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Weekend Caption Contest - Special Weekday Edition

OK... This one was worth a special event.


The winner gets a big wet sloppy kiss from the Congresswoman.


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Comments (146)

Damn. It's the guys from t... (Below threshold)

Damn. It's the guys from the asylum. I'm outa here!

From Beauty Shop:"... (Below threshold)

From Beauty Shop:

"Give me some of that hair crack!"

Good Lord! This is hillario... (Below threshold)

Good Lord! This is hillarious! Nearly fell outta my chair!

Two words:light so... (Below threshold)

Two words:

light socket.

Runaway Bride goes to Washi... (Below threshold)

Runaway Bride goes to Washington.

To quote Sen Byrd "pretty, ... (Below threshold)

To quote Sen Byrd "pretty, pretty, pretty"
Or "I am pretty, oh, so pretty"

Reporter:You DID k... (Below threshold)


You DID know the whole thing is on video...?

Deer, headlights, some asse... (Below threshold)

Deer, headlights, some assembly required.

Why did they stop me?!? Th... (Below threshold)

Why did they stop me?!? They have no reason to stop me!! Do I look dangerous to you?!?

Whitney Houston-Brown goes ... (Below threshold)
The KId:

Whitney Houston-Brown goes to Washington.

Rep Cynthia McKinney shoots... (Below threshold)

Rep Cynthia McKinney shoots out a blank stare while being questioned by the Moonbat Media.

Rep. Cynthia McKinney playe... (Below threshold)

Rep. Cynthia McKinney played the "hair card" Monday, claiming that she was only defending her nationally recognized bird habitat when she struck a Capitol Police officer. "You just hate birds," McKinney said, while doing her best imitation of the popular Sesame Street character "Big Bird."

C I L L ... my lan... (Below threshold)


... my landlord.

Quick!!!! Call in the ghost... (Below threshold)

Quick!!!! Call in the ghostbusters. Cynthia McKinney has just seen the ghost of Bull Conner.

Fortunately, the lightning ... (Below threshold)

Fortunately, the lightning bolt caused no permanent injury to the Congresswoman.

CWS..........being a " Cong... (Below threshold)

CWS..........being a " Congresswoman While STUPID"

How'd my Congressional lape... (Below threshold)

How'd my Congressional lapel pin get stuck THERE?!

"I'd like to thank my twin ... (Below threshold)

"I'd like to thank my twin brother, Sideshow Bob, for this wonderful oppurtunity to speak with you today..."

"I'm ret t'go!! I'l... (Below threshold)

"I'm ret t'go!! I'll rock your world!!"

(Said like Wanda Wayne (played by Jamie Foxx on "In Living Color"))

"Would you like fries with ... (Below threshold)
He Who Shall Not Be Named:

"Would you like fries with that?"

"All I'm axing for is a lit... (Below threshold)

"All I'm axing for is a little respeck"

uh hu! uh hu! and then that... (Below threshold)

uh hu! uh hu! and then that cop "TIED" me to the whip'in post! uh hu! uh hu!

not playing. Don't want the... (Below threshold)

not playing. Don't want the prize. Now I have to take a shower.

"Don't make me get UGLY!"</... (Below threshold)

"Don't make me get UGLY!"

If Clinton can play the rac... (Below threshold)

If Clinton can play the race card so can I and she's not even black. I can even do her face. look!

Clinton Face

You see, I gots this muppet... (Below threshold)

You see, I gots this muppet that lives on my head...

And I can't get a piece in ... (Below threshold)

And I can't get a piece in a rack, either.

seez Izzz tollll ya... (Below threshold)
tincan sailor:

seez Izzz tollll yaz buckwheat had nutin
on me cuz itz stil oookaaaa to say otay

Anthropologists have hailed... (Below threshold)

Anthropologists have hailed the recent unthawing of a 25,000 year old cave women as a landmark event in the annals of science.

Once taught to walk upright and communicate, it's hoped she will help explain many of the mysteries of pimp...er primitive culture.

And I can't get a piece in ... (Below threshold)

And I can't get a piece in a rack, either!

Jooos! They're everywhere!... (Below threshold)

Jooos! They're everywhere! In the rafters! In the audience! Can't you see them!!!???

Um, I think the 'prize' sho... (Below threshold)
The Atom Bomb of Loving Kindness:

Um, I think the 'prize' should be given to the WORST entry. Honestly, talk about punishing success.

Whodat who say whodat when ... (Below threshold)

Whodat who say whodat when I say whodat?

How much for just a rib?</p... (Below threshold)

How much for just a rib?

If the haircut doesn't say ... (Below threshold)
Big E:

If the haircut doesn't say U.S. Congresswoman, serious individual, meaningful press conference to you then the guy on stage behind her wearing his ball cap sideways surely does.

OBTW hers is the first part... (Below threshold)
Big E:

OBTW hers is the first parted afro I have ever seen. Very impressive. I she keeps it up she could compete with Dog the Bounty Hunter for celebrity haircut of the year.

In truth any of her actual ... (Below threshold)

In truth any of her actual quotes works best.

So if a white person who lo... (Below threshold)

So if a white person who looked this dangerously crazy tried to sneak past security, they would just have let them go? Rightttt....

O-TAY!... (Below threshold)


"Ok, now, see what had happ... (Below threshold)

"Ok, now, see what had happen was my girl was talking to me on my mobile, you know? She was telling me all sorts of stuff about her man Tyrone - I told that girl she needed to drop that man an get her a man with a job - but anyway, so she's going on and I'm like "Girl?! This white Po-Po trying to grab me!"

And she's all like, "Girl, you need to jack that white boy."

"And so that's what had happen, you know cuz I'm black."

"Tempest Bledsoe gives a pr... (Below threshold)

"Tempest Bledsoe gives a press conference about the upcoming Cosby Shoe reunion."

Cosby SHOW!(damn typos)... (Below threshold)

Cosby SHOW!(damn typos)

Anything we can add is supe... (Below threshold)

Anything we can add is superfluous. The actual lunacy and hilarity of the press conference has to seen to be believed. The only thing missing was Cynthia's father blaming the entire incident on the "J-E-W-S".

McKinney's not here, man...... (Below threshold)

McKinney's not here, man...

"Uh oh. I feel I'm about to... (Below threshold)

"Uh oh. I feel I'm about to channel Jocelyn Elders again."

/Napoleon Dynamite voice on... (Below threshold)

/Napoleon Dynamite voice on/ "Friggin IDIOT!!" /Napoleon Dynamite voice off/

1) Oh no you dih-int gittu... (Below threshold)

1) Oh no you dih-int gittup in mah grill!


Rep Cynthia McKinney tries ... (Below threshold)

Rep Cynthia McKinney tries to think of a reason why this is all President Bush's fault.

*Insert any quote from Gera... (Below threshold)

*Insert any quote from Geraldine Jones (Flip Wilson)

"What you see is what you get!"

"You better back off, Jack!"

I ain't going to noz... (Below threshold)

I ain't going to noz plantation, Miz Hillary.

Lawd haz mercy, I don't noz... (Below threshold)

Lawd haz mercy, I don't noz nuthin bout birthin' no brains.

A glimpse of the future: Fi... (Below threshold)

A glimpse of the future: Fifteen years and fifty pounds after "Milkshake" became her biggest hit, Kelis announces a comeback

"Suing white folk? Dy-no-mi... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Suing white folk? Dy-no-mite!"

Bill Cosby say what?!?!... (Below threshold)

Bill Cosby say what?!?!

Runaway Bride, black editio... (Below threshold)

Runaway Bride, black edition.

<a href="http://ace.mu.nu/a... (Below threshold)

Relative: Whitney Houston A "Toothless" Crack Addict

The once-gorgeous, velvet-voiced crooner who wooed Kevin Costner in "The Bodyguard" now "spends her days locked in her bedroom amid piles of garbage, smoking crack, using sex toys to satisfy herself and ignoring personal hygiene," the National Enquirer says.

In a subtle long term strat... (Below threshold)

In a subtle long term strategy move, McKinney hedged her bets by arranging her hair to try out for the 'Office Max Spokesperson' position if enough voters decided that she should not 'represent' them.


"...TOOO-MORR-OW IS ANOTHER... (Below threshold)


[just do a Condi RIce Photoshop adjustment and it all comes into focus]

I'm sorry, Ms. McKinney, bu... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I'm sorry, Ms. McKinney, but we've already filled the part of Penny Pingleton in "Hairspray".

Ms. Hutchinson, Potomic Pow... (Below threshold)

Ms. Hutchinson, Potomic Power spokeswoman, said the electricity shut off automatically after there was "a momentary drop in voltage due to customer operations up the lines" away from the Capitol.

"The protective equipment sensed the significant change in voltage and tripped," she said.

Not satisfied, the Fox News reporter followed with: "Are you sure it wasn't because Cynthia Mckinney blew a fuse?"

"Whoa... head rush"... (Below threshold)

"Whoa... head rush"

Damn!!!! you fa... (Below threshold)
tincan sailor:

Damn!!!! you fart???

Oh No, Mr. Benny... I didn'... (Below threshold)

Oh No, Mr. Benny... I didn't take you money.

Hey check out tho... (Below threshold)
tincan sailor:

Hey check out those chops! Buckey Beaver!!!

What jew talking bout Willi... (Below threshold)

What jew talking bout Willis!

"And I told that cracker th... (Below threshold)

"And I told that cracker that if he touches me again it ain't just gonna be Uncle Jesse and Uncle Al tatooin' his behind ...I'm calling Uncle Buckwheat fix his ass."

Whoa Massar, I didnet steal... (Below threshold)

Whoa Massar, I didnet steal the purdy dress and the shiny metal, I found it in politix!

Today, Rep. Cynthia McKinne... (Below threshold)

Today, Rep. Cynthia McKinney held a press conference in which she described the benefits of "Edison Medicine" when applied with a Taser.

Deer? What deer?... (Below threshold)

Deer? What deer?

Man she could eat an ear of... (Below threshold)

Man she could eat an ear of corn through a picket fence

No, I'm not Hillary's body ... (Below threshold)

No, I'm not Hillary's body guard, you racist pig!

... and then I'll run for t... (Below threshold)

... and then I'll run for the senate ...

Jim Hensen introduced the n... (Below threshold)

Jim Hensen introduced the new Googly-eyed, Afro'd Muppet today in an attempt to help educate inner-city preschoolers.

"...and then the white guy'... (Below threshold)

"...and then the white guy's head just EXPLODED. I swear she did it with just her eyes, man. Freakiest thing I ever saw!"

Senator Byrd stopped in to ... (Below threshold)

Senator Byrd stopped in to lend Democratic support to the Congresswoman - but she could only see the white sheet flowing around him as he came down the center aisle.

Funny thing happened to Ms.... (Below threshold)

Funny thing happened to Ms. McKinney on her way to the Sideshow Bob audition.

Ladies and gentlemen: the w... (Below threshold)

Ladies and gentlemen: the winner of the first annual Buckwheat Female Impersonator Contest...

Who can forget the classic:... (Below threshold)

Who can forget the classic:

"Wookin' po nub in aw da wong paces..."


"Unce, tice, fee times a mady."

My lawyer, the respected re... (Below threshold)

My lawyer, the respected reverend hizzonor Mr. Alfalfa, of Alfalfa, Darla, Froggy and Spanky, sez I haz been framed. OTAY!!

{please donate my prize to your favorite charity)

What's the difference betwe... (Below threshold)

What's the difference between me and Secretary Rice? I have the fierce, uncompromising, courage of my convictions that it's all about white people trying to put down black people...she just has...a brain?

"Gravitas" - what's that?</... (Below threshold)

"Gravitas" - what's that?

DUUURRRRRR . . . . MATT DAM... (Below threshold)


"I want to believe..."... (Below threshold)

"I want to believe..."

Cynthia McKinney practicing... (Below threshold)

Cynthia McKinney practicing for her impending mug shot.

Congress Woman McKinney add... (Below threshold)

Congress Woman McKinney addresses the press stating her deep remorse regarding the incident.

(please don't let me win, please don't let me win)

#1. What do ya mean Senato... (Below threshold)
Wayne Burrini:

#1. What do ya mean Senator Byrd is my daddy?
#2. You want to put your what where?
#3. or this picture was taken when she was elected and this is her first reaction...so the caption would then be, "No Shizzit, I won!"

And now for my prize...I get a kiss from her...how about on my hairy white azz!

What? There's a video??... (Below threshold)

What? There's a video??

Please, if there is a God above I will NOT win so I don't have to kiss her.

Fo' sizzle, puncht dat poli... (Below threshold)

Fo' sizzle, puncht dat police...sho you mess witme, Biiaatch.

New Capitol Hill Horror Fli... (Below threshold)

New Capitol Hill Horror Flick!!! Bride of Buckwheat. (the Devil made me type this)

"I had a dream.....just bee... (Below threshold)

"I had a dream.....just bees when I-zza awake I haz these bad bad nightmares."

*DO_NOT_ADJUST_YOUR_MONITOR... (Below threshold)


"ARE YOU THE KEYMASTER??"</... (Below threshold)


(Only people over thirty who like movies are gonna get that one...)

I just hope the eyes are no... (Below threshold)

I just hope the eyes are not photoshopped in any way, or Drudge will catch hell about it

"She's got the devil in her... (Below threshold)

"She's got the devil in her heart
But her eyes they tantalize
She's gonna tear your heart apart..."

(apologies to the Beatles)

Where's the Kaboom???... (Below threshold)

Where's the Kaboom???

There's supposed to be an Earth-shattering Kaboom!

O-TAY!... (Below threshold)


(OOps, someone else hoarked... (Below threshold)

(OOps, someone else hoarked the Buckwheat ref.)

"Don't make me put mah hands on mah hips an' give y'all My Sideways Headshake o' Doom!"

Attempting to answer questi... (Below threshold)

Attempting to answer questions regarding misappropriation of congressional funds, McKinney spouted: "Isaac Hayes is my office supplier...no I meanz, Isaac was bringing supplies to my new Atlanta office....no I meanz, Isaac be my home depot."

Ddddddooooessss aaannnnyyyo... (Below threshold)

Ddddddooooessss aaannnnyyyoooooonnneeeeeee kkkknnnnooowwww hhhhoooowww ttttoooo ttttuuuurrrrnnn aaaa ssssttttuuuuuuccccckkkk vvvviiiibbbrrraaattttoooorrrr oooofffff????

OK, RANDOM YAK gets my vote... (Below threshold)

OK, RANDOM YAK gets my vote!!!!!

Alright Rerun what was t... (Below threshold)

Alright Rerun what was that You wanted a fat burger and a bag of fries right! Yeah right Shirley!!

Tallyman? Harry, ... (Below threshold)


Harry, is that some kind of JoooBoy or what?

"Holy crap! God is a white ... (Below threshold)

"Holy crap! God is a white man!"

Isthmus be my lucky day!</p... (Below threshold)

Isthmus be my lucky day!

"Kill the brain and you kil... (Below threshold)

"Kill the brain and you kill the ghoul."

I just passed my Members' P... (Below threshold)

I just passed my Members' Pin

Ladies, gentlemen, and memb... (Below threshold)
Alan Smithee:

Ladies, gentlemen, and members of the media. My statement is as follows: I was running down one of the halls in the East wing of the Capitol building yelling, "Ho dee do, Ho dee do, Ho dee do" when this policeman grabbed my arm. What is this country we call America coming to? Since when is it a crime for a black woman to try to catch an elevator?

Vote for Random Yak.... (Below threshold)

Vote for Random Yak.

Mary Mapes, incognito, as s... (Below threshold)

Mary Mapes, incognito, as she applies for another journalism position.

"Hillary if you help me, I'... (Below threshold)

"Hillary if you help me, I'll guarantee an election fraud scandal in my district in '08.

"A-rest, A-REST????!!!!! W... (Below threshold)


Oh-tay, stop comparing her ... (Below threshold)

Oh-tay, stop comparing her to me!

Subject: Perhaps Miss McKin... (Below threshold)

Subject: Perhaps Miss McKinney should go "quail hunting"!

First of all, just look at her picture looking like "Alfalfa" of "Our Gang" fame. Would you put the "fate of our Nation" in the hands of someone who has this "Jennifer Wilbank's bug-eyed look" of derangement on her face?!?! Well apparently some folks in Georgia have, and elected this traumatized woman to help "shape our Legislation" in "Congress" (God help us!!!).

Secondly, ever since she got to the House, Miss McKinney has become well known for her off-the- wall racial comments, and her belligerency. This last one, is just the latest of her escapades.

To Miss McKinney every issue has a "dark hidden racial agenda against blacks," and, all about, the "honkeys" are plotting against her; it's always "a black thing"!

This woman, like many other Afro-Americans still living in the past, carries a huge "chip on her shoulder" (not to mention a propbable huge "joint" in her pocket, most likely, a leftover from happier days in Jamaica) and is an angry, rude, uncouth, mean-spirited, America-hating, racist moron, who does a disservice to the black community with her antics; like "legislating laws on behalf of Rappers" (You'd think that there are far more important, pressing, matters to address in her community!)!!!

At any rate, what is really amazing is to see how some people on the Far-left have tried to equate her assault on the police officer, to Vice President Cheney's accident, and claim that if the incident was "glossed" over with Cheney, so should it be with Miss McKinney.

Obviously, those espousing such absurd arguments can not tell the difference between an unpremeditated "accident," and assaulting a police officer after being hailed to stop by said officer.

It seems that the job has "gone to her head" with Miss McKinney, and that she thinks herself "above the law"! Ironic, coming from the likes of such as she and her fellow Democrats, who use the argument that "...no one is above the Law, not even the President" to try and Impeach President Bush for using his War time Executive Powers to wire-tap Al Qaeda terrorists and protect the American People!!!

On the other hand, the "minimalization" of the gravity of her actions by her camp, alleging that she just "tapped" the officer on the chest with her phone, is banal! Wether she clobbered him with it, or just gave him a "teeny, tiny, weeny, tiddy, bitty, tap on his chest" it is still "ASSAULTING a POLICE OFFICER." You'd imagine that as a "Congresswoman" Miss McKinney would know better!!!

At any rate, since some have recurred to resurrecting that "dead horse" of a story, Vice President Cheney's unfortunate hunting accident, in order to spin, equate, and rationalize Miss McKinney's unacceptable behavior by trying to draw parallels, I propose, "tongue in cheek," the following:

You all may recall that one of the most virulent in pursuing and making a big scandal of the Cheney accident was none other than NBC Chief White House Correspondent David Gregory, that poor excuse of a "White House Press Corp hack piranha" for a journalist, who often scours the sewers of Washington, bottle in hand, for the least whiff of "effluent" coming from the White House, who made such a stink about "not having been told more promptly," about such a "monumental incident of International repercussion" (in his opinion), as was Cheney's unfortunate but meaningless accident, and who was one of those responsible for making of it, in the Media, "much ado about nothing."

Well, I believe that I have an excellent suggestion, and say that Perhaps Vice President Cheney should be more "Magnanimous," and setting aside all hard feelings about the vicious and unfair treatment he has often received at the hands of David Gregory as well as of the Congresswoman, should have the kindness to invite him, as well as take advantage of the opportunity to also invite Miss McKinney, to go "quail hunting" with him one of these days in Texas.... It would be sort of "killing two birds with one stone," as the saying goes.... and just make sure to carry an "elephant gun" with him this time, with cartridges packed with much bigger caliber pellets, than his usual 12 caliber and birdshot....

To think that if Cheney did this, he could possibly have another "accident," in which case, not only would he do humanity a favor, and our country a great service, but could well become the future "Poster Boy" for a new Haliburton venture in the "pest control" business......."exterminating rabid vermin"! LOL!!!


Althor :)

"Congresswoman, if a beaver... (Below threshold)

"Congresswoman, if a beaver was caught in headlights at night, what would it look like?"

This is your brain on drugs... (Below threshold)

This is your brain on drugs.

"Im go-nna buy me a ... (Below threshold)

"Im go-nna
buy me a shotgun
and kill all the whities I see"

Uh huh! You did not just br... (Below threshold)

Uh huh! You did not just bring that po-po up in here!

Margret White "They're all ... (Below threshold)

Margret White "They're all gonna laugh at you"

The pictured used in the di... (Below threshold)

The pictured used in the dictionary beside the definition of "Stuck on stupid".

I consider myself a "prize ... (Below threshold)

I consider myself a "prize whore", entering contests and calling in to radio stations to win the free prizes. With what you are giving away as the prize, you can just count me out this time......

"I MAKE laws - I don't have... (Below threshold)

"I MAKE laws - I don't have to obey them."

"The winner gets a big wet ... (Below threshold)

"The winner gets a big wet sloppy kiss from the Congresswoman."

And I've got just the place for her to plant that kiss...

Just call me Vesuvius.... (Below threshold)

Just call me Vesuvius.

an da next ting you knows -... (Below threshold)
Billy Boy:

an da next ting you knows - it goes boom!

"Go ahead...call da Po-Po!"... (Below threshold)

"Go ahead...call da Po-Po!"

Cynthia McKinney views Dann... (Below threshold)

Cynthia McKinney views Danny Glover's lethal weapon.

President Hillary Clinton's... (Below threshold)

President Hillary Clinton's first nominee to the Supreme Court was not well received.

"The winner gets a big wet ... (Below threshold)

"The winner gets a big wet sloppy kiss from the Congresswoman."? Sorry, no way I'm entering. Can't take the chance I might win...

Cynthia McKinney embarks on... (Below threshold)

Cynthia McKinney embarks on her new career in acting. Pictured here is her audition for the role of Buckwheat in the new Little Rascals movie. Said the producer, "Sure, we'd have to change the character from a little boy child to a semi-retarded adult female, but I bet we can make it work."

The new McKinney roadster. ... (Below threshold)

The new McKinney roadster. From "female BLACK congresswoman" to "female BLACK" unemployed felon in 8.5 seconds. Vacant stare and race card not optional.

Queen of the Zombie MoonBat... (Below threshold)

Queen of the Zombie MoonBats!


Cynthia McKinney getting sentenced for assault on a Police Officer ... Priceless!

If the hair's unfit, you mu... (Below threshold)
Johnnie Cochran:

If the hair's unfit, you must acquit!

Good lord you guys crack me... (Below threshold)

Good lord you guys crack me up

Cynthia Mckinny does a doub... (Below threshold)

Cynthia Mckinny does a double take when the Fox News reporterette asks McKinny about her career as an exotic dancer.

HEY HONKEY ! Who ... (Below threshold)

Who You calling a Bigot !

Zsa Zsa Gabor ... (Below threshold)

Zsa Zsa Gabor

after falling asleep out in the sun.. But dahling i simply did not mean to hit the occifer..

As Ron White would say ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

As Ron White would say

"You just can cure STUPID"

As Ron White would say ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

As Ron White would say

"You just can't cure STUPID"

When asked if she would con... (Below threshold)
retired military:

When asked if she would consider apologizing to the guard she assaulted Congresswoman McKinney replies :

"Iz you crazy??"


The reaction from Cynthia McKinney when she recieved the news that she had lost her reelection bid (background music - "The night the lights went out in Georgia")

Cynthia McKinney's showing ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Cynthia McKinney's showing off her award winning performance as the stand in for Aunt Esta on Sanford and Son.

You know, when you jerry-ri... (Below threshold)

You know, when you jerry-rig a congressional district to include the most sheep you get more than you bahhhhh-gain for in Washington.

Boo Got Shot?!?!?... (Below threshold)

Boo Got Shot?!?!?

I'm ready for my closeup, M... (Below threshold)

I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille.

Publicity photo from the ne... (Below threshold)

Publicity photo from the new reality show, Who Wants to Marry a Really Fucking Stupid Person?

As Cynthia McKinney was spe... (Below threshold)

As Cynthia McKinney was speaking, someone behind her, hit her in the ass with a ten foot cattle prod and squeezed the button.

My brother Buckwheat has a ... (Below threshold)

My brother Buckwheat has a bad temper just like me>






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