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The Cynthia McKinney Guide to "Racially Motivated" Arrests

As you are undoubtedly aware, Representative Cynthia A. McKinney (D-Black Pantheria) has landed herself in a spot of trouble. Ms. McKinney, an African American who's no stranger to controversy, allegedly assaulted a Capitol police officer who had the nerve to compel her to walk through a metal detector.

After an earlier display of semi-contrition, Ms. McKinney changed her stance and is now as mad as heck about the whole incident. What brought about such an about-face? Well, it appears as if Ms. McKinney may be charged for punching the officer in question. Thus pseudo-remorse has turned to righteous indignation.

But what kind of righteous indignation appealed to Ms. McKinney? You may be surprised to discover, dear reader, that Ms. McKinney decided to play the race card. Gee: We didn't see that one coming.

Carl Hulse's report in The New York Times perfectly encapsulates the congresswoman's Johnny Cochran-esque strategy:

One of her [McKinney's] lawyers, James Myart, said the case typified a pattern of police harassment of black Americans. "My belief is this is no different than that: 'they all look alike.'"

Wow. How mind-numbingly offensive is this? A Capitol police officer scrutinizes Ms. McKinney because she failed to wear a lapel pin that would have identified her as a Member of Congress. For his troubles, he gets punched by Ms. McKinney and accused of racism.

Interestingly, the Times report clearly attempts to portray the odious McKinney in the best possible light: It mentions that Republicans are purportedly interested in this brouhaha because it will "shift attention from a guilty plea to corruption charges Friday by a former senior Republican House aide." Well, gee: Thanks for that impartial observation.

Further, the Gray Lady refers to McKinney as "a lawmaker known for provocative statements." Hmm: We suppose that "provocative statements" is an acceptable synonym for "anti-Semitism." We wonder if they'd let David Duke off the hook so easily.

Given the brazenness of Congresswoman McKinney's trumped up cries of racism, one might reasonably wonder how she would respond to allegations for other crimes. Well, dear reader, wonder no longer. The Official Race-Bating Department here at "The Hatemonger's Quarterly" has come up with a list of potential McKinney responses to future criminal allegations.

So, before you take in another indignant McKinney press conference--obligatorily staged at a traditionally black college and graced with the obligatory presence of Danny Glover--you can save yourself some time by consulting the following list:

The Unofficial Cynthia McKinney Guide to "Racially Motivated" Arrests

1) Jaywalking: A citation for jaywalking would be easy to handle; clearly, it's just a disgraceful attempt to confine a Black woman. Whitey can't handle a Woman of Color running free in the world.

2) Sexual Assault: This charge insidiously harkens back to age-old racist stereotypes about Back sexuality. A Black woman should be passive, think malignant racists.

3) Embezzlement: Racists think that all people should live up to "white standards" of proper fiscal conduct. The disgusting oppressors!

4) Slander: Oh, so the minute a Black woman dares to speak her mind, the white world must slap her with a fine, eh? Obviously, this is another plot to keep a Black lady down.

5) Blackmail: Uh, do we even need to explain?

(The crack young staff regularly "weblog" over at "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," where they are currently enjoying a Harry Belafonte and Hugo Chavez duets album.)

Comments (17)

At the entry to the Capitol... (Below threshold)

At the entry to the Capitol? It should be fairly easy to figure out who's telling the truth: there will be plenty o' video cameras. Can't wait.

I hope she gets kicked out<... (Below threshold)

I hope she gets kicked out

She should retire since she... (Below threshold)

She should retire since she seems to be having so many problems....Mayor Nagin has a chocolate city where she might feel more comfortable and less threatened.

Maggie, That was CO... (Below threshold)

That was COLD!!! ROFL

Ummmm--I think, when you ci... (Below threshold)
Heywood Jablomee:

Ummmm--I think, when you cite the "Gray Lady"--in reference to the NY Times--someone should advise you to pay closer attention to your role models, if you are going to insist on mimickry; Matt Drudge refers to THE WASHINGTON POST as "The Old Grey Lady"; NOT the NY Times.

CORRECTION--Upon further re... (Below threshold)
Heywood Jablomee:

CORRECTION--Upon further research, I wiki'd the NYT to find that it IS touted as the "Gray Lady."
My Apologies,

Th Gray Lady is indeed the ... (Below threshold)
Right Wingnut:

Th Gray Lady is indeed the NYT, but not because wikipedia said so. It is a dangerous practice to consider Wikipedia as an authoritative source. I hope this isn't commonplace.

It's really a shame but the... (Below threshold)

It's really a shame but the truth is that the people of her district will support her even more after this incident. They like this in your face racist mentalty of hers.

This beeatch is a disgrace ... (Below threshold)
Tracy in Atlanta:

This beeatch is a disgrace to the city of Atlanta and I wholeheartedly agree with Maggie. I personally abhor racism and it angers me to the core... The thing is, Cynthia is the one spewing all the racism here...

Someone help me understand what would happen to me if I started saying I couldn't get a promotion or a job cause I am a while male.?. All this and I know personally of a voicemail at a certain Atlanta based (brown) company (sent to the wrong person obviously) telling to chill out on the promoting of whites...

Let's not forget that this ... (Below threshold)
Harris C.:

Let's not forget that this is not the first controversial event she has been involved in. She also was abusing the limo privilege just a few short years ago. Prior to her losing her seat in Congress. There were racial remarks made by her at that time as well.
She regained the seat in the last election. (Shows the mentality of the people of that district in Atlanta.)

Nice post!McKinney... (Below threshold)

Nice post!

McKinney and her reverend and entertainer friends trying to make this a race issue and not her issue is so transparent it's laughable. The only people who don't see that are the poor bitter black communities that people like her, Jesse Jackson, etc. pray on. They sell "it's not your fault" and promote seperatism and help to ensure that we DON'T have a color blind society.

You all sound like racists ... (Below threshold)

You all sound like racists to me, she has cried wolf several times however does she deserve to be a beeatch (Tracy in Atlanta), the chocolate city comment (Maggie is that not a racist comment, let alone a sensitive RACIST issue facing the U.S. right now?) is really on some other stuff. This administrations has shown several times how much it cares about the minorites that arent spanish in nature and the racist ideas and speculations will result because of it. I agree this may be going to far however I think I would be miffed If I have been congressman for more than a decade and had problems with the capital police. They should know her face, we dont all look alike, bad hairdo and all. Let Bush get stopped and asked for credentials, you all would want that policeman fired.

R.I.P. Martin and Coretta (they were never listening).

Gant.My comments are... (Below threshold)
Tracy In Atlanta:

My comments are not racial. I know white and black beeatches. Cynthia goes well beyond beeatch..

Did I say she belonged back on the street, or go back to the hood where you belong? No. I said she was a disgrace and per a poll from the major TV station in Atlanta about 94% of Atlanta agrees with me.

Also, to your comment about Maggie. Maggie did not invent the chocolote city, a black did. Funny thing is, he can say it and it is no big deal. Maggie says it and now she is a racist.
Your post screams of want of logic.

Everyone wants her out but she keeps on winning. Personally, I think that speaks volumes as to the mentality and intelligence level of her constituents.

Tracyfor real, I h... (Below threshold)


for real, I have a want of logic and you quote a TV station poll, If so many people want her out how has she survived. (mayvbe she did the Bush vote trick thing huh?). I think you are a racist and for that matter Maggie too.. Your personal feelings for Mckinney or african americans as a whole really dont matter, Im talking about the facts of what happened...

I ask again, what would be said had Bush or anyone like him been stopped ? The policeman would have been fired... end of story

Look who is screaming racis... (Below threshold)

Look who is screaming racist. We comment on a woman ATTACKING a Capitol Guard and we are racist. Ohhhhhh, and it was the next day at her press conference that she reminded us that she is a BLACK WOMAN....

If Bush or ANYONE was aggressive/attacked a guard, they would be in a heap of trouble. Thing is, Miss Cynthia is one of the few who thinks this behavior is OK. Bush or ANYONE else may be perturbed and may say WTF, but they would not pitch a fit and display this ignorance and aggression.

One day you will not have this card to play and get off this we owe you $hit and have to actually live without having to prop yourself up on lame excuses that are a few hundred years old now.

I just keep thinking... She screamed racism, she has a history of this behavior.. If you don't live in her District, maybe you should move there.. Would you honestly feel well represented in Government... ??

and by the way.. I am such ... (Below threshold)

and by the way.. I am such a racist that one of the most impressive and beautiful women I have ever dated happened to be a black woman. Cynthia could only dream of being a % of the woman she is.

I stated before. I abhor racism. It leads to no good and is pure ignorance. What has be bothered is Cynthia labeling eveyone non-black a racist and we are not the ones doing all this madness.

She is excellent at she does, create drama and distract from the fact that she lacks the skills (as a human) to effectively perform her job.

Tracy does not sound racist... (Below threshold)

Tracy does not sound racist to me.






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