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Cynthia McKinney Will Speak...Again

Rep. McKinney (D-GA) is supposed to have another press conference this morning at 10:30am. We'll see what she says this time.

And over the weekend, Rep. McKinney attended a peace rally in Atlanta:

ATLANTA (AP) -- Wearing her trademark cornrows, a familiar Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney took the stage Saturday, addressing hundreds of protesters at a rally calling for peace in Iraq and attention to domestic issues including healthcare, education and voting rights.

"Bring our troops home now!" she told the applauding crowd.

"The American people don't want war. The troops don't want war. Americans want peace! America has a lot more to give the world than a shock and awe bomb."

McKinney, under fire for an altercation with a Capitol Hill police officer earlier this week, was among the speakers at the "Peace in Iraq and Justice at Home" march and rally. Organizers
said as many as 4,000 people participated in the event, which began at The King Center in downtown Atlanta and winded two miles to Piedmont Park, in Midtown.

Lowell Ponte of FrontPage Magazine asks if Rep. McKinney is the face of the new left. Considering her loony leftist stand on the war in Iraq, I'd say yes. Ponte outlines Rep. McKinney's far left voting record. Here is a portion:

McKinney began her political career in 1988, winning election to the Georgia state legislature. With the help of her father - a member of the state legislature's House of Representatives - she was given a seat on the redistricting committee that in 1991 re-drew congressional districts, some of which were tailored to elect African-Americans. In 1992 McKinney ran and won in one of those districts she helped gerrymander.

Congresswoman McKinney immediately joined the radical Progressive Caucus. The group Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) rated her voting record 95 percent on the left side of legislation. She also joined the Congressional Black Caucus.

McKinney votes 100 percent pro-union, according to the AFL-CIO. She also has a solidly "pro-education" voting record, according to the National Education Association (NEA), which shares her ideology. McKinney earned this honor in part by voting in 1998 to deny vouchers to the 70 percent of African-American parents in Washington, D.C. who want to liberate their children from inferior, unionized public schools that were destroying the futures of young blacks. McKinney sided, instead, with the teacher union bosses.

McKinney opposed President George W. Bush's tax cuts, endorsing instead the Progressive Caucus' "American People's Dividend," a payment of $300 to every person in America, the same for all whether a person paid $1 million in taxes or $0.


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Comments (22)

She gives conrows a bad nam... (Below threshold)

She gives conrows a bad name. I think my wife is yanking hers out as I speak. :)

She should be on television... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

She should be on television every day so that all can see and hear what a POS she is.

Cynthia McKinn... (Below threshold)
Tincan Sailor:

Cynthia McKinney is living proof you
can't fix stupid...

...proving once again that ... (Below threshold)

...proving once again that the most stupid vote for Democrats despite their divisive, damaging race hustling -- Unfortunately, that includes public school teachers.

Just another example of vot... (Below threshold)

Just another example of voter stupidity.

I have a friend who used to... (Below threshold)

I have a friend who used to be a congressional staffer. He's a big big lib. Regardless - he tells me that McKinney is THE stupidest person in Congress and a "disgrace to her party "(his words).

I think it's time for <a hr... (Below threshold)

I think it's time for ALL Congress members go through metal detectors at the Capitol and avoid all this nonsense the next time.

Unless possessed by the mus... (Below threshold)

Unless possessed by the muse of hackery, no one seriously takes McKinney as the face of anything.

If we simply installed STUP... (Below threshold)

If we simply installed STUPID detectors, it might slow down things quite a bit on Capitol Hill as well.

And I thought we had it bad... (Below threshold)

And I thought we had it bad in Michigan with John Conyers and Carl Levin. McKinney is right up there with those two moonbats. The people that vote for these douchbags are even dumber than they are.

If we simply insta... (Below threshold)
If we simply installed STUPID detectors...

...we could table my proposed constitutional amendment: Congress shall make no law. Period.

The effect would be the same.

lol you guys are great... (Below threshold)

lol you guys are great

The level of discourse on t... (Below threshold)

The level of discourse on this site is an embarrassment to Republican supporters everywhere. I've heard better putdowns on elementary school playgrounds. Come on, kids. If you can't think of another word for "stupid," grab yourself a thesaurus.

Lately I've noticed a sharp increase in juvenile name-calling from embattled GOP supporters. Dismissing your opponents by calling them crazy or "looney" allows you to avoid discussing the actual issues. With unprecedented corruption in the Republican leadership coupled with the total failure of almost every Bush administration policy it must be getting harder and harder to defend your clueless leader. The list of debacles grows with each passing month: Iraq, Social Security "reform," ignoring nuclear North Korea for his entire first term, systematically destroying environmental protection laws (doesn't that bother you just a little bit? No?), appointing unqualified political cronies to important government posts (Heckuva job, Brownie?), the prescription drug plan disaster - I could go on for days.

When Bill Clinton was labeled a liar, lying was presented as the most egregious crime anyone could ever commit. Yet George W. Bush lies like a compulsive gambler with a crack pipe and I'd bet many of the readers of this blog would vote for him AGAIN if given the opportunity.

I just don't understand my Republican friends. If Bill Clinton had pursued the Bush agenda you guys would have cut him to ribbons. You would have, quite correctly, called him a liar, a warmonger, and a complete failure by any measure. You would have pointed to the ballooning Federal deficit and the sullying of our hard-won international reputation with torture, slaughtering civilians and naked attempts to overthrow democratically elected leaders who choose to help their people instead of our oil companies as a national disgrace. In a few short years we have gone from as a nation of honest people with morals and honor to a nation with a murderous leader who attacks sovereign nations who pose no threat to us, ignores the constitution and laws of our country, tortures prisoners and refuses to enforce the few environmental protection laws still on the books. George Bush is an anathema to everything we stand for.

But, instead of considering the facts and seeing the obvious truth - you tirelessly defend these lying sacks of sh*t. It amazes me. I've come to the conclusion that so many conservative Republicans (and I don't even consider George Bush a conservative) cannot admit having so badly misjudged this administration. It's hard to concede that you've been so horribly wrong about something so important. Okay, so you've been conned. It's embarrassing. But continuing to support an administration that lies, steals and kills makes you all look even more pathetic with every passing day.

I used to be a Republican but I had to come to the painful conclusion that George W. Bush is the worst president in our proud nation's history. He is a dangerous and he doesn't respect our laws, history or the value of human life. He exploits the weak and is ignoring the biggest threat to our children's future - the environment. Sorry for the tough talk, but it's time for you to take stock of where we stand - and where we are heading. You can have your own opinion - but you can't have your own facts. Look at the facts and tell me you're still proud to call yourself a George Bush Republican.

Can you imagine anyone with a successful company hiring George W. Bush to run it? He's run our country into the ground - just like every company he's ever had anything to do with. The man is not engaged. He has no intellectual curiosity. It is just so obvious to anyone who looks at the situation honestly that the man is out of his league.

More Americans are waking up to the hard reality every day. If you can't change your mind you don't have one. All I'm asking you to do is do some research. I can't believe all this corruption and incompetence doesn't disgust and anger you. I can't believe you could support a president who promotes torture. A president who has so little respect for the constitution.

I sincerely hope that politically active citizens like the readers of this site will eventually embrace the truth and reject the lies.


LT, all I got from that was... (Below threshold)

LT, all I got from that was "blah blah blah, BDS, blah blah blah, I used to be a Republican but now they are all evil, blah blah blah". If you can't have an original thought, don't bother commenting. If you can't bother to actually read the post in question, don't bother commenting.

This post had nothing to do with GWB. If you want to rant about him, do it on your own blog.

Thank you silverbubble. Onc... (Below threshold)

Thank you silverbubble. Once again liberals prove they have no idea whats going on.

Oh and LT, we DO have our f... (Below threshold)

Oh and LT, we DO have our facts. You only have your OPINION. Why don't you do some research other than watching Michael Moores misleading documentary (if you can call it a documentary). And please don't talk to us about Bill Clinton who let Osama slip threw his fingers when he was OFFERED that rat. If Bill actually did his job during his term instead of playing with the interns, 911 probably wouldn't even have happened.

How ironic, considering tha... (Below threshold)
Dr Tom:

How ironic, considering that the US Government
is engaged in an illegal war and is busy
poisoning the planet for fun and profit. If
anyone is quilty of being a criminal, it's
every Republican. Send them all to Abu Ghraib-USA.

Come on, kids. If ... (Below threshold)
Come on, kids. If you can't think of another word for "stupid," grab yourself a thesaurus.

To hell with a thesaurus. How about "an enchilada short of a combination plate"?

Or, "Makes pond scum look like a Mensa meeting"?

Better still, how about "LT"?

Oops, Dr. Tom just voluntee... (Below threshold)

Oops, Dr. Tom just volunteered to be the best possible synonym for "stupid." Thanks, Doc.

Dr. Tom, On... (Below threshold)

Dr. Tom,
Once again a liberal proves how misinformed they are. We are not in a illegal war. Iraq WAS in violation of 16 different treaties. Iraq also harbored terrorist. When did it become illegal to protect the United States from the people who killed 3 thousand people on 911? Also your comment about the earth is silly.

"Our planet is four and half billion years old. There has been life on this planet for nearly that long. Three point eight billion years. The first bacteria. And, later, the first multicellular animals, then the first complex creatures, in the sea, on the land. Then the great sweeping ages of animals -- the amphibians, the dinosaurs, the mammals, each lasting millions upon millions of years. Great dynasties of creatures arising, flourishing, dying away. All this happening against a background of continuous and violent upheaval, mountain ranges thrust up and eroded away, cometary impacts, volcanic eruptions, oceans rising and falling, whole continents moving. Endless constant and violent change.... The planet has survived everything, in its time. It will certainly survive us...."
Michael Crichton

Also in my opinion global warming is bull snickies when it concerns human beings. There has ALWAYS been global warming people. Remember we had this this little thing called the ICE AGE! I think all you libs will agree that the earth got warmer, and it wasn't because the wooley mammoths were driving around in SUV's.

Instead of donating money t... (Below threshold)
Dean Lombardo:

Instead of donating money to her campaign, maybe we should give the gorilla some bananas.

It's really getting a littl... (Below threshold)

It's really getting a little much. I'm sorry but Representative Cynthia McKinney, is taking this too far.

Ok, Rep. Cynthia McKinney, admits her lapel pin, which is her ID to get into the "peoples house" was absent from her clothing, and from all accounts she refused to pause when asked and a confrontation with an officer ensued.

Now she claims she was being singled out, even racially profiled, by the police. She stated at a press conference, "This whole incident was instigated by the inappropriate touching and stopping of me - a female, black, progressive Congresswoman."

Maybe I'm just not getting it, But it appears that Ms. McKinney is making a big deal of nothing.

Those of us who work inside office buildings are aware that identification is necessary to get into buildings these days. 911 has caused us all to very understanding of security. We all have to show our ID to get into buildings these days. We use our ID's to get on trains, planes, make purchases with our credit cards and so on.

No one is above the law, no one is above the rules. When I have visited the capitol, or go into another Federal building I have to show I.D.

I guess the bottom line is Rep. Mckinney, should have just done what other people have done. When she's stopped by Capitol police, both with and without her pin attached to her jacket or dress, she should stop, says hello, and says who she is, show her ID and keep it movin.

The unpleasant confrontational situation could have been mitigated if Rep. Mckinney would stop taking herself so seriously regarding this incident. So what if some people think we all look alike, who cares?

She is an active member of the congressional black caucus. Rep. Mckinney should be addressing big ticket issues impacting her congressional district, African-Americans as a whole and Katrina victims.

Rep. McKinney should get a grip, apologize and keep it movin. Otherwise she may find herself with Republicans introducing motions to censure her behavior as conduct unbecoming a member of the House of Representatives.

Candidly, she should be proud and honored to wear her congressional pin representing the great state of Georgia.

L. Nathniel Rock
African American Opinion.com






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