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McKinney Supporter: She Was Set Up


Yes, that is what one of McKinney's supporters insisted during this morning's press conference. Her political enemies set her up. And the police are racist. Pathetic.

See the video of Rep. McKinney's supporters' statements here.

Her constituents have got to be mortified that they actually sent this woman back to congress.

The public in general doesn't view McKinney very favorably. According to 11 Alive's online poll, 93% believe Rep. McKinney is at fault.

Update: The American Thinker has a great piece: Walking While Arrogant

Update II: The Capitol Hill Police have submitted their case to the US Attorney's office:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The U.S. Capitol Police on Monday submitted their case against Rep. Cynthia McKinney to the U.S. Attorney's office, which will consider whether the Georgia congresswoman will face charges for tangling with a law enforcement officer last week.

"We are working with Capitol Hill police to fully understand and appreciate the incident," principal assistant U.S. Attorney Channing Phillips told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

Citing the ongoing investigation, he declined to say whether the referral included a recommended charge against the six-term Democrat or when a warrant for her arrest might be issued.

McKinney spokesman Coz Carson acknowledged the investigation.

"We're aware that the wheels are turning in Washington," Carson said. "We have no control over what they decide to do. We will make the appropriate statement and take the appropriate action once we know where they're going."

For her part, McKinney said she expects to represent her suburban Atlanta district for many years.

"Rest assured, I am doing the work they sent me to Washington to do. Nothing is going to keep me away from my responsibilities," McKinney told a crowd of supporters in Atlanta Monday.

Unless her constituents come to their senses by November.

Update III: I couldn't pass up this one at Protein Wisdom.

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Cynthia McKinney Will Speak...Again


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Comments (12)

Meh, she's playing all her ... (Below threshold)

Meh, she's playing all her 'victim/race' cards and running dog 'n pony show conferences that don't contain any signs of remorse for *her* actions.

I regret to say that the people that elected her will continue to do so, they're just that way in the 4th district.

I still have hope that this will not be swept under the rug and that the CHP will 'throw the book' at her but I'm not holding my breath.

Just as an aside... Note the people who are supporting her and ask yourself "What or who is missing from this picture." The answers will show you what others in DC think of her by their conspicuous absence.

What a bunch or idiots. T... (Below threshold)
Rob in LA Ca.:

What a bunch or idiots. The democrats are truly the criminal party. What stupid lying losers, they have witnesses and video. Are the dims just incapable of telling the truth or are they really that arrogant and think that they will get away with it as usuall. Complete incompetant retards. The whole dam bunch of them need to go.They are a waste of tax payers dollars. They do absolutely nothing!

Sorry, but she's telling th... (Below threshold)

Sorry, but she's telling the truth, it's a case of mistaken identity.

IMAO has the latest update.


Ha - we beat WizBang to the story.

Oh, man. She was set up? ... (Below threshold)

Oh, man. She was set up? Bypassing security, not wearing her badge, not responding to the police officer - and SHE was set up?

You know the sad thing? There's folks who'll believe it.

This woman's worst enemy stares out of her mirror each morning...


Where is the security camer... (Below threshold)

Where is the security camera video? It's hard to believe they don't have security cameras recording that check point. The cynic in me believes that McKinney didn't change her tune from one of apology to one of race baiting until she knew the video was gone...or never existed.

Echoes of Marion Barry. *s... (Below threshold)

Echoes of Marion Barry. *sigh*

Unfortunately, even with a ... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, even with a credible opponent in the Dem primary, a black county commissioner/attorney, Cynthia echos the opinions of a large contingent of the 4th, and they will probably send her back to Washington. 93% of Atlanta Metro may believe she is at fault, but there are 6 congressional districts in the Metro area and the 4th has a high concentration of the entitlement mentality folks.

Cynthia lost to Denise Majette 4 years ago because of a heavy crossover vote in the primary, no real Republican contests and Georgia allows crossover voting. But Majette decided to run for the Senate 2 years ago and was soundly whipped by Johnny Isakson. Cynthia would probably still be here whining about how everyone is against her if Majette had stayed in the House.

Cynthia learned how to play the race card at the feet of the master, her father Billy, a former Georgia House member. Nobody does it better than he does.

The logical thing for repor... (Below threshold)

The logical thing for reporters to do would be to ask other black members of Congress (present and former) how much trouble they've had with the Capitol Police.

The fact that zero (as far as I've seen) have come out to support McKinney would seem significant.

The 7% in Georgia who think... (Below threshold)

The 7% in Georgia who think she isn't at fault live in the fourth district - McKinney's gerrymandered district. And they aren't mortified by her actions - they encourage them. How do I know? I am one of the few who live in this district who McKinney doesn't represent. But that's changing...slowly, but it's changing.

In fact, the people who run this county (Dekalb) like Vernon Jones are just like McKinney - perpetual victims waiste deep in cronyism and always looking for a way to blame whitey. It's always the fault of someone else. When McKinney lost her seat to Denise Majetta a few years back, McKinney's father blamed it on the jews. Nice. McKinney won her seat back b/c Majette vacated it for a chance at the Senate. McKinney's challenger in the primary was a white woman and she had no chance. And forget about anyone besides a Dem getting a seat in the fourth district of GA.

But we're slowing changing that. Inch by inch the people are waking up and hustling the race baitors out.

McKinney and her conspiracies...yeah, that's it Cynthia, they're out to get you because you're black. Right. The only person who cares about your color is you.

What a bunch of psychopath... (Below threshold)

What a bunch of psychopaths in that video! there so willing to come before the camera because they feel it gets the truth out , than lets see the video of what happened and decide for ourselves.. Man are they lost in the 50,s tonight.

There is never a shortage o... (Below threshold)

There is never a shortage or stupid people saying stupid, stupid things. I feel sorry for the people of Georgia.

The video tape of this eve... (Below threshold)

The video tape of this event is being doctored at an undisclosed location and when finished will be placed with the rose law firm billing records and the jaimie gorelick memo as well as the papers that Sandy Burglar destoyed ( but made copies of first )to be found again at a future date whenever it becomes politically convenient.






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