href="http://today.reute... (Below threshold)

Other al Qaeda detainees, whose testimony was read into evidence, contradicted Moussaoui's testimony from yesterday. Sounds like Moussaoui was trying to pad his resume among the jihadi elites, but that didn't go down too well either.

At the risk of being a cont... (Below threshold)

At the risk of being a contrarian, I think it's a mistake to execute this bozo. That's EXACTLY what he wants, and we should be doing everything in our power to thwart him and anyone like him. Don't give him his virgins, and certainly don't make a martyr of him. Put him in a cell, preferably with a hairy but affectionate, 300-lb. animal named Tiny and LEAVE HIM THERE TO ROT. Maybe post his picture every ten years or so: "remember this guy? He and TINY have become ever closer...We hope he lives a long, long time, because he's forgotten how to smile."

I figure Richard Reid just ... (Below threshold)

I figure Richard Reid just wants him to shut the heck up.






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