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McKinney Cancels News Conference

Updated with video

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And the Capitol Hill police plan to issue an arrest warrant for her later today.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Capitol Hill police plan to issue an arrest warrant today for Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.).

The warrant is related to the incident Wednesday when McKinney allegedly slapped a Capitol Hill police officer.

Charges could range from assault on a police officer, which is a felony carrying a possible five year prison term, to simple assault, which is a misdeamenor.

McKinney has canceled a news conference that she had scheduled for this morning to discuss the incident.

McKinney issued a statement yesterday saying she "deeply regrets" the confrontation with the police officer.

The six-term congresswoman apparently struck a Capitol Police officer when he tried to stop her from entering a House office building without going through a metal detector. Members of Congress wear identifying lapel pins and routinely are waved into buildings without undergoing security checks. The officer apparently did not recognize McKinney, she said in a statement.

Asked on-camera Thursday by Channel 2 Action News whether she intended to apologize, McKinney refused to comment.

So, is she going to deck the person who presents her with the warrant?

Additional: No Agenda reminds us that this is Rep. McKinney's fifth run in with law enforcement.

Update: Tim Dees at Officer.com, a website dedicated to police news and issues, provides interesting information:

Now, if anyone else [hit a police officer], they would find themselves in handcuffs and on their way to the slammer. Hitting a cop for any reason has some serious consequences, and rightly so. But congresspersons are protected from arrest under Article I, Section 6 of the Constitution so long as Congress is in session. This clause does not protect Members once the session ends, and warrants for crimes committed during the session can be served on them at any time afterward.

Some critics of the conduct of the police in this incident have declared that the officers of the Capitol Police should simply know what their protectees look like. There are 535 Members of Congress, and 435 of them get reshuffled every two years. Each one of these Members has a complement of staffers, and then there are the lobbyists, other government employees, and constituents that come through the Capitol on business. This makes for an unmanageable number of faces to memorize (especially if they change their appearance, as Ms. McKinney did), and the reason that Members are given those little pins to wear. Most Members don't seem to regard the wearing of these as a burden. Ms. McKinney refuses to wear hers.

Update II: This is unbelievable. Rep. McKinney's attorney is saying she is a victim of racism.

WASHINGTON Mar 31, 2006 (AP) -- A lawyer for Rep. Cynthia McKinney, the Georgia congresswoman who had an altercation with a Capitol Police officer, says she was "just a victim of being in Congress while black."

...Her lawyer, James W. Myart Jr., said, "Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, like thousands of average Americans across this country, is, too, a victim of the excessive use of force by law enforcement officials because of how she looks and the color of her skin."

..."Congresswoman McKinney, in a hurry, was essentially chased and grabbed by the officer," Myart said. "She reacted instinctively in an effort to defend herself." (all emphasis mine)

Let's examine the language her attorney used to spin this situation: victim, excessive force, chased and grabbed, reacted to defend herself. Is Rep. McKinney's attorney getting ready to file a law suit against the Capitol Hill Police?

So let's recap: Rep. McKinney, not wearing her congressional ID pin, bypasses the metal detector in a congress office building. When the police officer asks her to stop to confirm who she is, Rep. McKinney ignores him. When the police officer finally catches up with her, McKinney becomes aggressive and hits the police officer. And her attorney has the nerve to say the police officer used excessive force.

Update III: Apparently the news conference is back on and will take place at Howard University.

Update IV: My speculation was correct. Fox News Channel is saying that McKinney's office says that a lawyer and staffer are going to file an excessive force claim against the Capitol Hill police. They are saying that the police used excessive force against McKinney and roughed her up

Update V: At the press conference Rep. McKinney said this: "Apparently the case against me may be referred for prosecution. Therefore, I have been advised by my attorneys not to discuss the facts of the case. However, let me be clear. This whole incident was instigated by the inappropriate touching and stopping of me, a female, black congresswoman. I deeply regret that this incident ocurred and I am certain that after full review of the facts I will exonerated"

Expose the Left has the video.

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Comments (93)

It's obviously racism you s... (Below threshold)
Field Moron:

It's obviously racism you stupid white crackers. Now can we get back to a respectful debate here?

She should file charges rig... (Below threshold)

She should file charges right back. Cop grabbed her from behind, without verbally identifying himself. That's assault, pure and simple, cop or no. Believe it or not, the assault laws _do_ apply to police, and once upon a time, even applied to the president.

What, you wouldn't get jumpy if someone grabbed _you_ from behind?

"What, you wouldn't get jum... (Below threshold)

"What, you wouldn't get jumpy if someone grabbed _you_ from behind?"

Not if I just jumped the metal detector and walked away without identifying myself. I would expect to be detained until the situation was cleared up. The cop did what a cop is supposed to do. And Cynthia McKinney does what she is supposed to do - lose her temper and yell RACISM whenever some lowly white person dares to question her actions.

hmmmmmm, you've got ... (Below threshold)

hmmmmmm, you've got to be putting us on.

Apparently it's a slap now.... (Below threshold)

Apparently it's a slap now. Should we call her Zsa Zsa McKinney?

Obviously, Ms. McKinny didn... (Below threshold)
Corro'll Driskell:

Obviously, Ms. McKinny didn't think about the repercusions of her actions.

As a citizen of the state o... (Below threshold)

As a citizen of the state of Georgia, I apologize to the rest of the country for the aberration known as Cynthia McKinney.

I swear I never voted for her.

field, house, and all aroun... (Below threshold)

field, house, and all around moron; you made the "stupid white cracker" remark, not me. (But a little soul searching is good)

And EdMcGon, you don't have to apologize for the citizens that voted for Ms. Mckinney. They have a right to vote for whoever they want. If the people of Louisiana sent David Duke to congress that would be their right, because it would mean that he won their election by a majority vote. That's called a democracy.

Why don't you run against Ms. McKinney if you are so embarrassed by her actions? If she is just an aberration as you claim, then you should win.

Tru Dat field-negro!! every... (Below threshold)

Tru Dat field-negro!! everyone knows it's BUSHs Fault!!!!!!!

Most Members don't seem ... (Below threshold)

Most Members don't seem to regard the wearing of these as a burden. Ms. McKinney refuses to wear hers.

One hopes that the people of her district will see to it that she never has that problem again when they go to the ballot box in November.

But, given the sorry state of racially gerrymandered districts in our country, I'm not betting on it.

Wait, wait .. wanna' see a ... (Below threshold)

Wait, wait .. wanna' see a completely pig headed response from the left?


Dudes, I haven't stopped laughing.

I don't give a whit what her ethnicity is - you simply don't slug a cop. Ever. For any reason other than you want to get arrested. The fact that she didn't get locked up on the spot is enough to tell me this isn't a racial issue; but an issue of someone thinking they're above the law.

Sorry .. tough to concentrate when I'm laughing so hard.

Maybe this was the meeting ... (Below threshold)

Maybe this was the meeting she was in such a rush to get to:


Again, apologies for getting hung up this, but hypocracy and false senses of entitlement just give me the giggles.

... but, just as long as Tupac gets his props - who cares about homeland security?

Didn't you know that Democr... (Below threshold)

Didn't you know that Democrats, especially black Democrats are above the law. Oh yes, Mexicans are above the law too.

FN you're reflexive defense... (Below threshold)
Field Marshall:

FN you're reflexive defense of a known racist, anti-semitic, elitist and all around b%#[email protected] is quite telling.

Say hi to Malik Shabaz for me will ya!

It's obvious that this "inc... (Below threshold)

It's obvious that this "incident" was a CIA/Mossad black ops job. The same people who brought down the Trade Center are now trying to bring down Congresswoman McKinney.

"But congresspersons are pr... (Below threshold)

"But congresspersons are protected from arrest under Article I, Section 6 of the Constitution so long as Congress is in session."

So if a member of Congress sneaks in a gun and blows away everybody else they could just sit in there and keep the session open, since they're the only one alive, and not be arrested? Yes, I'm thinking of the Simpsons episode with the Mel Gibson/Homer collaborative movie.

Only person bringing down M... (Below threshold)

Only person bringing down McKinney stares at her in the mirror each morning.

(And is it just me, or does her expression in damn near every photo I've seen of her remind you of someone looking around for the men in the white coats carrying a long-sleeved jacket?)

Nah, it's probably just me.


Wow, I see a whole lot of t... (Below threshold)

Wow, I see a whole lot of talk about race here. What I don't see is McKinney saying this was racist, or at least no one has pointed to such a claim.

Yes, someone's playing the race card, but that would be the racists. Of course, not that anyone here is.

The big racist sistah Mcki... (Below threshold)

The big racist sistah Mckinney should be friggin fired !!! Next time a black security guard questions me...I'll will scream racism !!!

The big racist sistah Mcki... (Below threshold)

The big racist sistah Mckinney should be friggin fired !!! Next time a black security guard questions me...I'll will scream racism !!!

The big racist sistah Mcki... (Below threshold)

The big racist sistah Mckinney should be friggin fired !!! Next time a black security guard questions me...I'll will scream racism !!!

Just for shits and giggles,... (Below threshold)

Just for shits and giggles, a thought experiement. Suppose Hastert or Frist or Raid or Pelosi did the exact same thing. Would they be arrested? I for one doubt it. Not saying which one is right.

"Merle Black, a professor o... (Below threshold)
the wolf:

"Merle Black, a professor of politics at Emory University, says that while the scuffle was rare for an elected politician, it's unlikely to cost McKinney more than a few votes."

Yeah, anyone dumb enough to vote for her before isn't going to be swayed by this.

Jack - if you don't see McK... (Below threshold)

Jack - if you don't see McKinney playing the race card, you are either dumb or illiterate. Here is what she said in her first official statement:

Sadly, there are only 14 black women Members of Congress. And surely our faces are distinguishable. But why my face is continually unrecognizable can only be answered by these offending police officers. Capitol Hill Police are given face recognition instructions as a part of their official training. Capitol Hill Police are required to recognize, greet, and distinguish Members of Congress as a part of their official role and responsibilities. In fact, according to the US Capitol Police, their mission is to protect and support the Congress in meeting its Constitutional responsibilities. The US Capitol Police mission statement makes no distinction about selective application of its mission depending upon whether a Member of Congress is black, woman, or has a new hairstyle.

But, honestly, this incident is not about wearing a Congressional pin or changing my hairstyle.

It is true that I have changed my hairstyle. It is true that at the time I was not wearing my pin. But many Members of Congress aren't wearing their pins today. Just in the last hour at least 8 Members of Congress have been spotted speaking from the well of the House without their pins and even more have been seen on the Hill today not wearing their Congressional pin. How many of them were stopped by Capitol Hill Police? Do I have to contact the police every time I change my hairstyle? How do we account for the fact that when I wore my braids every day for 11 years, I still faced this problem, primarily from certain white police officers.

You can read the whole sad rant here:

Incidentally, Capitol Hill cops are NOT "required" to recognize members of Congress. She lost the word "required" in her second statement. But she still refuses to comment on whether she plans to apologize to the cop she assaulted. She is nothing more than scum who thinks she is entitled to whatever she wants, when she wants it, regardless of the law. I am embarassed for the people of Georgia.

Excuse me Jack, but she DID... (Below threshold)

Excuse me Jack, but she DID cry racism. It was in her original statement. However she decided not to post it on her website, "proboly smarter people around her, told her it was stupid" she posted a very different statement apoligizing. Her original statement was very rude, with no apoligy and it screamed racism.

jack,You obviously... (Below threshold)


You obviously don't know anything about Congresswoman McKinney, it's alway about race, whether it's "certain white police officers" or Jewish money.

Amen Smartguy!... (Below threshold)

Amen Smartguy!

So if a member of ... (Below threshold)
So if a member of Congress sneaks in a gun and blows away everybody else they could just sit in there and keep the session open,...

No. Article I, section 6 says that no member shall be arrested during session or going to or coming from a session of congress except for high crimes, treason, or breach of the peace. The Capitol Police could have arrested her at the time of the assault, but they probably decided not to because the assault was minor and congress members do receive defferential treatment, right or wrong.

Well, hopefully she at leas... (Below threshold)

Well, hopefully she at least hit the cop who illegally arrested Sheehan.

Oh give me a break. Sheehan... (Below threshold)

Oh give me a break. Sheehan is milking her son's death for her own benefit. There are plenty of mothers who have lost their son's in this war, and arn't making jackasses of themselves.

oh and by the way Jack, Mck... (Below threshold)

oh and by the way Jack, Mckinneys lawyer just released a statement. They ARE using the race card now. She has changed her mind! She has taken back her apoligy! She is now a victim of racism! I am soooooo surprised.

Sounds like Jack is a Micha... (Below threshold)

Sounds like Jack is a Michael Moore wannabe, in enemy territory.

oh and by the way Jack, Mck... (Below threshold)

oh and by the way Jack, Mckinneys lawyer just released a statement. They ARE using the race card now. She has changed her mind! She has taken back her apoligy! She is now a victim of racism! I am soooooo surprised.

Ok, you're right. Thanks f... (Below threshold)

Ok, you're right. Thanks for the references. McKinney is a racist. By all appearances, so are many of you. So, what's your beef with her?

Btw, Angela, how exactly is Sheehan benefiting from her son's death? Now I'll grant you that a _lot_ of people in this country are making serious bank off this war. But, they don't tend to be ordinary folk like her.

Jack, Let m... (Below threshold)

Let me answer that question for you. Go to google. Type in Cindy Sheehan movie in the works. You WILL get you answer to that. She is a attention seeker. Her son is probably rolling in his grave. What is our beef with McKinney? She is painting a good man who was doing his job as a racist to cover up her own racism. End of story.

What, no responce Jack?... (Below threshold)

What, no responce Jack?

CindySon's Grave</... (Below threshold)


Son's Grave

Sleeping On Top Of


Own Grave

Spinning Within


(I use that link for the pic, only)

From: <a href="http://www.... (Below threshold)
yo, again:

From: http://www.abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory?id=1792011&page=2

"Congresswoman McKinney, in a hurry, was essentially chased and grabbed by the officer," Myart said. "She reacted instinctively in an effort to defend herself."

Defend herself from the cop?

So, if racism is involved, is it the cop v. her, or is it her v. the cop?

Or, maybe, is it just pure bullshit:

"It is ... a shame that while I conduct the country's business, I have to stop and call the police to tell them that I've changed my hairstyle so that I'm not harassed at work," McKinney said in the draft, which was obtained by WSB-TV of Atlanta and posted on its Web site.

Maybe more bullshit:

In January, during President Bush's State of the Union address, Capitol Police drew criticism for first kicking anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan out of the House gallery, and then for evicting the wife of Rep. Bill Young, R-Fla.

I think Sheehan and Mrs Young are both white.

Maybe the cop was concerned about things other than race:

The safety of its members became a sensitive issue after a gunman in 1998 killed two officers outside the office of then-Republican Whip Tom DeLay of Texas

... maybe, just maybe, people need to be more sensitive to what their actions cause, than to assume the cause of someone else's actions.

And maybe, just maybe, people confuse "racisism" with "assholism"

Again, I ramble.

(Jeesh, can't the Deaniacs ... (Below threshold)

(Jeesh, can't the Deaniacs find anyone with half a wit to troll over here?)

Angela, so what you're sayi... (Below threshold)

Angela, so what you're saying is that you've got nothing to say? Yeah, I'll bet Cindy is just pleased as punch that her son got blown up. Ever occur to you that she's trying to get a _message_ out, not to make a buck? But, it ain't hard to figure out who's making the big bucks off this half trillion dollar war so far.

Leave it to you lot to piss all over vets and their families, if they don't happen to share your politics. God bless the troops, assuming they are Republicans, otherwise call 'em traitors ... that's the American spirit.

Here's the deal, and I'm sure you won't believe it, because it doesn't jibe with your bubble group-think. But, my brother in law is 1st Cav, Baghdad. He's a Bradley commander. He gets shot at every fricking day. He's got, count em, seven kids ... my nieces and nephews.

Trust me, he doesn't think much of your "support" for the troops. He's down with Sheehan, and so is a _bunch_ of the 1st. He's real salt of the earth Texas stock, and I figured he'd be pissed if he knew what I thought of the war. Turns out, not so much; he still doesn't know what I think. But after a couple beers, he sure as hell let me know what _he_ thinks. And you can shove your brand of "support", at least so far as his platoon is concerned. Maybe having your buddies head blown off by an RPG makes you stop and think about why you're being asked to die.

A good way to "support" the troops would be to stop getting their asses shot at. Another great way would be for you to volunteer to take his place. Chicken freaking hawks, the lot of you.

The good people of Dekalb c... (Below threshold)

The good people of Dekalb county (I happen to work in Dekalb and live next door in Gwinnett) kicked Cynthia out of office in 2002 for just this kind of frothing at the mouth. In 2004 she ran a cleaned up campaign, sounding quite rational, and was elected again. It will be interesting to see what happens to her this fall.

Jack, There ar... (Below threshold)

There are other ways of making a point other than acting like a complete idiot. No, of course she isn't happy her son was killed, but that doesn't mean she isn't trying to benefit from it. My cousin was killed in the war by the way, however his mother isn't acting like a moron, and she isn't putting down our troops. If we hadn't gone to war hundreds of years ago, your liberal butt wouldn't be able to speak out about your leader the way you are right now. You most likely would be put to death or imprisoned. Little cowards like yourself stay at home and whine about the war while enjoying your freedom those past wars gave you.

Well, there you go! Ms. McK... (Below threshold)

Well, there you go! Ms. McKinney is claiming racism! So it must be true!

Would this be akin to Chene... (Below threshold)

Would this be akin to Cheney, instead of just admitting what happened when he shot his friend, lashing out and claiming that his friend was the one who shot him, because he is a white male?

Oh well, if there in fact is a video of this incident, it should be pretty easy to figure it out. Hope McKinney isn't being a complete idiot here. Although, playing the race card right away... I'm leaning towards that hope being dashed.

jack,"Chicken frea... (Below threshold)


"Chicken freaking hawks, the lot of you."

How original, that's probably the 6,338,556th time I've heard that put down. It's bullshit and you know it.

Just like John Kerry, I served in Vietnam (635th MID, Chu Lai), so I'm probably a little long in the tooth for serving in Iraq (or anywhere else for that matter) but I do volunteer work at the local VA hospital and contribute to the USO. I hope that meets your approval.

"This whole incident was in... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

"This whole incident was instigated by the inappropriate touching and stopping of me, a female, black congresswoman. "

Seems like some people seem to think they get a pass because they're a minority.

Rep. McKinney is Mexico. Th... (Below threshold)

Rep. McKinney is Mexico. The officer is the United States. The 3 Amigos look down from Olympus.

Thats so true bryanD... (Below threshold)

Thats so true bryanD

Jack, Your com... (Below threshold)

Your comment about our supporting the troops is completly and utterly false. We support ALL of the troops in harms way. Whether they be conservative or liberal. We do NOT support the stupid anti-American view points from morons like you in this country. If you hate our leaders then why don't you prove it by leaving this country? As for your brother-in-law, he shouldn't have joined the army if he doesn't want to fight for his country. Plain and simple.

I wonder WHERE the pin IS a... (Below threshold)

I wonder WHERE the pin IS at this moment. Hummmmm.

Just for the record the cou... (Below threshold)

Just for the record the county which has always formed the heart of her district is correctly spelled as "DeKalb" even if the Georgia DOT is inconsistent about it. Many of us (Democrats, Independents, Republicans, Libertarians, etc.) worked very hard to defeat McKinney in 2002. We succeeded, but her replacement (Denise Majette) betrayed us in 2004 by deciding to run for the U.S. Senate and letting McKinney win the seat back. Now Majette is running for Georgia Superintendent of Schools. I, for one, will never vote for her again for any office.

As you shouldn't... (Below threshold)

As you shouldn't

If there is any integrity a... (Below threshold)

If there is any integrity anywhere in the "black" democratic political machine, it would long ago have quashed such pandering by using the race card. It is a disgusting practice I've seen in the military (the Army more than anywhere else) that is as disgusting as KKK or neo-Nazi actions. I presume the black Republicans will just try and look the other way, not to give her any more attention.

Just for giggles, google BLACK REPUBLICAN and then BLACK DEMOCRAT and compare the results on the first page. Are there references to positive organizations and web sites? Could you click on one or two and get a good idea about what either considers themselves?

I predicted this the other ... (Below threshold)

I predicted this the other day!! There would be no apology and she would scream race!

This is ridiculous. She should be arrested! And the people that elected this half-wit should be ashamed. She is an embarrassment to our country and she only perpetuates racist attitudes with the venom she spews.

Chicken freakin... (Below threshold)

Chicken freaking hawks, the lot of you.

The drinking game that never ends. Bottoms up, everyone!

Dewar's for you and some ra... (Below threshold)

Dewar's for you and some rare single malt for me.

It's the Black Clown brigad... (Below threshold)

It's the Black Clown brigade, coming into the big tent at this year's Barnum & Bailey Circus!!

Oh, no. There in the Capitol Building! Call the, er, cops!

Have to allow a week for th... (Below threshold)

Have to allow a week for the media to round up all the experts from the race baiting industry. I just don't know what I'm supposed to think until somebody does a poll and I hear from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on the Sunday talk shows next weekend. I know it must be a conspiracy involving George Bush or Karl Rove, but it all gets so...confusing.

I am still waiting on the v... (Below threshold)

I am still waiting on the video tape.

By the way Mitchell, be honest, if we could fight the civil war all over again don't you wish the South would win this time?

Then we wouldn't have to deal with all these pesky black people causing all this trouble. I mean, don't you just wish you had picked your own damm cotton?

And Angela, I don't think you, or any other republican supporting the war is a chicken hawk. I think that if we all had a chance we would be fighting in Iraq and sticking it to those Arabs over there. But I know how it is, things like a nice job, a family, and a cozy suburban existence gets in the way sometimes. Who knew that when all those poor kids signed up for the military or the guard, because they had no other way to go to college or to earn an income, that they would be going off to fight for their beloved country.

I bet if you knew you would have signed up right Angela?

I suppose there's really no... (Below threshold)

I suppose there's really no need to pile on but I can't stop myself...

She's a racist bigot (is that redundant?) who's finally been exposed for what she is. The blogsphere is going to be her undoing because this time what's happened cannot be swept under the rug.

Post 9/11 security demands have finally bagged jihad johnny's biggest supporter in the House and it's entirely her own fault. This hasn't stopped her from playing all of her race/victim cards or staging a dog and pony show in a comical attempt to shift blame for her actions to the CHP.

Field Negro: I can't belie... (Below threshold)

Field Negro: I can't believe you would use such a name for yourself. My sincere belief is that blacks such as yourself (not all, by any stretch) sell yourselves so short. Call yourselves names. Follow poor leadership. Take weak positions which harm your society.

I have employed a number of blacks, and have a nice your black lady doing great work for me now. She, and her acheivement-oriented brethren-are the future of the black movement in the U.S.

Not this miserable excuse for a human being, Ms. McKinney. Martin Luther King would be ashamed of what the movement has become.

By the way, I also hire latino people. So imagine me as a Nazi or whatever your fevered mind will imagine, but don't you dare call me a bigot. That's Ms. Mckinney's game, and yours, apparently.

field-negro,Sarcas... (Below threshold)


Sarcasm and stupidity are a lethal combination.

Try posting again when you have something insightful or intelligent to say.

field-negro, ... (Below threshold)

I have already served out in Iraq as a nurse for the wounded soilders. I served two years. Not that I really have to answer to a idiot like you. I am now married with a baby on the way. What do you have?

Angela, my brother was woun... (Below threshold)

Angela, my brother was wounded in Iraq, has been in an army hospital in San Antonio Texas for the past year recovering from his injuries. So please let's not play that game, - I can out sacrifice you- And as you so eloquently stated, I don't have to answer to an idiot like you either.

April, you have me half right, but the stupid part is where you come in.

And Mitchell, thank you for hiring a black and a latino, yoour honorary negro card is in the mail.

Give me a break! And why do I use this name? Becuase this is what I am, a field-negro. I choose to be in the field, and not in the house with you.

I am sorry Smitty, the seco... (Below threshold)

I am sorry Smitty, the second paragraph above was directed at you. But I am sure you already knew that.

Oh Mitchell, one other thing, I have not sold myself short- far from it- I happen to lead a very happy and succesful existance thank you very much!

So please let's not play... (Below threshold)

So please let's not play that game, - I can out sacrifice you-

Nope. Your brother can out-sacrifice Angela. Not you. (Admirable man, your brother is.)

field negro,"I cho... (Below threshold)

field negro,

"I chose to be in the field, and not in the house with you."

I'm thinking you may have been gotten too much sun out there; but you make your choice, you live with it.

field negro,"I am ... (Below threshold)

field negro,

"I am sorry Smitty, the second paragraph above was directed at you."

Oh my, the adult equivalent of "I know you are, but what am I?" That's a real rejoinder!

Five bucks sez Field Negro ... (Below threshold)

Five bucks sez Field Negro is the most buttoned down houssified black man in Philadelphia, but he invented his Field Negro alter ego as an outlet for the raging liberal guilt he suppresses during the 9-5 workday.

Field Negro (still can't be... (Below threshold)

Field Negro (still can't believe I'm typing that) is not in the field, but a product of a high income family--two docs--and he is a "Philadelphia Lawyer." See his website. You know what W. C. Fields said about those guys. "Power to his Peeps", except his Peeps are limousine liberals.

Anyway, no need to thank me, F.N., for hiring minorities. I didn't do it for a bigot like you. I did it because they were the best candidates for the job, and I liked them. I have a small company, and certainly didn't do it to pay off your boys, Jesse Jack$on or Al "Tawana" Brawley, and the like.

I'm not in the habit of making decisions based on race like you apparently are in thanking me on behalf of your race.


field negro, ... (Below threshold)

field negro,
Nobody is trying to out sacrifice anybody. That is plain stupid. You made the accusation that I havn't done anything in this war and so I proved that I have. I have lost my cousin in this war. Alot of people have lost their loved ones. But guess what. They did it for a purpose. A purpose they were proud of. Don't ruin that purpose by being a moron.

OK Ok, so you guys are on t... (Below threshold)

OK Ok, so you guys are on to me. Yes, I have a white collar job, and yes I am from a solid family.

So what, I am STILL a field negro, because as I stated earlier, I chosse to be because more work is needed in the fields. I could sell out and run to the house - like I am sure some of your favorite black people have- but I did not, I can do much more for my people and society as a whole by working with people -poor, downtrodden, and voiceless- who really needs help.

Having said all of that, I still think MItchell, when he says, "I am not in the habit of making decisions based on race..." is being disingenuous [my opinion] we cant help but see race when we act or make decisions in life, and to act like we live in a color blind society is just plain wishful thinking.

As long as we treat each other with respect, and honor the laws of the land, I have no problems with being viewed as a field-negro. In fact, I embrace the field-negro side of who I am.

By the way Paul, there is nothing wrong with a little sun.

FN: you're too worried abo... (Below threshold)

FN: you're too worried about what other folks think. Get on with life, and by living a decent life, you will get the respect you deserve.

As it is now, all you have is paranoia about what I may or may not think of you, because you are black. This is self-defeating. It does not matter what I think of you, only what you think of yourself.

If you go around looking for the worst in the white race, I am sure you'll find it. But if you were so disposed, you could find similar deficienices in all races.

This country is the only one that seems to keep correcting its past mistakes. If you can't be happy here, you won't find it on earth.

If you chose to focus on positives in life, and see the world in its fullness--good and bad--maybe your attitude, and your life--would be happier.

field negroTrue, t... (Below threshold)

field negro

True, there isn't anything wrong with a little sun, but even field negros wore hats during the noon day (something about mad dogs and Englishmen).

Per your blog, you're the son of doctors, a graduate of college and law school, currently working for a governmental unit and an occasional newspaper columnist.

Strange criteria for a field negro, don't you think? In fact, you're more privileged than most people---black or white . This "field negro" persona you've adopted is something you can don or discard as the need (or desire) arises.

Malcolm X wrote: "...the negroes in the field caught hell." The only "hell" you'll catch is getting a smaller than usual annual pay raise.

FN makes a startlingly fran... (Below threshold)

FN makes a startlingly frank and controversial statement:

"we cant help but see race when we act or make decisions in life, and to act like we live in a color blind society is just plain wishful thinking."

I think that, literally he is correct -- and I assume that he acknowledges that this truth does not mean that we are all racists in light of that.

Amen... (Below threshold)


Have we heard anymore news ... (Below threshold)

Have we heard anymore news on Cynthia Mckinney?

Whats the Big Deal...She's ... (Below threshold)
Bob P:

Whats the Big Deal...She's a Scumbag Racist NIGGER...Why are You All So Suprised from her Actions?

Don't be racist yourself Bo... (Below threshold)

Don't be racist yourself Bob.

Make yourself Useful and Go... (Below threshold)
Bob P.:

Make yourself Useful and Go Hug a Tree Angela.

Being a Black Man in a Whit... (Below threshold)
John B.:

Being a Black Man in a White Man's World, I Don't Really Appreciate using the word NIGGER, but I Think I Understand Your Frustration....

Being a Black Man, I'm So Tired of Hearing from these Righteous White Folks, that they think their All So Gosh Darn Smart & Philosophically In Tune with a Black Man or Women, constantly Patronizing the Black Man & Black Woman. Or watching these Tree Huuging Socialist Liberals marching Alongside with Blacks in a Demonstration. Please, You All Stop It and Give It a rest.

Also, Myself and my Wife Always Laugh Histerically when we hear all these White Demoncratic Men & Women Use African American these days when referring to Black people. Hey White Folks, We're Black OK, not African- American. My African American Ancestors Sold Us to the White & European Folks for Profit, so Fuck You and Fuck Those those Africans. Also, the average Black Person couldn't Survive in Africa, there's No Welfare, Foot Stamps, Jesse HiJackson, NCAAP, or other Scumabag Nigger Leaders that Cater & Survive Off of their Fellow Black man by Their VICTIMIZATION Mentality.

Long Story Short, that Sad Excuse Ms. McKinney Should be Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent Possible. She's Crooked and She Doesn't Represent Us Hard Working Black Folk Living & Surviving in This White Man's World.

Also, My Wife is White. We're So Tired of You Whites Acting Like You care. Stop it. Go back to Your White neighborhood and white friends.

shut it bob... (Below threshold)

shut it bob

John, You k... (Below threshold)

You know what? We "Whites" don't stick up for you black because we feel sorry for you. Why don't you shut up and think about it for a while. We stick up for you because you are also a human being. Its funny. People like you talk and talk about what Martin Luther King peached, however you don't live by it. I believe he said "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." But for some reason you just can't get past the fact that most "White" people try to help you for the same reason a black person tries to help you. We don't see a poor black person, we see a poor human being in need of help. However you just can't accept that. To you, there will always be race involved. Get over it. Stop whinning like a baby. So Politicians say African American, -- guess what, politicians say alot of stupid things, as do you.

Ahhhh, sounds like She-ocra... (Below threshold)
Honest Abe:

Ahhhh, sounds like She-ocracy. Another Psychotic sixties leftover who mixed just a little too much Marx with their marijuana, one who is locked in the reigning rule of radical feminism that has most regretably emasculated America's men. The Socialist teachings in the Houses of Porn and Scorn (aka todays "liberal colleges") where the unthinkable, gullible masses can get the Finest Illiberal education that taxpayer money can buy. So True...So True...Liberalism is Mental Disorder. We all Feel Your Pain Angela...

Viva Dr. Michael Savage
The Savage Nation Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Have news for you, I am n... (Below threshold)

I Have news for you, I am not a liberal. I am very much a Conservative.

By the Way Angie Baby, Swee... (Below threshold)
Bob P., John B, Honest Abe:

By the Way Angie Baby, Sweetheart...FYI- Nigger is Just a Word, and Unless You're Black , Like Myself Angela, SHUT YOUR YAP...You Remind Of Cross between Laura Ingraham and Randy Rhodes!

Cynthia McKinney broke the Law. It's not really too Hard to Obey the Security Laws. After all, there were a few Capitol Police that were killed previously, so I would Be very Careful too. There's Absolutely No Excuse for What She Did. You Don't Punch a Security Guard in the face. I mean, C'mon Folks, Think about How Crazy that is?

But, I Understand why she did it...She's a Liberal Democrat. I did my time in the U.S. Marines, and was Discriminated Against here and There...SO FUCKING WHAT? I Realized that there was more to Me and my Feeeeellllings...It's Called Language, Borders, and Culture, and God Bless the United States of America...I became a God-Fearing Person!

As Noted above, John B. and our Bewildered Field-Negro are the typical supporters of Cynthia McKinney. She is a Common Criminal and VICTIMIZATION is her Claim to Fame. She can't seem to Shake off her where she came from...truly sad to me. It's sad, but once the Suitcase Nukes Go off, things will Change...Soon...THINGS ARE GONNA CHANGE FOLKS...VERY SOON!

All You Femi-Nazis Better have a Few Strong Minded and Willed Men as Friends...Cause Once the INSANITY Begins, They'll Be No More Words Folks...Life For Awhile Will Go Back to a Dog-Eat-Dog World... Where Only the Strong Survive, and Guess What...All You Loud-Mouth, Clueless, Intelligent Females... Will Once Again Be Put Back In a Space That You All Should of Never Left in the First Place! In the End, You'll Be Begging Protection from the First REAL MAN that You Can Find and Hide Behind!

Have a Great Day and God Bless Us All and God Help Us All!

Bob P.
John B.
Honest Abe.

Viva Dr. Michael Vage
The Svage Nation Rules!!!!!!!!!

PS Now, I Will fade Away and Forget All About this Site and All You Clueless White Racist Folks, Which By the Way Includes 100% of the White Population! But God has Taught Me to Forgive, Which I Do Day In and Day Out! And Now I Bid You ALL Farewell...

Bob, What th... (Below threshold)

What the HELL are you talking about? When did I say that Cynthia Mckinney was racially profiled? I think her racist butt should be thrown in jail! Are you illiterate or just plain stupid? If you had taken the time out to read my past commments you would have seen my opinion of "representative" McKinney. Of course you don't punch a police officer or anybody else for that matter unless its Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy. I see that you also listened to Rush today as did I, from your comment above. Yes, two police officers did get killed. Yes they have every right to stop Mckinney. But why are you telling us this when we already said it above. Please do fade away.

Here is something I think w... (Below threshold)

Here is something I think we can all agree on;
John B is crazy!! WTF is he talking about?

BTW Wavemaker, your post on April 2, was very insightful, and I must admit that you are probably right. -see I can eat humble pie-

But still no McKinney video to prove me wrong on that subject.

just another "NIGGER BITCH"... (Below threshold)

just another "NIGGER BITCH" playing the race card so they can show how mistreated and disrespected they are, but let a middle aged "WHITE MAN" try something like that and he is just being a racist.

My 8 year old daughter came... (Below threshold)

My 8 year old daughter came home from school the other day, and told me about how a group of children freely informed here that they didn't want to play with her because she was white.
She was completely and totally bewildered, as she hasn't a racist or discriminatory bone in her body. We've tried to raise our kids in an environment where the race/religion/national origin of a person just isn't really all that important, as people are not born racists. Racism is taught.
Looks like my daughter is being taught pretty well, eh?

Jeff how old are you? ... (Below threshold)

Jeff how old are you?

Why don't you go wash some sheets or something?

It must be killing you to be living in a time when a n****r can actually get on the internet and tell you to kiss his big black ass!!

hey field negro how did you... (Below threshold)

hey field negro how did you get on the computer most chimps have a hard time spelling but you did a good job i guess all the years of reading whats on the kfc bucket paid off you be a smart tar baby by the way hows the watermelon season this year?
jojo the white man

jojo u must have stumped th... (Below threshold)

jojo u must have stumped the field negro, you said sumpin about reeding and "axed" him a question just another silly nigger.






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