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"Bush Was Right"

I'm not much of a music critic, but this particular song got me thinking.

First of all, the tone and feel of the song seems a bit derivative -- I can't point to any precise elements, but I get a very similar vibe off it that reminds me of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The Fire." It might be the laundry-list and political factors, but it just seems too similar for a coincidence.

Secondly, the guitar riff in the chorus has a certain juvenile derisive, mocking tone to it. It gives me mixed feelings -- I kinda like it, but I can see how some might think it too juvenile and that it detracts from the message of the song.

Third, it's too overtly political for my tastes. There isn't anything in it that I haven't said myself, but I generally don't like music that's so hard-core political. I didn't like Sting's "Russians," and this is even more flagrant -- if on the other side.

Regardless, it's interesting. The music itself is kind of catchy, and the message behind the lyrics is dead-on accurate.

(Tip of the hat to Pierre LeGrand for pointing out the video)


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Comments (19)

Yup, right. Very derivative... (Below threshold)

Yup, right. Very derivative of the Billy Joel song, especially in the first third or so. It's funny how a guitar riff can be juvenile, but it is--it recalls a common sing-song mockery of childhood, can't put my finger on it. Has its moments.

Until now, I hadn't heard a... (Below threshold)

Until now, I hadn't heard a guitar riff of
"Na-na, na Na-na". The guy shoulda stuck out his tongue too.

There's def a kiddy feel to... (Below threshold)

There's def a kiddy feel to it, but any more or less so than Greenday's stuff that the kids are gobblin' up, now & days?

Sounds about on par, to me.

Besides, the last thing the left wants is their seventh-grader singing these lyrics in the house, or ever.

The "tax cuts" line was a moment of pure beauty.

It was hilarious. Folks who... (Below threshold)

It was hilarious. Folks who agree with the sentiment will think so. Folks who don't will talk about how it's "derivative" or childish. They're checking out a new market, and I hope they get air play.

Best line: "Zell Miller - RIGHT!" hehehe

Proof that the world is ups... (Below threshold)

Proof that the world is upside down. The "right" now has protest music. ;-)

I don't think the song works as... okay, it's the equivalent of religious music. That's not to say that the political left doesn't have its own equivalent of religious music, or that religious music doesn't or can't have merit.

It's a great song in a lot of ways. Very fun. But it has a built in limitation of audience. That's not bad either. It's just a choice. The thing about messages in mainstream entertainment is that they work best in the gaps. Take the movie "The Incredibles" as an example.

It is a protest song. It's... (Below threshold)
a. moral:

It is a protest song. It's not designed to hit the pop charts or to be played at weddings twenty years from now. It is meant to "give the finger" to the left and their minions in the MSM, who have incessantly harped on every problem, real or imagined, with this administration without providing any real alternative plans. The "childish" guitar lick mocks the childishness of most of the left's arguments, but not the lyrics, which are spot on. It's well done. Sure it will have a short-shelf life, but so do the Jib-Jab satires, for example.

I think the guitar intro is... (Below threshold)

I think the guitar intro is meant to have a juvenile tone to it. The song is rubbing Bush's rightness into the faces of the liberal whiners by chanting "Na Na Na Na Na Na."

That's how I interpreted the song.

What a fun video. And I'm ... (Below threshold)

What a fun video. And I'm not so much worried about the artistic merit, of which there may not be much, but realize that the left has its share of clunky, awkward, politically-driven protest songs, too.

And I agree with Kim, that guitar riff is definitely a "neener neener neener" thrown into the faces of whining liberals. Juvenile? You bet. It's supposed to be.

I don't know anything about... (Below threshold)

I don't know anything about music critique, but I did want to say that it was a highly amusing song, and it was very refreshing to hear the point of view they gave. My favorite line: "FRANCE! Wrong!"

I thought it was awesome. I... (Below threshold)

I thought it was awesome. I wish I could work it where you could hear that song when you clicked on my blog.

It's like the conservative ... (Below threshold)

It's like the conservative answer to Green Day, but with better music.

It was funny and deliberately juvenile. It was supposed to be all "neener neener neener" (you ain't got no weener... heh, yay childhood memories!).

I think it's rather catchy, plus it's fun to pick out the moonbats in the comments section.

good grief, Sparkle, MUST I... (Below threshold)

good grief, Sparkle, MUST I DO EVERYTHING?!?!?

Best song ever.... (Below threshold)

Best song ever.

American Rock-n-Roll as ... (Below threshold)

American Rock-n-Roll as a Strategic Weapon

I trackbacked here and added this piece:


Perhaps TRB could do another ala the genre of:--)

Ring around the Rosy

Ring around the rosy
A pocketful of posies
"Ashes, Ashes"
We all fall down!

See this site for this childrens' rhyme making reference to the Medieval plagues of Black Death.

Regime Change Iran NOW!

Pour water on the Mullahs [Truth - Light of the Free World]
A pocketful of Blackberries [PDAs and cellphones]
"Melting, Melting" [Wizard of OZ - Wicked Witch of the East]
They all fall down! [Regime Change Iran]


The Cars at the Roast Beef ... (Below threshold)

The Cars at the Roast Beef Cafe! What's next? The Tony Snow Band?

One could simply link this ... (Below threshold)

One could simply link this one when responding to all trolls:


FWIW, the vocals and rhythm... (Below threshold)

FWIW, the vocals and rhythm reminded me a lot of "I'll be there for you" by The Rebrandts (aka, the title song from Friends).

Wow, now I see what Rove's ... (Below threshold)

Wow, now I see what Rove's been up to for the last few months. Please, PLEASE neocons, leave entertainment to the left, you guys just aren't very good at it, seriously. This is pathetic, the music, if you could call it that, sounds like something you would hear on a children's game show. It's horrible. The message isn't much of a message either, basically just a bunch of names and declarations without any compelling reasons to adopt the singer's beliefs. Osama's in a cave, ok, hasn't he always been in a cave for the most part? Zell Miller - right? Ok, when's the last time Mr. Miller's made a meaningful contribution to our lives, other than a talking point that is? But hey, if a few fat guys who play guitars badly say Bush was right and the sixty-three million French citizens were wrong, well, I guess I'll believe them.

The lyrics should mention "... (Below threshold)

The lyrics should mention "mission accomplished", "bring them on", "weapons of mass destruction", "my pet goat".. not to mention Abdur Rahman, Rumsfeld shaking Saddams hand.. innocent Canadians getting shipped off to torture camps.. "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job".. you could have quite a bit of fun with the techno remix of this track






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