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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Riot policemen arrest a protester after a protest against the first job contract law, known as CPE, Tuesday, March 28, 2006 in Paris. Tens of thousands of protesters poured onto France's streets and striking workers hobbled transport services Tuesday, increasing pressure on embattled Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin to withdraw a contested new jobs contract for youths. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (121)

"He won't be staying at the... (Below threshold)

"He won't be staying at the Y....M....C....A!"

"New for 2006---the Moonbat... (Below threshold)

"New for 2006---the Moonbat Battering Ram!"

Cindy feels an unexpected s... (Below threshold)

Cindy feels an unexpected surge of pleasure as she's carried away from the demonstration.

Operatives from the Democra... (Below threshold)

Operatives from the Democratic Party use Cindy Sheehan in an attempt to break through to the American electorate.

His parents appropriately d... (Below threshold)

His parents appropriately dressed in riot gear, a young french slacker gets thrown into his first place of employment against his will.

"EVERY BODY, INTO THE POOL... (Below threshold)


The "double fisting" techni... (Below threshold)

The "double fisting" technique, shown here, can be used to haul away moonbat demonstrators.

Hey, can you drop me off at... (Below threshold)

Hey, can you drop me off at the unemployment office?

Congressional police do som... (Below threshold)

Congressional police do something the voters should have done a long time ago, and forcibly remove Rep. Cynthia McKinney from the premises.

Even two gendarmes working ... (Below threshold)

Even two gendarmes working together couldn't find the protester's easy-carry handle.

How do you not understand?.... (Below threshold)

How do you not understand?...I surrender!!!

Bob, Sam and Ted Shwatrz ne... (Below threshold)

Bob, Sam and Ted Shwatrz never let their conjoined birth defect prevent them from reaching their dream of being police officers.

Dateline Paris France... (Below threshold)

Dateline Paris France

A teenage rioting leg and foot assembly had to be subdued via a tag team nut grab. The leg and foot assembly was apparently rioting in an ironic protest of it's torso being fired from the Le' Squirt Water Cannon factory. The UWCW local 645 Chairmand could not be reached for comment.

Riot police employ the less... (Below threshold)

Riot police employ the less lethal "chicken choke" hold on a protestor.

French police unveil the ne... (Below threshold)

French police unveil the new "Moon-Battering ram".

I should really read the ot... (Below threshold)

I should really read the other posts before posting my own! Sorry, Teflon!

Where will you be when your... (Below threshold)

Where will you be when your laxative kicks in?

"First, Make a wish!"... (Below threshold)

"First, Make a wish!"

"Andrew Sullivan? Again?"</... (Below threshold)

"Andrew Sullivan? Again?"

The hardest part about capt... (Below threshold)

The hardest part about capturing a Butt Monkey is the extraction process.

(or in this case Butt Minkey)

"Ok so we lied when we said... (Below threshold)

"Ok so we lied when we said hold still this won't hurt a bit."

Gendarmes attempt to pull t... (Below threshold)

Gendarmes attempt to pull the head out of the rear end of a student who believes he should have the "right" to a job even the the employer doesn't want him.

Schmidt's Beer! When you're... (Below threshold)

Schmidt's Beer! When you're thirsty, and you're gay!

Seriously, though. I think Maggie won it with the first comment.

Getting carried off by poli... (Below threshold)

Getting carried off by police is worth 25 points in the zany new game that is sweeping Europe, "Protest for the sake of Protesting." Other ways of scoring include dumping thousands of kilos of cheese in a public place (50 points) - popular among government subsidized dairy farmers and fire-bombing political cartoon publishers (100 points).

A protester considers writi... (Below threshold)

A protester considers writing his memoir: "Sole on Ice."

"Make a wish!" "No you firs... (Below threshold)

"Make a wish!" "No you first!" Okay here goes....

Cop: "Honest Mr. Aylward, O... (Below threshold)

Cop: "Honest Mr. Aylward, Oliver Willis didn't put us up to this, we don't even read his blog."
Kevin: "I didn't say he was a blogger."

Don't ask Don't Tell.... (Below threshold)

Don't ask Don't Tell.

What happens in a French ri... (Below threshold)

What happens in a French riot, stays in a French riot.

... take one down, pass it... (Below threshold)

... take one down, pass it around, 99 protestors gonna claim their civil rights were violated.

French Unveil New Crotch Ro... (Below threshold)

French Unveil New Crotch Rocket!

The French government has e... (Below threshold)

The French government has employed what the ACLU deemed a "questionable technique" to decide once and for all if there was truth to the "big hands, big feet" theory.

The French unleash their ow... (Below threshold)

The French unleash their own nuclear option -- the atomic wedgie.

"You tell everybody. Listen... (Below threshold)

"You tell everybody. Listen to me, Hatcher. You've gotta tell them! Soylent Green is people! We've gotta stop them somehow!"

Today in Mos Eisley, France... (Below threshold)
Dave Mong:

Today in Mos Eisley, France, Stormtroopers Henri and Jean Luc capture a notorious cheese eating surrender Monkey.
Henri was overheard to say, "you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villiany".

It's safe to pick them up t... (Below threshold)

It's safe to pick them up this way due to the fact that they all lack testicles and spines.

"Hard-Headed Liberals make ... (Below threshold)

"Hard-Headed Liberals make the BEST rams for breaking down doors!"

Pierre assumed that once he... (Below threshold)

Pierre assumed that once he got out of High School he would stop getting wedgies from the cool kids. DOH!

so a dixlexic say, wake a m... (Below threshold)
bill burz:

so a dixlexic say, wake a mish! and mish got up cranky.

"If you grab 'em by the bal... (Below threshold)

"If you grab 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow..."

Tony Blair is to announce h... (Below threshold)

Tony Blair is to announce his resignation by Christmas, members of his inner circle believe.

THATS...[step]... (Below threshold)


"Adidas, proud to be the s... (Below threshold)

"Adidas, proud to be the shoe of choice of active French protesters everywhere!"

"Get a good 'grip', Stan, b... (Below threshold)

"Get a good 'grip', Stan, because we really have to RAM through those protestors."

To Pierre his multiple arre... (Below threshold)

To Pierre his multiple arrests in protests were less about ideology but more a means to regularly satisfy his sexual fantasies.

Singing Higher These Days</... (Below threshold)

Singing Higher These Days

"Believe it or not, ... (Below threshold)

"Believe it or not,
I'm walking on air.
I never thought I could feel so free-
Flying away on a wing and a prayer...
Who could it be?
Believe it or not it's just me."

In an effort to explain the... (Below threshold)

In an effort to explain the new employment laws, French riot police demonstrated to students exactly how job terminations would be handled.

Pierre wasn't sure about Eg... (Below threshold)

Pierre wasn't sure about Egalite, but felt that the riot police's over abundance of Fraternity was definately impacting his Liberte.

Jobs-protesters, still havi... (Below threshold)

Jobs-protesters, still having not caught on to why the country doesn't have enough money to hire them, once again provided full employment for the gendarmerie.

With the French economy in free-fall, the currency worhless and basic goods and services unavailable, starving Parisian gendarmes preparing to storm the Bastille are reduced to using an improvised "Battering Jacque".

"You should have thought about that when you swallowed the pepper-gas canister."

New Shoes for the protest, ... (Below threshold)

New Shoes for the protest, 60 dollars

Spraypaint, cardboard, and a stick for your sign, 30 dollars

Bus fare to Paris, 10 dollars

Having two cops in riot gear lift you off the ground by your balls while someone photographs your ass and puts it on the internet, priceless

Damn these peaceful protest... (Below threshold)

Damn these peaceful protests!
I could use a good riot.

Two French police officers ... (Below threshold)
Big E:

Two French police officers take some time during a long shift to relax as they prepare to play a game of pampered whiny socialist bowling.

Make a wish, then pull!... (Below threshold)

Make a wish, then pull!

French riot-police demonstr... (Below threshold)

French riot-police demonstrate how to extract a confession and a DNA sample at the same time.

1. Singing... "Chirac got t... (Below threshold)

1. Singing... "Chirac got the gold mine, I got the shaft..."

2. This Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey to be captured, tagged and returned to the wild. Isn't she a beaut?

3. Confronted with a hostile situation, this demonstrator assumes the reflexive French posture.

Pierce Bush busted for taki... (Below threshold)

Pierce Bush busted for taking home remedy tips from Noelle..

What happens in Paris...</p... (Below threshold)

What happens in Paris...

Stays in Paris.

"Gay French Police Are Out ... (Below threshold)

"Gay French Police Are Out Of Control."

The Original French Tickler... (Below threshold)

The Original French Tickler.

"French Police Hustle Micha... (Below threshold)

"French Police Hustle Michael Jackson Though Crowd."

These cops never heard of t... (Below threshold)

These cops never heard of the axiom, if at first you don't succeed, buy him another beer...

Those cops are wishing that they had a different type of protection after this riot duty...

Brokeback Paris took on a whole new meaning today as riot police got to know Jacques in the biblical sense...

"French Police Hustle Micha... (Below threshold)

"French Police Hustle Michael Jackson Through Crowd."

"Go ahead, Pull my finger"<... (Below threshold)
Robert Hardy:

"Go ahead, Pull my finger"

Make a wish.... (Below threshold)

Make a wish.

Those aren't pillows!... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Those aren't pillows!

Here we see French police u... (Below threshold)

Here we see French police utilizing the seldom used but highly effective French Tickler restraining hold.

Hard to tell, but isn't tha... (Below threshold)

Hard to tell, but isn't that Rep. Cynthia McKinney's (D-Ga.) good side?

"Karlrovian Storm Troopers ... (Below threshold)

"Karlrovian Storm Troopers Feed Another Deaniac into the Wood Chipper"

Police prepare to demonstra... (Below threshold)

Police prepare to demonstrate the new SuperDave (tm) Battering Ram.

How do you say in French, "... (Below threshold)

How do you say in French, "Oh my freaking nuts!"?

"My hand is wet. I tell yo... (Below threshold)

"My hand is wet. I tell you Pierre, this kid he pissed his pants."

Striking fear into the prot... (Below threshold)

Striking fear into the protestor's hearts, French police unveil their new secret crowd control method....

"Le Wedgie d'Atom !"

- MikeB

I told you I'd surrender! ... (Below threshold)

I told you I'd surrender! I'm french aren't I?

"Wasn't his name Shoveass?"... (Below threshold)
Rachel Edith:

"Wasn't his name Shoveass?"

"Cesar Chavez. It is a proper noun not a verb."

The Associated Press has is... (Below threshold)

The Associated Press has issued a statement saying that George W Bush is the person responible for the French labor riots.

you - - let - - go! Jacques... (Below threshold)

you - - let - - go! Jacques! You know its my turn for the cavity search!

Where are Jessie Jackson, C... (Below threshold)

Where are Jessie Jackson, Calypo Louie and the Rev Al? This needs their undivided attention. The French protesters civil rights are being violated.

Hey, while you guys are dow... (Below threshold)

Hey, while you guys are down there, could you help me get that squirrel out?

"After all this, I expect y... (Below threshold)

"After all this, I expect you guys will at least take me out to dinner?!"

Doctrine Matters

Mon Dieu, not another trip ... (Below threshold)

Mon Dieu, not another trip to PMITD* prison!


[ok, you need to have follo... (Below threshold)

[ok, you need to have followed the Moussaoui outbursts to get this one]

Soldiers of the homosexual crusade prepare to batter down another muslim obstacle in their own special way.

Go ahead and grab him there... (Below threshold)

Go ahead and grab him there. It won't hurt him; he' French.

They could have at least ki... (Below threshold)

They could have at least kissed me first!

What...the French aren't us... (Below threshold)

What...the French aren't used to being emasculated like this everyday?

In a crackdown on excessive... (Below threshold)

In a crackdown on excessive hairyness, police arrest French woman for mandatory leg shaving.

...but each Gendarme can ca... (Below threshold)

...but each Gendarme can carry two female protesters by using the 6-pack technique.

After month's of frustratio... (Below threshold)

After month's of frustration, two French police get their gift from the European "Make a Wish Foundation."

Cop 1: No, it's not the sme... (Below threshold)

Cop 1: No, it's not the smell
Cop 2: Well what is it then?
Cop 1: It's that "splorch" sound it makes when we pull our hands out. I hear it in my sleep, man.

Where are the Brokeback Mou... (Below threshold)

Where are the Brokeback Mountain cowboys? We need them to put their brand on this critter

"You don't think anyone wil... (Below threshold)

"You don't think anyone will notice that we're holding hands, do you?"

"Police then escorted Ms. S... (Below threshold)

"Police then escorted Ms. Sheehan from the scene..."

A picture of the French fig... (Below threshold)

A picture of the French fighting goose.

Muslim riots break out worl... (Below threshold)

Muslim riots break out worldwide over French "sole showing" incident. Bin Laden said to be outraged at French provocation.

Andrew Sullivan is Jealous<... (Below threshold)

Andrew Sullivan is Jealous

This is how Ms Mckinney wo... (Below threshold)

This is how Ms Mckinney would have been treated if she were not afro american !

After unintentionally overh... (Below threshold)

After unintentionally overhearing Sharon Stone's advice to his girl friend, "Todd" mistakenly asks Sharon to show him what a BJ is.

While on coffee break, the ... (Below threshold)

While on coffee break, the Luc and Jacques decide to prove they could beat any other partnership in a quick game of 'wheelbarrow.'

This summer, Gerard Depardi... (Below threshold)

This summer, Gerard Depardieu and Johnny Depp star in "Brokeback Gendarme."

Burt, are you sure he ate y... (Below threshold)

Burt, are you sure he ate your car keys?

Howard Dean finally gets so... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean finally gets something to REALLY shout 'yyeeaaahhhh' about.

"A Ram A Dam A Dingo?" "Do... (Below threshold)

"A Ram A Dam A Dingo?" "Don't Mind If I Do."

"Policemen Hold Balls On Sa... (Below threshold)

"Policemen Hold Balls On Same Night."

Modern French crowd control... (Below threshold)

Modern French crowd control techniques make protesters yearn for the days of flogging, or at least the chokehold.

P.S. If Tongueboy had used "Soylent Pinot Noir" it would have won

The soldiers felt elated as... (Below threshold)
Charles V:

The soldiers felt elated as they carried what would become dinner for the fatiqued troops.

Julian "Sweetcheeks" Hascom... (Below threshold)

Julian "Sweetcheeks" Hascomb realizes his dream: playing the "criminal" placed under "arrest" by the San Francisco Storm Trooper Fetishist Club at their annual Bar-be-que and Jamboree, March 24-26, 2006.

Another Frenchman off to le... (Below threshold)

Another Frenchman off to learn some Greek.

"This is how we keep count ... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

"This is how we keep count of our arrests, son; if you want the troops out of Iraq, we'll rip off your left leg and if you want them to stay, we'll rip off your right one."

Never let it be said that t... (Below threshold)

Never let it be said that the Paris gendarmmes won't give you the courtesy of a reacharound.

It's the shoes. It's gotta... (Below threshold)

It's the shoes. It's gotta be the shoes.

Oh, ze Europeans, zey are z... (Below threshold)

Oh, ze Europeans, zey are zo zophisticated.

Harry Reid: "And here we se... (Below threshold)

Harry Reid: "And here we see yet another failure of the Bush administration."

"Pierre, did you call Zed y... (Below threshold)

"Pierre, did you call Zed yet?"

The fashion police clear th... (Below threshold)

The fashion police clear the streets for haute couture day.

WWF 25: The Pain on the Sei... (Below threshold)

WWF 25: The Pain on the Seine!

"They took away our Tazers ... (Below threshold)

"They took away our Tazers but this new nutcracker hold is quite effective."

Inspector Clouseau prepares... (Below threshold)

Inspector Clouseau prepares for another interrogation into the case of the mysterious croissant formed in the distinct shape of Muhammad.

Realizing that the proteste... (Below threshold)

Realizing that the protester was in distress, two policemen aid him by removing his head from his a$$.

Police meet a roadblock in ... (Below threshold)

Police meet a roadblock in their efforts to carry the bottom half of the new Levi's jeans manniquin to the downtown department stores.

Cindy Sheehan, the crazy le... (Below threshold)

Cindy Sheehan, the crazy leftist beatnik gets carried away, once again...

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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