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Bush Derangement Syndrome Goes Retail

That's the display window at Afkari Rugs on Stone store in Manhattan. The multi-lingual caption and the speakers outside the store both have the same message, "It's the end of the world as we know it." It's sure to be a moonbat magnet...


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Comments (10)

They even got the R.E.M. ly... (Below threshold)

They even got the R.E.M. lyric wrong on the poster. Stupid moonbats! It should be the way Kevin wrote it on this post.

what's a "moonbat"?... (Below threshold)

what's a "moonbat"?

It's a rug store? The kind ... (Below threshold)

It's a rug store? The kind that sells the bailout mechanism for the latest Iranaian super weapon, the flying lawn chair boat?

The original words (as Kevi... (Below threshold)

The original words (as Kevin quoted) are probably not copyrightable (H.G.Wells? Aldous Huxley? SOMEBODY wrote those words before REM!) Impose that stupid "and" though, and Ka-CHING!!!$$$

Nothing a brick can't fix</... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

Nothing a brick can't fix

i thought the lyric was " ... (Below threshold)

i thought the lyric was " it,s the end of the world as we know it"? AND AFTER 911 i would tend to agree. only someone set the picture/billboard in upside down?

What's THC?... (Below threshold)

What's THC?

R.E.M. sucks anyway.... (Below threshold)

R.E.M. sucks anyway.

Is,nt THC an ingredient in ... (Below threshold)

Is,nt THC an ingredient in MaryJane cigs?

moseby Your right !

> What's thc?Dear ... (Below threshold)

> What's thc?

Dear moseby and virgo,

Thomas Hyde Clarke. Pick any 3 initials at random, and I can make some snarky insinuation.
Ask a simple question, "what's a moonbat", and I get transported all the way back to the joys of junior high. So, at the moment, I'm guessing "moonbat" is of a similar maturity level. Something like "raghead", perhaps.






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