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Bush Bashing ABC News Exec Targeted By Former Employee

Last week Matt Drudge published a 2004 e-mail from ABC Good Morning America Weekend executive producer John Green slamming President Bush. The message - referring to the 2004 Presidential debates - said, "Bush makes me sick. If he uses the 'mixed messages' line one more time, I'm going to puke."

After the message was exposed on The Drudge Report, Green apologized to colleagues in an e-mail saying, "I want all of you to know how much I regret the embarrassment this story causes ABC. It was an inappropriate thing to say and I'm deeply sorry."

The original story was widely discussed in the blogosphere. The general conclusions drawn about Green's e-mail tended to break along political lines. Conservatives generally chalked up the episode as re-enforcement of the notion of the liberal media or a public manifestation of what is half-jokingly called Bush Derangement Syndrome, or BDS for short.

On the left, the theory de jour was that the story was leaked by Bush loyalists to stoke some righteous outrage on the right against the mainstream press. Keith Olbermann even took to MSNBC's airwaves and (in reference to the e-mail) said, "[D]oes this not smack of desperation on the part of the White House, to let something like that leak out right now?"

So what is the real story? Was it a White House leaked story or proof that the mainstream media has lost its mind over Bush?

Actually it's neither...

Wizbang has obtained copies of other interoffice e-mail from John Green; notably a 2005 e-mail rudely slamming the door on a GMA Weekend segment for former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, saying, "DON'T ASK HER TO COME ON. I DO NOT LIKE HER. SHE HAS JEW SHAME." Madeleine Albright's Jewish heritage did not come to light until a 1997 investigative report by The Washington Post's Michael Dobbs, though some have claimed she ignored evidence of her Jewish roots prior to that.

Our own investigation indicates that the source of the e-mails is less interested in stoking a partisan political firestorm than in mounting a campaign of public embarrassment against Green.

Thursday's edition of The New York Post's Page Six quotes and ABC source identifying the the source of the e-mail's as disgruntled former ABC employee, bent on destroying John Green's career.

"This is a vendetta being waged by a very determined and unethical individual who wants to smear John. This creep has been trafficking these old, out-of-context e-mails all over town.

"John feels terrible about this whole situation and the embarrassment these e-mails cause ABC. He's a fair guy, and his broadcast is right down the middle. The person peddling these private exchanges is petty and pretty evil."

So last week's controversy isn't really about left/right politics, it's about workplace revenge.

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So then, their story is tha... (Below threshold)

So then, their story is that someone is trying to "smear" the guy by publishing the guy's own words? Diabolical.

Lord knows *I've* never wri... (Below threshold)

Lord knows *I've* never written anything down that I hope is never made public.


No, really.


Though it is really a rather new thing, what amounts to conversational speech (usenet posts, memos, e-mails) hanging around forever the way it does instead of dissipating into the ambient noise and forever irretreivable.

Wait a minute, what am I mi... (Below threshold)

Wait a minute, what am I missing here? What difference does it make who leaked it and what their motive was, Kevin? Is it not revealing anyway?

Seems like this Green guy i... (Below threshold)

Seems like this Green guy isn't very nice and is getting what he deserves.
Don't you like these people that say how fair and down the middle they are, even when the light of their own words are being kicked around
Don't book Albright, cuz she is old news, stupid, washed up, a foreigh policy failure, did I say stupid...oh yeah....but 'jewish shame' WTF. Albright is just bad TV for so many reasons, but this guy's answer shows a personal issue.

"...a public manifestation ... (Below threshold)

"...a public manifestation of what is half-jokingly called Bush Derangement Syndrome, or BDS for short.".......If I WERE deranged I would JUST NOW be learning that ABC, in whole or in part, is full of partisan hacks. Stop the presses! Meanwhile, the Studied Silence toward world events (CancunSPP, BahamasPRC, LikudniksOUT, USvsIraqiParliament, etc, etc) inconveniant to Boy George is NOT deranged? How 'bout a Judy Garland retrospective?

The memos speak for themsel... (Below threshold)

The memos speak for themselves, whatever the source. It is a little out of perspective to characterize it as a vindictive effort to embarrass the man by catching him picking his nose.

I find this whole incident ... (Below threshold)

I find this whole incident rather sordid. Did Mr Green make the comments? Yes or No? If so, what is ABC going to do about it? Make yet another apology? Last week it was Bush, this week Albright. Next week? The Pope?

Some of the best advise my ... (Below threshold)
Charles Bannerman:

Some of the best advise my father ever gave me was
"Son, never say behind a person's back what you won't say to his face". This ABC exec. is getting what he deserves.

Never write if you can spea... (Below threshold)

Never write if you can speak. Never speak if you can wink.

It is certainly revenge to ... (Below threshold)

It is certainly revenge to peddle these e-mails about, but it was a case of Class-A Stupid for him to ever - EVER - write or say those things in the workplace. Remember last year there was the story about the two paralegals at an Australian law firm who were fired after they got into an e-mail fight, and it got out? Embarrassed the firm, so they were gone. Remember the young legal secretary/paralegal who used work e-mail to send a nasty vicious e-mail to Michelle Malkin? He was canned for that. This is not new. If you would not put it on letterhead with your full name, do not e-mail it.

He handed a personal enemy a knife and asked for it to be shoved home. He should be heard to complain?

Did John Green say these co... (Below threshold)

Did John Green say these comments? Are they accurate? That is the question. Has he apologized to Madeleine Albright, or is he waiting for the next insult to leak? Why does he not just issue a "To Whom It May Concern" email
and just leave a fill in the blank to the person
he may or may not have insulted.

Hmmm."jew shame"?<... (Below threshold)


"jew shame"?

That's not worth an apology?

Liberal racism? No surprise... (Below threshold)

Liberal racism? No surprise. These liberal elites have proven themselves to be the biggest racists on the planet. John Green is no exception.

The liberal talk about their "diversity" is nothing more than BS to hide their own racism (if you're diverse, how can you be racist?).

If the emails were sent by John Green, it doesn't matter who leaked them to the media. The fact is, he is an embarassment. If Green were working for me, he would be out the door as soon as I found out he had sent an email as racist as that.

What's funnier about this i... (Below threshold)

What's funnier about this idiot's email is that in the debate he had the problem with, John Kerry used the phrase "mixed message" more than twice as much as did Bush. I think Bush used it 2 or 3 times. And apparently, Bush's use of it was correct, whereas John Kerry's usages were more nonsensical. I think I found that on Captain's Quarters or an Instapundit link. Sorry I can't remember where I saw it.

Am I missing something? Do... (Below threshold)

Am I missing something? Does not an excutive producer run the show he works on? Is he not supposed to lead by example? If this is the kind of leadership John Green exhibits, then the rest of the staff emails must be lulus?

Kevin do you have any more? Would love to see them.

Howard Cosell, where are you?

I am sick and tired of all ... (Below threshold)

I am sick and tired of all the BS. If Green in fact uttered these words he should stand up and take his punishment like a man. If the former employee did not entrap Mr. Green then his words should stand, period.

First, it was Bush makes me puke.

Then, Albright has Jew shame.

Are we to wait for a third strike?

Send Green to the showers and then bench him, for good.

I hear that John Green has ... (Below threshold)

I hear that John Green has taken a 30 day suspension from ABC.

I wonder what he will do with his spare time?

Probably track down the leaker.

That might be another story, or maybe an ABC TV series this fall.

Screw this. If you've neve... (Below threshold)
Michael F.:

Screw this. If you've never said anything to a colleague or friend you wouldn't want leaked to the entire world, then you're freakish beyond description. He should stand up and say 'Yeah, I said it. But not to you.' And at least he didn't threaten to rub a loufa all over Madeline's body.






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