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Death sentence

In Massachusetts, a man named William Coutris is dying. He's only 41, and he has a terminal case of a very rare cancer. He only has one last request -- to return to his parents' home, where he can spend his last days with his loved ones. But a judge has told him no.

Two years ago, Mr. Coutris raped a 15-year-old boy. He was convicted and sent to prison for five to seven years. Shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with Poorly Differentiated Carcinoma, a very rare and little-understood disease. It quickly ravaged his body, and doctors agree he has only months to live, regardless of where he stays.

Coutris sought "compassionate release," but Massachusetts has no such law. And I'm glad.

Coutris committed one of the most heinous acts a person can commit, and I feel absolutely no sympathy for him. If he didn't want to spend his remaining days behind bars, then perhaps he shouldn't have assaulted that child.

It was his own choices and actions that put him behind bars, and there he should remain.

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May he die miserably in his... (Below threshold)

May he die miserably in his cell.

Geez...where's the Duke whe... (Below threshold)

Geez...where's the Duke when you need him?

lol Bruce, I was just gonna... (Below threshold)

lol Bruce, I was just gonna say.

Judge Whitehead is one of the "good ones." There are so few.

I hope he is in severe pain... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

I hope he is in severe pain, especially in his ass.

You're absolutely right, Ja... (Below threshold)

You're absolutely right, Jay. He was in charge of his destiny and by his deliberate action, this was his choice.

Sounds like a case of "toug... (Below threshold)

Sounds like a case of "tough love" to me..."tough" s**t, if you die where you belong, and "love" (and compassion) for the victim.

Yeeks, a Blue State judge who got it right. Bravo!

Just think of what could ha... (Below threshold)

Just think of what could have happened to the boy if that guy had some sort of STD instead of cancer. No release!

Here's a story on the origi... (Below threshold)

Here's a story on the original conviction:
a) he had the cancer "in remission" when he was sentenced
b) sounds like he was destined to die of this cancer eventually, and he actually got a few more years than I would have guessed
c) on sentencing he acknowledged this by stating "I'm going to die in prison"
d) while not clear from the newspaper article above, it sounds like he had been suspected of similar crimes in past. If anyone can find info on this, please leave a link.
e) a warning to teenagers, male or female, that they are just being plain stupid when they get high/drunk alone with an adult. Bad enough doing it with "friends," but if you intoxicate yourself beyond the ability to protect yourself, you damn well better be someplace that is safe.

Wow! This is two decisions ... (Below threshold)

Wow! This is two decisions this week out of Massachusetts that I agree with. (The other being the decision to not allow gay marriages to non-residents.)

I'm sorry that he has cancer.
I'm sure that it's difficult for him and his family.
I'm glad that he's going to die behind bars.
I wish that all molesters died in prison.

RE: "If he didn't want to spend his remaining days behind bars, then perhaps he shouldn't have assaulted that child."
There's a scene from the Duke's film, Cahill, US Marshall, where he's taking in prisoners, and they complain about their treatment. He says, "If you don't like the treatment, don't rob the banks."

Coultris's story was kid as... (Below threshold)

Coultris's story was kid asked him to pay him $100 for sex and he refused, so kid got angry at him. Interesting to know if there was any physical evidence at trial to support one side or the other in this he said, he said situation.

Wow. I hear this kind of st... (Below threshold)

Wow. I hear this kind of stories everyday. Do you get punished anyway possible for doing something wrong? or do you get a temporary forgiveness because you are double punished by nature and by your own deeds?

I guess the only forgiveness he possibly will ever get is from the fact that illness will make him suffer shorter

Hey JT, are you assuming th... (Below threshold)

Hey JT, are you assuming then that Massachusetts juries are infallible :-) ?

Epador,Regardless ... (Below threshold)


Regardless of if the kid was hooking, or even if he was a totaly willing particapant, this was still a kid.That's where the "statutory" part of "statutory rape" comes in. You schtupp someone under the age of consent, you should go to jail. (Or as they say down here, "15 will get you 20"...)

Billy deserves everything t... (Below threshold)

Billy deserves everything that he is getting. He didn't think for one minute how his actions would affect the kid! Now you can't hurt anyone else or destroy peoples lives...you sick excuse for a human being! You deserve to die in jail.






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