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Abdul Rahman Now in Italy

Abdul Rahman arrived safely in Italy today.

ROME (Reuters) - An Afghan Christian convert, who had faced the death penalty in his country for abandoning Islam, has arrived in Italy which has offered him asylum, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said on Wednesday.

"He is already in Italy," Berlusconi told a news conference in Rome.

President Berlusconi was proud to grant Rahman asylum:

"We will be happy to welcome a man who has shown great courage," Berlusconi told reporters in Rome.


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Comments (6)

Way to go Italy!Th... (Below threshold)

Way to go Italy!

They should step up security at the Italian Embassy in Kabul, if there is one.

Remember Fabrizio Quattrocc... (Below threshold)

Remember Fabrizio Quattrocchi? He was the Italian taken hostage last year who pulled off the hood and said "This is how an Italian dies!" as the bastards killed him. He'd be proud of Italy's decision, I think.

Abdul Rahman may be safe as... (Below threshold)

Abdul Rahman may be safe as long as the Islamofascist thugs don't find him but more Christians are being arrested in Afghanistan.

Anybody ever notice how it's almost always the Jews and the Christians who are being persecuted? And that it's usually the Muslims doing the persecuting?

Stingray: a blog for salty Christians

Cut to Muslims rioting in t... (Below threshold)

Cut to Muslims rioting in the streets and vowing to eschew garlic and pasta, fine silk ties, and their rich Emirs burning all their Maseratis and Ferraris...

i love Italy! Bravissimo!!<... (Below threshold)

i love Italy! Bravissimo!!

Kind of makes up for that i... (Below threshold)

Kind of makes up for that incident involving that lying Commie witch/"journalist."






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