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The 1965 Immigration Act

Senator Kennedy has been involved in immigration legislation for a long time; he was the mouthpiece of the 1965 Immigration Act (yes, he has been ruining the country for more than forty years). Take a look at some of the arguments he made in support of the act back then:

Chief among national concerns was total numeric immigration. Senate floor manager and Camelot knight-errant Ted Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, assured jittery senators that "our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually." Senator Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, further calmed that august body, insisting "the total number of potential immigrants would not be changed very much." Time has proven otherwise. Average immigration levels before the 1965 amendments took effect hovered around 300,000 per annum. Yet 1,045,000 legal immigrants flooded our cities in 1996 alone...

...Thirty-plus years of immigration at historic levels have also had an economic impact on America. In 1965, Ted Kennedy confidently predicted, "No immigrant visa will be issued to a person who is likely to become a public charge." However, political refugees qualify for public assistance upon setting foot on U.S. soil. The exploding Somali refugee population of Lewiston, Maine, (pop. 36,000) is largely welfare-dependent. Likewise, 2,900 of Wausau, Wisconsin's 4,200 Hmong refugees receive public assistance. In all, 21 percent of immigrants receive public assistance, whereas 14 percent of natives do so. Immigrants are 50 percent more likely than natives to live in poverty.

Take a look at what that bill has brought us:


Senator Kennedy was wrong on every argument he made in support of the 1965 Immigration Act, but that hasn't stopped him from teaming up with John McCain to create the next impending immigration disaster that would set every illegal immigrant currently in the US on the path to citizenship.

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That drunk dope is THE post... (Below threshold)

That drunk dope is THE poster boy for Senate term limits..

OT but funny. Or maybe it i... (Below threshold)
Radical Centrist:

OT but funny. Or maybe it is on topic?


Why won't Our President thr... (Below threshold)

Why won't Our President threaten a veto, but instead insists on blanket amnesty or nothing? *this only a test*

Ted Kennedy was WRONG? Nex... (Below threshold)

Ted Kennedy was WRONG? Next you'll be telling me that the sky is blue or grass is green!!


The effects of the 1965 Imm... (Below threshold)
Charles Bannerman:

The effects of the 1965 Immigration Act demonstrates unequivicely that Teddy reads a shot glass better than he reads a crystal ball.

Maybe oneday Teddy will find something he can do well and also benefit the country- like DIE!

Teddy is the pus sack for all of the world's boils, carbuncles, infected sinuses etc. Once in a while he fills up and has to be drained- his speeches.

I like Teddy, when I look at him I feel so much better. He looks like a train wreck. God is he physical wreck and slob.

There is indeed a Culture W... (Below threshold)

There is indeed a Culture War in America, in which Senator Kennedy has been a key player, and it is tearing this country apart! The virulent, Anti - American, illegal immigrant demonstrations we have witnessed in the past few days, all draped in flags other than our own, and claiming this, our land, to be theirs for the taking, are an excellent example of the skirmishes being waged in this struggle!

It is sad to see how after their defeat in 2000, and 2004 Democrats in Congress and the Senate have not dedicated themselves to the business of running the country, or of seeking solutions to the many challenges facing us as a nation in these perilous times of war.

Their hatred for President Bush is such, that rather, they have devoted their relentless, focused, undermining efforts, at constantly obstructing, criticizing, and derailing the Bush Administration, even at the expense of our National Security, and of the life of our Soldiers in Iraq; often being the best allies that the insurgents have had in supporting their goals, and providing them with the best source of propaganda used by the enemy against us on Al Jazeera, and all over the world!

Of course, they have done so cloaked in their "First Amendment Rights," and under the pretext that being a "dissenter" is not being a "traitor," in spite of all the blatant "comfort and abetting they have given the enemy" with their vicious, vitriolic attacks on the Administration's policies at the expense of endangering our troops, and undermining our efforts!!!

These are the ones, whose only dream is winning enough seats back in the coming elections, to "Impeach" President Bush for "wiretapping potential Al Qaeda terrorists"...while not caring a damn, nor having a plan, about any of the other challenges we are facing....just "wallowing" in anticipatory "political revenge"!!!

Then there's the problem of the illegal immigrant invasion, that is verily changing the face of our society and fracturing America!

Though I am a Conservative, and have supported President Bush in most of his policies, yet, it is so hateful to hear him say that these illegals, mainly from Mexico, are here because "they are doing jobs that Americans won't do"! Tell that to the myriad of unemployed Americans that have lost their jobs to illegal immigrants, or to those companies that have had to fold because they could not compete with other companies employing them, or to the family of four that can't afford to rent an apartment, because the demand created by the influx of these "swarms" in their community has inflated rent prices way beyond their means; because 20 illegal Mexicans share a two bedroom apartment and the expenses, while a husband and his wife, supporting their two children, are asked to pay as much for the same!!!

Add to this the "gang" violence that so much permeates the culture of these immigrants, the drugs, the crime, our overwhelmed failing schools, our over- taxed Health Care systems, Fire, Police, and other public services, and what have you got??? The virtual turning of America into one giant slum, with communities worthy of a third world country! Talk about the deterioration of the "Standard of Living"!!!

What is most appalling is to see and hear what such are saying with, utter defiance, and impunity, as Univision's news anchor Jorge Ramos, who is an avowed "open borders - let everyone come" advocate, who would grant American Citizenship to anyone 15 minutes after they have crossed over illegally, who has written several books in Spanish riling and supporting the cause of "unfettered illegal immigration," one of them very cynically, and descriptively, called "La Ola" ("The Wave"), and another called "Morir en el intento" ("To die trying") in which he "glorifies" the courage of those coming over, some of which die in the desert, and instead of discouraging them to undertake such a "dangerous" journey, rather encourages all these illegal immigrants, not to be better Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans or better citizens of wherever they come from and bring about, politically and civilly, better conditions in their countries so that they can have better lives, but rather to come running here, to the "hated" land of the " Pinche Gringos"!!!

Of course, being that 98% of Univision's audience in America is comprised of illegal Hispanic immigrants, and that it is also watched across Latin America, where the majority of the population's ultimate dream is to emigrate to America, he's "Preaching to the Choir"... and making a pretty penny doing so! Talk about "vested" interests!!!

Anyway, as I stated above, it is appalling to see the likes of Jorge Ramos, on a CNN program from the Cancun Summit, retort to Lou Dobbs in utter cynicism, concerning the 6 to 12 million Hispanic illegal aliens here, and the legislation being presently debated in the Senate: "...well they are here (the Mexican illegal aliens), and they are not going back. What are you going to do about it ?" !!!!!

Excuse me Mr. Ramos, but do you judge that the American People have descended so low in their "Politically Correct affectation," and their "effeminateness," that you flaunt such a challenge confident in our "inability" to react?!?! Confident in our total surrender to that spirit of "defeatism" Democrats and left wing bomb throwers try so hard to shove down our collective throats every day?!?! Or is it that you believe our "apathy" and unwillingness to "stand for ourselves" has grown to the point where it has finally gotten the better of us, and we are frozen in indecision, and incapable to respond?!?!

Want me to tell you what we can do about it Mr. Ramos??? We could round up every darn one of them, pack them in buses, and drive them back across the border!!! That's what! Of course, that would be catastrophic to your "ratings" wouldn't it?!?! Perhaps even you would have to move south of the border then, chasing after your "precious" audience!

What? That it would cost 200 Billion??? Put it on the tab!!! With our deficit at its present levels 200 billion more or 200 billion less, is not going to make much heck of a difference!!!

Think about it. It would be so nice for lower income Americans to have housing available, and jobs , and schools and services, again, and to see the gangs, the drugs, and the crime "go south" for a change...along with the illegals! Forgive the pun.

It is time for the American people to take matters back into their own hands, and not let these "Wormtongues" in Washington get away with once more selling out America to the Lobbyist, Big business, Special Interest groups such as "La Raza," and "Mecha," the Left wing demagogues who see in these illegals nothing more than a future block of 12 million "Democratic votes," and all those others who want open borders and
unrestricted immigration out of purely self serving motives, while ignoring the will of the majority of Americans!!!

Enough is enough!!!


Hmmm.Frankly this ... (Below threshold)


Frankly this is rather curious subject.

I think everyone knows me here. Yes I can be something of a jackass, occasionally ... rarely ... almost never, I fully admit it. When I'm fully engaged in a debate I'm like a terrier with a bone and I won't let go. I really dislike nonsense and won't hesitate to call people on it.

So imagine my surprise when I, amongst others, have been called a NAZI on both RedState and PoliPundit over this issue.

Frankly I think this is a reprise of the Harriet Miers debate. You have one group that is willing to support the GOP come hell or high water. You have another group with different concerns. And this is the culminated result of the clash between these two goals. The net effect of which is to show that perhaps that vaunted "big tent" really isn't so big after all.

But what I find most curious is that the GOP is willing to antagonise 40%-60% of it's voting base to play racial politics with perhaps 10%-15% of it's voting base. In fact I'd guess that most of the people protesting aren't citizens at all and are thus ineligible to vote. So why is the GOP so eager to win the votes of people who cannot vote? Why is the GOP so willing to destroy it's own base in order to court such an incredibly small portion of the voting public?

Is there something I'm missing here?

Frankly I really think the fix is in on this and conservatives are going to get the shaft. But I don't think it's just conservatives that are going to be extremely angry about this. I think a lot of liberals are going to be very unhappy about this as well because it impacts the poor *American* communities very hard.

And I can't even begin to imagine just how much property taxes are going to explode if there's a massive influx of kids from foreign countries. And that'll affect seniors too. And another astonishing thing is that legal immigrants are almost completely opposed to this giveaway, even hispanics.

So who, or what, voting block is the GOP actually trying to court?

IMHO I think this subject cuts across racial and even ideological lines and will do more to divide and unite Americans than even the 2000 or 2004 elections.

April,Don't be sur... (Below threshold)


Don't be surprised! Anyone that so much as hints that there should be anything less than totally open borders, calls for the application of exisitng laws, or supports the criminalization of illegal aliens, and hence their deportation, is inevitably called a "Nazi," an epithet much bantered about lightly now-a-days, by Democrats, far-left extremist, and pro-unfetterd illegal Mexican immigration groups like "La Raza" and "Mecha."

Being that the case, I think we ought to round-up all illegal Mexican immigrants, pack them and their Mexican flags in buses, and send them to that "Concentration Camp" which hopefully will soon have 700 miles of fence on its northern perimeter: "Mexico"!!!

"Sieg Heil La Cucaracha"?!?!

Yeah, right! LOL!

Althor :)

This morning on Fox & Frien... (Below threshold)

This morning on Fox & Friends they had one "Mr. Lopez" as a guest, who is one of the major organizers of all those on-going "spontaneous" demonstrations we have witnessed on our television screens in last few days, who appeared to announce an upcoming "Day without illegal immigrants" protest, in which he's urging all illegal immigrants and their sympathizers, to not go to work, school, or shopping, in the hopes of bringing our economy on that day to a halt, to show the "impact" (especially on our lawns and burger joints) of "deporting" all these illegal immigrants, should our Government choose to "enforce" our present laws, and or enact new ones securing our borders, and criminalizing illegal aliens...as well they should!

Amongst the many off-the -wall, and inaccurate comments made by this Mexican-American (apparently a contradiction in terms judging by his very own behavior) open borders- unfettered illegal immigration (especially from Mexico), Activist, after engaging in an uninterrupted propagandistic harangue in which he kept talking while rudely ignoring the repeated questions by the show's hosts, he went to say that "there was no difference" between the European Immigrants that came to America during the latter part of the 19th , and the early part of the 20th centuries, and the swarms of illegal immigrants from Mexico flooding over our border now, because he claims, quote: "That the European immigrants that came to the Eastern Seaboard came illegally into the country too, just like the Mexicans"!!!

Can someone please "educate" this gentleman (who apparently must have been smoking "mota") on "our History," and remind him that those "huddled masses" that emigrated to America from Europe during the latter part of the 1800s, and during the early 1900s, came here "legally" and were duly processed before being "admitted" to the US?!?! Apparently he's never heard of "Ellis Island"!!!

He also ranted about that old, worn-out argument "that it was not the illegals' fault they came," since we are the ones that had "summoned them" here to do "those jobs Americans won't do" (I am so sick of that argument, with so many Americans that can't find a job precisely because these illegal immigrants have taken them away!), and that the reason so many were brandishing Mexican, and other flags, during the demonstrations, was that "...they had been so mistreated and abused, after so many years of being illegally here in America, that they felt disenfranchised and had more loyalty to their Homelands than to America" , which begs the question: Then pray tell us, Mr. Lopez, why all the frantic demonstrations, and why do they keep pouring over our borders through every chink, nook, and cranny, like an infestation of roaches coming out of the woodwork, and they don't just simply go back, or stay, in their "beloved" countries?!?! What monumental, self-serving, hypocrisy!!!

All throughout the program, and while spewing his inaccurate, false, propagandistic venom, Mr. Lopez' appearance, demeanor, and body language spoke volumes of the hatred and resentment he obviously seems to feel for America.... sentiments that apparently, as we have witnessed in these demonstrations he has so fervently helped organize, his fellow Mexican, and other Latino, "illegal immigrants" share!!!

And again the question begs asking, if this is not simply the demographic, war-less, invasion of America by these resentful hordes from a foreign country, who believe we stole this, our land, from them, and feel "entitled' to just come in and take it back from us....what in the hell is?!?!

We better open our eyes, and stem this tide...before it is too late!!!


Did 1965 Immigration Act ca... (Below threshold)

Did 1965 Immigration Act cause this (the rallies protesting against criminalizing all illegal alients in America)? I don't think so. What caused it the broken immigration system that we currently have. What it does, it closes it's eyes on the fact that thousands of people come here illegally. America benefits from those people - they do jobs that noone wants for minimal wages, they pay taxes and don't claim any social security or other benefits (life financial aid at school) and they don't have any rights. America has been exploiding these people, pretending that it's fighting against illegal immigration. All American's benefit from these people, most of whom are hard workers, who came here out of desperate situations that most of us Americans were blessed enough to never experience. So what all we can do is look down on them? Can we have a little compassion? Can we look beyond our own nose and try to understand? I am not saying that they should be granted amnesty or automatic green card. They should not put ahead in line of those who come here legally. They should be checked for criminal record, they should pay a fine. Let's not be hypocrites. Who is here an American citizen and is does not have some kind of distant relative who is an immigrant from another country? Noone? Did all of our ancestors come here legally? Some did and some didn't. There were no such thing as illegal immigration before and if there was...would that stop them? I don't think so. If they did not come here them, we all could have been in desperate situations like these people.

The problem is that years o... (Below threshold)

The problem is that years of government inaction on enforcing our laws and of having virtually open borders, have bred a "false sense of security," and an attitude of "arrogance" in most of these illegal Mexicans and Central Americans, such as that of the man interviewed on the Spanish speaking TV network, Univision, who has already been deported "eight" times back to El Salvador, and yet says "he will keep coming back," nonchalantly with a snicker of indifference on his face; or that of Jorge Ramos the Univision TV anchor, and Jaime Rodriguez, self proclaimed "organizer" of the LA demonstrations and the forthcoming May 1st protests, who have repeatedly retorted in TV interviews to critics of the "Amnesty" Legislation so many are trying to shove down our collective throats in Washington, "defiantly" and with a smirk of "in your face" smugness on their faces: "So, we are here now America, and we are going nowhere. What are you going to do about it ???" confident in their "hubris" that we will either find it too controversial, or inhumane, or politically incorrect, won't have the rersolve, or just won't have "the balls," to simply begin to enforce our laws, actively crackdown on illegal immigrants, and systematically deport them, as well we should!!!

From what we have witnessed over the last two weeks with American flags being flown upside-down beneath Mexican flags, and Mexican flags being hoisted in our schools, the
"this is our land" posters, and the "Che Guevara," "It's time for revolution" T-shirts worn by all the "La Raza" and "Aztlan" sympathizers whose professed goal is to symply overrun us demographically to in effect take back the American Southwest, and indeed the rest of the US, by fiat of their sheer numbers reflected in the "populist vote"; any person not blinded by "saccharine idealism," or "political ideology" can discern that many of these people have the least desire to "integrate" and or "assimilate" into our society, which they hate in principle as having "exploited" them and robbed them (Mexico) of their land, and which in their minds many have come to equate to their former "Spanish Overlords," whom they have been taught to despise for generations, but rather on asserting their "national identities and customs," and imposing their "culture" on us!!!

As I have stated before in other posts, in a chilling analogy, viruses infect a "host" cell, by destroying its DNA and supplanting it with their own, which then goes on to turn out more copies of the invading virus.

In a similar manner, if the shade of the things to come does not change...that may very well be the fate of America, and we will become just another "Mestizo" (those of mixed indian-spanish descent comprising 98% of the population of these countries) "Banana Republic," or an "extension of Mexico" as in the "Republica del Norte" Aztlan dreams.... God only knows that even today, standing on a street corner of many of our major cities, one would think he was in "Michoacan" or "Tegucigalpa," instead of on a street in


If you want to know who is ... (Below threshold)

If you want to know who is ellegal in the U.S. you need to ask the Native Americans, but of course you wont like their answer, because if they had a chance they would have thrown all the white trash back to Europe a long time ago, you want to talk about ellegal immigrants and your ancestors were immigrants themnselves, it seems to me that all the people who say they are Americans need to do a little research.
Because nobody is More American Then The Native Americans. I'm a Mexican who came here ellegaly not because i wanted to but because my parents brought me here when I was Nine Years old, I'm Nineteen already, about to graduate from high school And I know better then most people that the only Americans here are the Native Americans, answer to me and see me post something else white trash.

Hey! rumualdo! You've been ... (Below threshold)

Hey! rumualdo! You've been here and in school for 10 years and you still don't know how to spell. It's not spelled "ellegal", it's illegal. Not to mention, you obviously don't understand what that word means. Our white ancestors did NOT come here illegally. They were processed in. They didn't swim here from Europe, idiot. And they weren't smuggled in either.

Now, shut the hell up beaner. And if you're not gonna go the hell back to that shithole called Mexico, then get yourself out and clean some toilets.

And to think that "Senator ... (Below threshold)

And to think that "Senator Splash" nearly bought the farm (died) in a 1964 plane crash. If he had, how different would our society be today?






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