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Houston Principal Flies Mexican Flag at School

The principal of Reagan High School in Houston hoisted the Mexican flag on the flag pole below the American and Texas flags, drawing a lot of criticism:

Reagan High School Principal Robert Pambello was ordered to remove a Mexican flag Wednesday morning that he had hoisted below the U.S. and Texas flags that typically fly in front of his school -- a symbol he agreed to fly to show support for his predominantly Hispanic student body...

...The Mexican flag has become a lightning rod in the immigration debate that's consumed the city and the nation this week. Students say the flag represents their pride in the contributions Mexicans make to this country. Critics, though, said watching young Hispanics in the streets with the red, green and white flags is more than they can stand. These youngsters are in the United States and should -- at the least -- carry the U.S. flag, they argue.

"The whole thing just makes my blood boil," said Bruce R. Wing, a 52-year-old Missouri City resident. "I want them all out of here."

Wing said the Houston Independent School District should fire Pambello.

HISD leaders said no decision has been made about possible discipline against the principal, who declined interview requests Wednesday.

"It is appropriate to fly the flags of the United States and Texas over schools in the Houston Independent School District, since we are a public entity of the state," HISD spokesman Terry Abbott said. "It would not be appropriate for the school district to advocate allegiance to a country other than the United States. Therefore, it is not appropriate to permit use of school district flagpoles for the purpose of flying flags representing other countries."

Even though the principal was required to remove the Mexican flag, some students are defiant:

Some Reagan students said they will try to raise a Mexican flag again today. They said they want it to fly at least above the Texas flag on the pole.

"Just because you're in the country doesn't mean you can't show your culture," said Lewis Ramirez, 16, a sophomore at Reagan High.

It's interesting that this student believes that the Mexican flag is a symbol of Mexican culture. It isn't. It's a symbol of Mexican patriotism. So, where's his American patriotism? After all, he is living in and being educated in America.

Peggy Noonan has an article out today in which she says that many immigrants are not assimilating patriotically, an issue we are now seeing in the recent protests:

It's the broad public knowledge, or intuition, in America, that we are not assimilating our immigrants patriotically. And if you don't do that, you'll lose it all.

We used to do it. We loved our country with full-throated love, we had no ambivalence. We had pride and appreciation. We were a free country. We communicated our pride and delight in this in a million ways--in our schools, our movies, our popular songs, our newspapers. It was just there, in the air. Immigrants breathed it in. That's how the last great wave of immigrants, the European wave of 1880-1920, was turned into a great wave of Americans...

...But we are not communicating love of country. We are not giving them the great legend of our country. We are losing that great legend.

What is the legend, the myth? That God made this a special place. That they're joining something special. That the streets are paved with more than gold--they're paved with the greatest thoughts man ever had, the greatest decisions he ever made, about how to live. We have free thought, free speech, freedom of worship. Look at the literature of the Republic: the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Federalist papers. Look at the great rich history, the courage and sacrifice, the house-raisings, the stubbornness. The Puritans, the Indians, the City on a Hill.

Peggy has an interesting point. Lewis Ramirez, the student mentioned above who wants the Mexican flag on the flag pole in front of his American school, doesn't seem to have any patriotism for America. At least it appears he is confusing pride in his Mexican culture, meaning the food, the language, the music, and the history, with Mexican patriotism, hence his allegiance to the Mexican flag over the American flag.

No one is saying that young Lewis Ramirez must forgo his Mexican culture. Quite the opposite. It's the variety of cultures, the melting pot, that makes this country so interesting. However, if Lewis Ramirez plans to live in America and prosper off the freedoms and opportunities that America offers, and Mexico obviously does not, then Mr. Ramirez should be showing patriotism to America, not Mexico.


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Comments (49)

<a href="http://futurist.ty... (Below threshold)
I think Your onto somethin... (Below threshold)

I think Your onto something here , good article. its a shame about the loss of a whole generation of fellow americans.. having allowed this , we are certainly going downhill, and looking more and more like europe.

The principal in question s... (Below threshold)

The principal in question should be fired or sanctioned. Maybe they could make flag etiquette classes a requirement before becoming principal.

If all of these students protesting love Mexico so much, they should volunteer to be educated there.

The article referenced by Boomshakalaka is an interesting one. The issue has been floated before by others. One problem. The surest way to stop Illegal Imigration is to make sure all the taxes are paid. As soon as employers and workers have to pay all appropriate fees and taxes then employment opportunities will dry up.

The last amnesty had the side affect of getting a lot of the formerly undocumented workers fired. As soon as they got a green card they had to be treated like any other U.S. worker. Employers fired them so they could hire illegal workers that they didn't have to pay taxes on, pay for benefits etc.

I reckon we'll have to set ... (Below threshold)

I reckon we'll have to set more flag poles up around the schools so that everyone can honor their "culture"- sort of like at the UN HQ in New York City. Let's see now - we got Irish, German, British, Scottish, French, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Turkish, Greek. Italian...

Pull it down. Treat ... (Below threshold)

Pull it down.
Treat it the same as the Confederate Flag.


This is the same arguement ... (Below threshold)

This is the same arguement we hear in the south when people fly the confederate flag. I don't care if private people fly a mexican flag but i am damn sure a government institution should not fly any flag but the USA.

In the weeks following 9/11... (Below threshold)

In the weeks following 9/11, and more so in the years since, Americans who proudly and defiantly displayed the American flag were often criticized for it. I believe some city and community leaders, and employers like network newsbroadcasters, even tried to prohibit it. And why? Because the American flag might be offensive to "others" among us. So, we're supposed to hide our own flag, but welcome these displays of the Mexican flag? Even when done in ways that show great disrepect for America? There's something very wrong here.

Totally admonishable... (Below threshold)

Totally admonishable

I think it would be appropr... (Below threshold)

I think it would be appropriate to remind Mr. Ramirez (the student cited above) if he really is so set on displaying his "culture" then he should consider petitioning for the flag of Spain to be flown at his high school. That is, of course, unless Mr. Ramirez can trace is lineage from from Aztec blood.

Hmmmmm.1. It is ve... (Below threshold)


1. It is very true that America's overall population numbers would be declining if immigration were completely closed off. However that theory, while nice, isn't frankly credible simply because all Congress would have to do is simply increase the total allowed legal immigration numbers.

That alone would offset any reduction in birthrates and it's something that Congress could easily do as part of a immigration reform package.

I love watching idiots get ... (Below threshold)

I love watching idiots get all riled up about flags.

Bruce R. Wing<... (Below threshold)

Bruce R. Wing

Really?!? Is it Saturday already?

Yeah, somebody is trying to... (Below threshold)

Yeah, somebody is trying to fly a Mexican flag on sovereign US soils and people are idiots for getting worked up about it.

This is probably coming from the same clowns that jumped on our troops for putting the US flag on the statue that they hauled down in Baghdad.

Either way, this is the issue where the entire Republican party has jumped the shark. Either represent the interests of legal US citizens or we'll keep voting for others until someone gets the message.

If the Democrats take all the marbles in 06 and 08, it will suck but at least I won't be feeling let down.

If the readers of this post... (Below threshold)

If the readers of this post don't think the Mexican flag-waving, resident-alien parades, congressional appeasement and the "North American" leaders traipsing over the pyramid in Cancun are not intimately connected, you're deluded. Another block in the New World Order is being hoisted in place with a set-time of 2010. (Running ahead of schedule?) A prediction: mass-naturalization and voting rights are next, and if you think Ted Kennedy is bad, just wait until those Creole billionaires start throwing money around. Legally. p.s. Is the Iraq War some kind of blood sacrifice in place of Mayan virgins?

Slightly OT, but will the p... (Below threshold)

Slightly OT, but will the pharmacy ever fill bryanD's meds? It was funny at first, but now his incoherent, spittle-flecked, conspiracy-filled offerings just bore me.

Apparently, they're not tea... (Below threshold)

Apparently, they're not teaching history down here in Texas, or those students (and that principal) would know that we kicked Mexico out of this state back in 1836, we lived as an independent country for nearly ten years, then joined the US by treaty in 1845 (the reason why Texas' state flag is the only one in the union authorized to fly at the same height as the American flag). Fly the Mexican flag alongside the US and Texas flags? Hell, no!

All the people that have be... (Below threshold)

All the people that have been writing are all racist. Everybody knows the story of Mexico. How the lands were stolen. Why did everybody protest when the American Flag was burned in Iraq, including the hispanics? Why do peoples beliefs and cultures of everybody are not respected? Why can't everybody live in peace, united and with god? THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

This appalling example illu... (Below threshold)

This appalling example illustrates what so many of us have repeatedly tried to say: This is non-violent demographic invasion by a Foreign people, who for the most part do not wish to integrate into America, but rather impose their culture and ethnicity on a land they have always considered was taken from them, and therefore they claim belongs to them. For the most part they hate and resent America. For certain, it is obvious that the loyalties of most is not with us!!!

Think that we are "exploiting" their "illegal" cheap labor?!?! Perhaps it is they who are exploiting our banality, shortsightedness, and our "bleeding-heart," "Politically Correct,"
"affectation" to gradually take over our land!!!

Viruses infect a "host" cell, by destroying its DNA and supplanting it with their own, which then goes on to turn out more copies of the virus.

In a chilling analogy, if the shade of the things to come does not change...that may very well be the fate of America!!!


Nancy, "the lands" were BOU... (Below threshold)

Nancy, "the lands" were BOUGHT from Mexico, who themselves "owned" the lands for only 25 years after independence from Spain. Did Mexico pay Spain?... And kbiel, prove me wrong on any of my points (except the "virgins" part; there's too much plausible deniabilty in ritual war). Granted, the news is not read as: "Our glorious Leader's 1000-Year-Leap" but when Bush Sr. proclaimed his "Thousand Points of Light" meme and a Point of Light equals a year in Masonic symbolism, and 1000 years is a millenium, and Christ warned of a counterfiet to his TRUE millenium: you either get or you can't/won't. Don't be in the "won't" column. *wiping spittle from chin*... p.s. "bored", my ass!

(the reason why Te... (Below threshold)
(the reason why Texas' state flag is the only one in the union authorized to fly at the same height as the American flag)

How do they do that? Must be separate flagpoles, right?

And you know, I've seen state flags all over the place flying on separate flagpoles next to the American flag. Both poles the same height, both flags the same height.

Guess we better send out the Flag Police to enforce the Texas Exemption -- assuming said exemption isn't an urban legend.

bryan i think your close bu... (Below threshold)

bryan i think your close but it may be a lot sooner than 2010.

The left wing idots now hav... (Below threshold)

The left wing idots now have their wish. Like it or not a civil war in on in the United States. The gunfire will be next. Mark it down, your ego's and hate for the country, disguised as hate for the president has destroyed any future your children and grandchildren had. Don't argue the point, mark it down and remember it as the truth by an old man that has been to war and it ain't pretty.

Marking it down in my left ... (Below threshold)

Marking it down in my left wing idot book..."civil war...gunfire...due to my America hatred...no future". Got it. Should we stock up on beans or something? Oh, right, no future, guess we don't need to prepare. That's a load off!

Oh, crap, it's only <a href... (Below threshold)

Oh, crap, it's only getting worse. When Florida condo associations fall, Washington can't be far behind. Battle stations!

Flags. Fucking hilarious.

Scrapiron, the citizens of ... (Below threshold)

Scrapiron, the citizens of this nation are too house-broken to stage any kind of bottom-up revolution or civil war, so relax. But who is this "left" that is attacking Bush concerning this issue? I'd say you can't get further left on the contemporary political scale than the Bush policy of levelling our republic with a narco-oligarchy and economic basketcase like Mexico. Haven't you ever read of Esau selling his birthright for a mess of pottage? *I'm not a Bible-thumper but I play one at Wizbang*

For those of you who may no... (Below threshold)

For those of you who may not be up to date on our fellow blogger Mantis' allusion to " Florida Condo Associations" in his remark, let me bring you up to date with the following post by Richard from Hyscience:

"Mexican flag flies over Chasewood North in Jupiter, Florida"

"Topics: Immigration and Border Issues"

"The Stars and Stripes have been replaced by the Mexican flag at Chasewood North in Jupiter, Florida - and residents of the condominium community are puzzled as to who made the switch. More ..."

"Someone apparently has little regard for the nation that has given them so many freedoms that they are obviously now enjoying. A bit of misplaced patriotism, is it not? Mexico instead of America? Makes me wonder why the jerk that did this isn't back in the arm pit of a country that he came from."

Posted by Richard at March 30, 2006 11:53 PM

Now, Richard says "Makes me wonder why the jerk that did this isn't back in the arm pit of a country that he came from."

Well, let me see, is it perhaps because our President and our Senate, instead of enforcing our "existing laws" and "securing our open borders," are desperately trying to find a
"Guest Worker Program" or any other darn excuse or loophole, so as to "NOT HAVE TO SEND THEM BACK"?!?!

Remember, aside from all the "lobbying," the
"campaign donations," and the "pressure" from American Business in need of "slave labor," Left wing Democrats, and groups like "La Raza" (isn't it "racist" calling a group representing the interests of an ethnic minority "La Raza," which means "The Race" ?!?!), this is a potential voting
block of 12 million voters once they become
"Amerxicano Citizens" (They'll be sworn-in in
"Spanish," and before a "Mexican Flag," to become US Citizens!)!!!


I love watching idiots g... (Below threshold)

I love watching idiots get all riled up about flags.

So is this also what you would say to the African- Americans who protested the flying of the Confederate flag over the Georgia statehouse?

Gotta laugh at the idiot "h... (Below threshold)

Gotta laugh at the idiot "hispanic racist" La Raza types (La Raza means the race in Spanish) who claim that this land was "stolen" from them by the "Europeans" (aka white people).

Guess it never dawned on them that the term "hispanic" means they are of Spanish decent. Last time I looked at a map Spain is located on the European continent. They probably do not know this because they are dumb as a box of rocks and Geography is not taugh in schools unless it is to push a leftist agenda. Guess they never learned that 2+2=4 in school, too. These idiot children and this principle do not realise that the Mexico they so love was created by the Spanish out of land stolen from the indigious population which they either killed or forcibly converted to Christianity. And if they love Mexico so much I suggest they go back there-we wouldn't want them to be unhappy.

Now, for all this "stolen land" crap all one has to do is review history to find that EVERYONE lives on land "stolen" land from everyone else.

Some examples...

France-named after a tribe called the Franks. Who came from Germany. The "indiginous" Gauls still exist in places like Brittany. Oh, there is a part of France called Normandy, named after the Northmen who settled there from places like Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Britain-Named after a people who no longer exist. They were killed off by various invasions of tribes from Germany and the everpopular "Northmen". That is where the term "Danegeld" comes from.

Lombardy in Italy-Named after a tribe from Silesia that settled there after the collapse of the Roman Empire. Perhaps the Italians should run all these folks in Milan and the rest of Lombardy back to Poland where they belong.

Hungary-keyword is "Hun", as in THE Huns from Mongolia.

Pakistan-a country with no basis in history, created by the British because Jinna of the Moslem League scared them into it when the Brits were leaving India. He told them that Moslems could not live in a country that was predominantly Hindu even though they had been doing so since the advent of Islam in India. The country known as Pakistan historically has always been a part of India in one form or another-either through various empires or as tribal/sultanates withing the sphere of Indian influence. Israle has more historical reason to exist then Pakistan does, but don't tell the Islamofacists that.

The various tribes on the north and south American continents were constantly "stealing" land from each other and in not very nice ways. Of course these idiot children and their principle have no clue about this because they are taught revisionist propaganda that passes for "history" in public indoctination camps....errr...public schools.

Guess we better se... (Below threshold)
Guess we better send out the Flag Police to enforce the Texas Exemption -- assuming said exemption isn't an urban legend.

Unfortunately, it is an urban legend in Texas. I'm a proud Texan and I have heard this little bit of false trivia repeatedly. Yes, the U.S. flag code authorizes all state flags to be flown on a separate flag pole at the same height as the U.S. flag, but the U.S. flag must occupy the right-most position in any flag display (from the presenters point of view, so you usually see it on the left when passing by).

We can still rightfully claim that the Texas state flag is the only state flag that was once a national flag.

Thank you, Nahanni. Excell... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Nahanni. Excellent post. There really isn't any such thing as "indigenous" peoples. There's just successive waves of different invaders.

So is this also what you... (Below threshold)

So is this also what you would say to the African- Americans who protested the flying of the Confederate flag over the Georgia statehouse?

Yep. Anyone who really really loves a flag or is really really offended by a flag is stupid and needs to focus on more important things in life, like the pledge of allegiance. ;)

Hmmm.Ok mantis.</p... (Below threshold)


Ok mantis.

How about these flags?

Hmmm.Whoops! Forg... (Below threshold)


Whoops! Forgot the hat-tip: InstaPundit.com

Well, I don't see a lot of ... (Below threshold)

Well, I don't see a lot of flags there, mostly signs. And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's stupid to oppose the Mexica/Anahuac movement or rebut their claims (or the MEChA movement, for that matter). I'm just saying the focus on flags is, well, idiotic. And funny.

Nancy wrote (March 3... (Below threshold)

Nancy wrote (March 30, 2006 07:02 PM):

All the people that have been writing are all racist... Why do peoples beliefs and cultures of everybody are not respected? Why can't everybody live in peace, united and with god? THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

Oh, sweet, delicious irony...

mantis wrote (March 30, 2006 05:02 PM):

I love watching idiots get all riled up about flags.

Like this one?


Or this one?


How about these?


No doubt you consider yourself a "citizen of the world" and too smart for such lowbrow symbolism, but most other people have symbols that are important or even sacred to them because they stand for something more important than self: faith, country, ancestry, etc. Many Americans - including me - love our flag. We understand that it is the symbol of the greatest nation on earth. We know that many brave men and women have been carried to their graves with their coffins wrapped in it, and it isn't a stretch to say that they died for it.

So, before you call people "idiots" because they get upset when they see the flag desecrated or disrespected, think about the power that symbol has for them and maybe try to be a little more thoughtful in your comments.

I'm just saying the focu... (Below threshold)

I'm just saying the focus on flags is, well, idiotic.

Of course, you do realize that it's not so much the flags themselves so much as what the flags represent, don't you?

Let me put it to you this way: when I go into a local Mexican grocery store and see the Mexican flag displayed behind the counter, that doesn't bother me, and I suspect it wouldn't bother most of the people you say you're laughing at. But when I see illegal immigrant protestors on the streets of Los Angeles literally draped in the Mexican flag and saying "fuck you America", that really pisses me off. So it ain't the flag per se, It's what's behind the flag. But it's still the same flag. You do see the difference, don't you?

If you don't, I'll spell it out. A flag waved around in that kind of a protest demonstration is an indication of where your ultimate loyalty is. By covering themselves in a Mexican flag, the protestors were saying "My ultimate loyalty is not to America, but to Mexico." Which I have no problem with. If they want to be loyal Mexicans, fine. But if that's the case, they should




But of course, they won't. And that's what I have a problem with. Mexico, for them, is not a nice place to live, so they'd rather live here. They want all the benefits of living in American while spitting on America. It's as if some guy moved into your house with you uninvited, who demands you feed him and care for him, and who says nothing to you but "fuck you" and "eat shit" and complains that you don't buy a big-screen TV. And who gets wildly offended when you suggest that he should go live somewhere else.

So that's what those Mexican flags at the protest deomonstrations are all about. It's basically the protesters saying "fuck you America". Which is not a message many of us look on favorably.

Well, I'll just steal from ... (Below threshold)

Well, I'll just steal from Carlin and say that flags are symbols, and I leave symbols to the symbol-minded.

Well, I'll just steal fr... (Below threshold)

Well, I'll just steal from Carlin and say that flags are symbols, and I leave symbols to the symbol-minded.

So in other words, your entire argument boils down to name-calling. Meaning, you don't have one. Figures.

Mr. Pambello should have th... (Below threshold)

Mr. Pambello should have the right to either put up Mexican flag or not because he has the freedoms. It's not against the law to protest or put up an American flag. If anyone puts up a Mexican flag, then would they get in trouble for that too?

What "anonymous" fails to r... (Below threshold)

What "anonymous" fails to realize is that Mr. Pambello can indeed fly any flage he jolly well pleases at his home or privately owned business. A public, however, is NOT a privately owned business. It is a government entity thereby making its allegiance to its government: local, state and national. Texas is not part of Mexico despite La Raza's claims to the contrary.
He is under fire for elevating the flag of a foreign power in a place of allegiance reserved for the local, state and national flags. If, as a government employee, he has a problem with that then his employment with said government entity should be terminated.

that should read, "A public... (Below threshold)

that should read, "A public school, however..."

May Mr. Pambello's mother c... (Below threshold)

May Mr. Pambello's mother come out from under his front porch and bite him on the leg! The notion that Texas was "stolen" from Mexico is not historically correct. The Anglos and Tejanos who fought for and won independence from Mexico were Mexican citizens who revolted when Santa Anna suspended the Constitution of 1824. Those that shaped Texas were invited here by the existing government of the time to populate the area because they couldn't get anyone from farther south in Mexico to settle the northern areas because of their fear of the Indians. They were immigrants from the United States INVITED here by the Mexican government. If those immigrants married Mexican women and converted to Catholicism, then they were granted a league and a labor of land. The point is that they came here legally and invited. The issue is not racism as La Raza would have you believe, but ILLEGAL, operative word here kiddies, immigration.

I know a place where the Me... (Below threshold)

I know a place where the Mexican flag flies 24hr a day and they don't even have to learn english!

Mr.Pambello made the decisi... (Below threshold)
Reagan Student:

Mr.Pambello made the decision to raise the Mexican flag because he was trying to support his students so they wouldn't walk out. How do I know this? I am a Senior at Reagan High and I support what he did 100%. He was trying to make a deal with the students so there wouldn't be another walk out. Was it the best idea? NO. But it went to far to have the whole US judge what he did. He left out High School because of people like you all that cannot understand why he did it. He left because he couldn't handle all the BS that he was hearing. So I hope you are happy, because now the only PRINCIPLE who seemed to care about us will not speak for us at our graduation!

MAN,MR.PAMBELLO WAS TRYING ... (Below threshold)


Man, what our principle Mr.... (Below threshold)

Man, what our principle Mr. Pambello did was just give the students at our school support!! he wanted us to know that he was with us and that we didnt have to walkout!!! Now the whole nation is judging us and treating him like a criminal with all the lies theyve said!!! i back what he did 100% and now the only person that supported us has left. So if all you guys wanted him to leave congrats!! because of things like this he will not speak at our graduation!! So thanx for caring about our high school so much!!! RHS SENIORS 06!!

"Mr.Pambello made the de... (Below threshold)

"Mr.Pambello made the decision to raise the Mexican flag because he was trying to support his students so they wouldn't walk out. How do I know this? I am a Senior at Reagan High and I support what he did 100%. He was trying to make a deal with the students so there wouldn't be another walk out. Was it the best idea? NO. But it went to far to have the whole US judge what he did. He left out High School because of people like you all that cannot understand why he did it. He left because he couldn't handle all the BS that he was hearing. So I hope you are happy, because now the only PRINCIPLE who seemed to care about us will not speak for us at our graduation!"

You don't get it, do you? Why not ask the Garza and Seguin families if they feel what Mr. Pambello did was right? Making a "deal" with students not to walk out was probably an economic decision. The school district receives x amount of dollars to have you in school on a daily basis. Raising the Mexican flag over a Texas school is not about your culture. It's about your allegiance. Your culture is your language, your music, your food, your mode of dress, etc.

My best friend in Vietnam was a Latino from Flour Bluff, Texas. He was injured badly and in danger of losing his right arm. I stole a truck and drove him fifteen miles to the nearest hospital through not so friendly territory. My friend's cousin was killed while serving in Vietnam. My friend recovered and went on to serve on the Houston Fire Department for thirty-three years before he retired. What Mr. Pambello did was an insult to me, my friend and the memory of my friend's cousin. The American flag is very dear to me, my friend and to every man and woman who have fought and died for it.

Am I sorry that Mr. Pambello left? No, I'm not. After the incident I personally contacted Mr. Pambello and the Houston School Board and voiced my opinion in regards to his actions. I feel that he took the easy way out. He should have stayed and faced the music. It's called taking responsibility for one's actions. It may have been "BS" to you, but to a lot of people it was a serious breech of our sovereignty.

Texas is not the only state... (Below threshold)

Texas is not the only state allowed to fly its flag as high Old Glory. The Texas state flag is required to fly at the same height as Old Glory. Texas was not bought(if so it was with blood) or stolen from Mexico, General Antonio López de Santa Anna traded his life for Texas. Texas in its own way is its own country, it can leave the Union (tho it wouldn't, it needs the US Military) and could split into 5 states. Texas won its own freedom, thats the reason for this. No law says you cant fly the Mexican flag, but it is against the law to fly it over the American and Texas flag, and very wrong. What that ex-principal did was wrong and he knows it. Not all Latin-Americans are bad, but the ones who do things like this give them all a bad reputation. Thats not fair to the ones who uphold the law and support our great nation. For the red, the white, and the blue!

From Pilot Point in "Horse Country USA" , God blessed America, and God blessed Texas!

Trying moving to Mexico, an... (Below threshold)
Jerry Findley:

Trying moving to Mexico, and fly the US Flag down there as part of "your culture". You will end up on the end of a police night stick. If these students want to fly fly the Mexican flag, face south, start walking, and when your back gets wet, start Flag waving.






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