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Jury: Moussaoui Eligible for Death

The jury decided that Moussaoui is eligible for the death penalty.

A Fox News producer made this report:

Before the proceedings began, Moussaoui was heard screaming outside the room. When he was finally brought in, he sat down and leaned against the wall and prayed. Moussaoui had very little expression when the jury's verdict was read but yelled "You will never get my blood. God curse you all" as he was leaving.

Update: Expose the Left has the video of the verdict announcement.


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Comments (4)

Jeez, what is he upset abou... (Below threshold)

Jeez, what is he upset about? He volunteered to die for Allah fighting the Great Satan now he's getting his wish.

Some people are just never happy.

I say let the guy live. I ... (Below threshold)

I say let the guy live. I would gladly approve of tax payer dollars being used to have that man taken advantage of in jail on a daily basis by some large inmate named Cuddles.

Piotr, don't worry you will... (Below threshold)

Piotr, don't worry you will probably get your wish! When was the last time we had an expeditious execution when the death penalty is applied in this country? Here's hoping for a change!

Tiny , You mean when was... (Below threshold)

Tiny , You mean when was the last time someone that deserved it was actually executed expeditiously ... abortions have been going on for a long time now! ...






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