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Tony Blair: Resigning by Christmas?

Today the UK Telegraph is reporting that Tony Blair plans to announce his resignation by Christmas:

Tony Blair is to announce his resignation by Christmas, members of his inner circle believe.

The Prime Minister's closest aides feel that, following a series of damaging rows over education and "sleaze", he will quit within nine months.

The disclosure comes as John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, agreed to try to broker an agreement between Mr Blair and back-bench MPs over the succession after being warned that uncertainty about the leadership is having a disastrous effect on Labour morale.

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Hmmm.And if Gordon... (Below threshold)


And if Gordon Brown is made PM, the citizens of the UK will wish they had Tony Blair to kick around.

IMHO Gordon Brown is an ultra-lefty version of John McCain. All of the vices and none of the (questionable) virtues.

It is better that he contin... (Below threshold)

It is better that he continues until the end of his 'term'.
At present, there isn't anyone-else better than him.
He has not done anything 'wrong' that the others have 'not' done!
People are simply 'abusing' his GOODNESS!
He is still a 'genius'!






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