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US Reporter Jill Carroll Released

Jill Carroll, a reporter for the Christian Science Monitor, has been released:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Journalist Jill Carroll was freed in Iraq on Thursday, nearly three months after being kidnapped in Baghdad, her newspaper said.

Iraqi politicians and officials said the correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor was delivered some hours earlier to the office of a Sunni Arab political party in a district of the capital that is a stronghold for Sunni Arab insurgents.

She was in good health and is now in the Green Zone government and diplomatic compound, an Iraqi Interior Ministry source said. The U.S. embassy and military declined comment.

The release of the 28-year-old correspondent, whose Iraqi translator was killed during her January 7 abduction on a Baghdad street, came a week after three Christian peace activists were rescued by special forces after four months in captivity.

At that time, military officials in Baghdad said the hunt for Carroll and other foreign hostages was continuing.

An official at the Iraqi Islamic Party said the journalist was delivered to its office in Amriya district, a Sunni Arab insurgent stronghold in Baghdad.

The Islamic Party is one of the main Sunni Arab political groups in Iraq. Its leaders, in common with others, made strong appeals for Carroll's release.

This is excellent news! Jill's family and friends must be relieved as I'm sure the rest of America is as well.

Hat tip: Stop the ACLU


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