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Democrats Not Happy with Rep. McKinney

The Democrats are not too pleased with Rep. McKinney's recent antics in response to her punching a Capitol Hill police officer last week. She is viewed as a distraction from the Democrats' policy initiatives:

The bizarre scuffle Wednesday between Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) and an unnamed U.S. Capitol Police officer is winning the spirited congresswoman few new friends in her caucus. In fact, some Democrats are trying to distance themselves from her.

McKinney has been aggressively publicizing the incident, calling press conferences on each of the past two business days and even attracting a mention on the front page of The New York Times, something that the dozens of House and Senate Democrats combined coudn't match when they unveiled their homeland-security plan last week.

Now, with McKinney facing a possible arrest warrant, the media frenzy is set only to escalate. The U.S. Capitol Police referred the issue to the U.S. District Attorney's office for prosecution yesterday.

All of the attention has some Democrats concerned that McKinney is drawing the limelight away from their policy goals and Republicans' ethical missteps to focus on a momentary, disputed encounter in a Capitol Hill hallway.

"There's been a lot of eye-rolling," said an aide to a moderate Democrat who spoke on condition of anonymity. "The l national attention it's been getting has been unfortunate. It's becoming a distraction."

A Democratic strategist concurred.

"This isn't the view of Democrats that we want to project in the tough races, one of victims and race-baiting," the strategist said.

Is that a joke?


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Comments (38)

""This isn't the v... (Below threshold)
""This isn't the view of Democrats that we want to project in the tough races, one of victims and race-baiting," the strategist said. "
There is a great deal of difference between a Congressman, Senator, Governor, etc., saying this and the wishful utterings of a strategist: They'll say whatever it takes to 'spin' a story.

In their silence towards the transgressions of Ms. MCKinney, Democrats, and particularly African-American Democrats, sh*t on the grave of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Not spit: sh*t.

The actions of McKinney, and her subsequent appeal to the basest of excuses, are in direct contrast to King's appeal that all individuals be judged on their character. Like it or not, Cynthia, your lack of character shames his legacy. The silence of Sen. Barack Obama, the beneficiary of largely unearned lauds as the savior of American politics, shows his hand through his silence on the issue. If he had an ounce of King's character, he would be calling for McKinney to apoligize to the assaulted officer. Instead, he stays silence, hoping to maintain his connection to those for whom McKinney is a heroine. After all, he must have their vote if his ambition to be the first black President is to be realized.

she had the right to pass. ... (Below threshold)

she had the right to pass. white racist repubs praising the police for frisking a black woman who had the right to pass?

say good bye to the black vote.

In my experience, "billy," ... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

In my experience, "billy," black people aren't a monolithic hivemind. You might be a closeminded bigot twit on a par with McKinney, but you have a lot of nerve claiming you speak for the black vote.

Wizbang needs a better quality of trolls, these seem to be coming from under the bridges over sewer lines.

I keep hearing the Dems com... (Below threshold)

I keep hearing the Dems complain because the Police Officer touches her. She busts around a checkpoint and won't stop. What is he suppose to do? Let her go and chance that she not some nutcase with a gun that is going to open fire on house floor. Then you would hear, why weren't they doing their jobs. Just like the intelligence fiasco. Just like when the politicians past a bunch of laws that hamstring and shackle the Intel community then scream and hollowed when they were unable to do their job.

She had a right to pass but she also has the responsibility to follow the rules including wearing her pin, identifying herself and cooperating with security personnel.

After all, he must have ... (Below threshold)

After all, he must have their vote if his ambition to be the first black President is to be realized.

I thought Bill Clinton beat him to it.

the black vote

"The" black vote? Is there something called "the white vote"? A single one?

Why are you collectivizing people, billy? No one deserves that.

im not debating the merits ... (Below threshold)

im not debating the merits of what mckinney did. she is a hothead and her voters elect her all the time. that gives her the right to pass.

it is the republican bigot's response that will harm them. the incident is mostly a non-issue, except to show a few rich whit bigots on the house floor snickering like the cowards they are, as a blavck woman is wrongfully grabbed.

keep talking. you do my job of helping the dems without me having to work.

Billy, your comments are th... (Below threshold)

Billy, your comments are the bigoted ones. The only person making it a racial issue is Cynthia McKinney. The officer did not "frisk" her, he asked her to stop and she didn't. He then "touched" her, the degree of touching is in question, and she reacted by hitting him.

She has the right to bypass the metal detectors, but only as a recognized Congressperson. She admits that she did not have her identification. The officer has the responsibility to stop someone who does not have the proper identification to determine identification.

The officer was doing his job. As I said the only person making this a racial issue is Cynthia McKinney.

White bigots?How '... (Below threshold)

White bigots?

How 'bout some black bigots?

Did you see her interview with Blitzer, yesterday afternoon?


She's as much a racist as the white folk who you say are snickering. And much more obvious about it, too, I might add.

Not to mention the fact she's an abject moron.

She's obviously, and agregiously, in the wrong. Had she simply apologized, we'd be over this.

But NOOOOO ... she's decided to double down on the race card to avoid owning up to her responsibilities.

She's deflected blame and guilt to anything upon which she thinks it'll stick to save herself from having to admit what a wasted zygote she is; and how wholly unqualified she is for her position.

Anyone who doesn't see her strategy as being a slap in the face to everything MLK and the Civil Rights Movement stood for is a complete and utter fucking rock headed assmunch.

Let us not forget, a lot of white folk fought for and with MLK and that Civil Rights Movement.

Though, I don't blame her, completely. A lot of the blame goes to the "special needs" kids in the 4th District for voting in a person who emulates their mental handicaps.

My reaction to "billy": wha... (Below threshold)

My reaction to "billy": what's a "whit bigot?"

billy is the same fool who ... (Below threshold)

billy is the same fool who keeps posting those bigoted remarks over and over using different names. Don't respond to it! We know the real story here. billy is just baiting... just like McKinney!

Let's not forget that two C... (Below threshold)

Let's not forget that two Capitol Police officers died protecting congresspeople in 1998 because of a crazed lunatic with a gun who busted through checkpoints on the Hill and shot them.

The Capitol building is one place where I should hope a cop lays a hand on you for not having proper ID. No matter who you are.

McKinney has had similar incidents before, so that Capitol cops have pictures of her at their stations. But she changed her hair and thus her appearance. I don't know WTF she expects other than a weakening of security at one of this nation's most necessary-to-secure sites.

Is the purpose of this chec... (Below threshold)

Is the purpose of this checkpoint to provide an opportunity for egotisical officials to be recognized and waved through like the V.I.P's they are at an expensive hotel or restaurant? Or is it supposed to be a protection for congresspeople and senators like Ms. McKinney, from dangers like a terrorist attack by someone rushing into the building looking a lot like, say, Ms. McKinney?

good oneblack people... (Below threshold)

good one
black people look like terrorists.

like i said say good bye to the black vote.

you dont get it you defend white people, i defend black people, and you call the people defending black people bigots.

you just cant stop digging once your racist beliefs are exposed can you.

this gop resolution against this black woman, coupled with not having any ideas about how to run the country except to try to punish a black victim will be the only long lasting thing that comes out of this.

the gop never gets it when it comes to race. americans do though.

"Victims and race baiting"<... (Below threshold)

"Victims and race baiting"

I thought that was the democrats strength.

Perhaps Murtha will help her to "withdraw to an over the horizon position".

Read up on Steele in Maryland and his identification, through the values his mother taught him, with Reagan's 'indivial responsibility and self reliance' politics. That is the "Black vote" the republicans are going after. And if we can just peel of that portion of the vote (happily leaving the left the McKinney portion) then we will be happy.

For the last 40 years the democrats have managed to put together one presidential popular vote majority (1976 Carter 50.08%). In those same 40 years, the Republicans put together five presidential popular vote majorities. In those same 40 years, the democrats have lost 94 seats in the house and 24 seats in the senate to become the minority party in both chambers.

And if you take the Perot voter break down of the 1994 congressional election (2/3 voted for republican congressional candidates, 1/3 for democrats) and applied that to the 1992 election, you find that it would have flipped 12 states (106 EV), and given Bush Sr. another popular vote majority for the republicans and the election. So it looks like the democrats are the 'special' party that need a little help to get over the finish line. Of course if you want to go down that alternate history path, you would then also have to wonder how Bush Sr. would have handled the first WTC attack and if there would have been a second attack.

The bottom line Billy is that the republican party is supported by the majority of the American voters and even a tiny errosion from the democrats block voting groups can help ensure that the republicans remain the majority party. Now you can look at this, wonder why there would be such a consistant trend towards republican majority and start to question what is the difference between the two partys that would make the American voter favor one over the other for two generations. Or you can mindlessly dismiss the election results and continue to drive more voters away from the democrats by shouting leftist drivel and insults. I bet I know which one you are more comfortable with Billy.

This is insanity. She was ... (Below threshold)
Doug Clem:

This is insanity. She was looking for trouble and expecting to be treated SPECIAL. Her pleas are that she wants to be treated EQUALLY but when it comes down to it THE SAME is not good enough for her. She has never denied that she was not wearing her proper identification.

If a bomb totting terrorist would be to do the same and go unstopped who would be to blame??

If Joe Average american were to do the same, and strike an officer of the law they would surely be arrested and convicted. She should get the equal treatment she so often demands. She will instead be slapped on the wrist and continue to cry the victim.

What a disgusting person she has proven herself.

Good God, billy. Cynthia M... (Below threshold)

Good God, billy. Cynthia McKinney is a chronic abuser of her privileges.

This thing isn't about race. It's about stupidity.

Black congresspeople, white congresspeople, practically all congresspeople other than Cynthia McKinney are smarter than she is.

She's neglected her ID several times and had more than one run-in with Capitol cops who are just trying to keep the building as secure as it needs to be. She needs to show ID at security checkpoints just like other employees do daily, including CEOs, daily, at job sites all over this country.

She is no victim, either. She is a bully, using her bully pulpit to smear the Capitol police force, that is 1700 officers including many blacks, as racists, knowing that they are not allowed to talk back publicly.

Billy, the "black vote" is ... (Below threshold)

Billy, the "black vote" is so yesterday. The "Hispanic vote" is the big prize right now. Sorry about that.

Cynthia McKinney is her own... (Below threshold)

Cynthia McKinney is her own worst enemy. What she did was against the law and she knows it. She figured that if she used the race card, it would gain her some sympathy. Uh huh right. All it did was alienate the very people that would have supported her--namely the Black Caucus in the Congress.

She has stepped into it so deep that she has no way to exericate herself without looking the fool she has proven herself to be. It must be really bad, when even people at the Daily Kos and Democratic Underground, are telling her to back off.

We all know that if there was just Joe Blow Sixpack would have done that, he/she would be sitting in the D C Metro Jail awaiting trial without even a chance of filing for bail. Joe Blow would be also would have been sentenced to the max

Bily says:"that give... (Below threshold)

Bily says:
"that gives her the right to pass"
Allow me to explain a little bit of how law enforcement works. The officer asks you to stop and you stop. In this country no one, and I mean no one, has the "right" to ignore a police officer. They are well trained and carry guns. So you stop, answer the questions and cooperate. Cynthia McKinney represents one Congressional District, Peace Officers represent everyone. This is a simple case of another elitest who thinks they are above the law. McKinney is an embarasement to America and law abiding people everywhere.

daved thats another ... (Below threshold)

thats another issue. i guess you missed it, we are passing a guest worker bill to make 11 million latinos future dem voters, with bush's blessing.

honestly though. is this the republicans idea of running america? dont catch osama, dont stop 9-11, dont balance the budget. spend all of congresses time trying to punish a black victim of a white cops mistake?

he should of recognized her and this cop is going to apologize to her and the gop will take a hit. all that has to happen is for right wingers like you guys to keep talking.

and say hi to tom delay for me!

tyree and the bend over rep... (Below threshold)

tyree and the bend over republicans look weak.

no wonder the dems overtook you on national security.

cynthia mckinney looks tougher than most republicans in american's eyes.

have fun getting routed in these upcoming elections.

"Billy", you are picking th... (Below threshold)

"Billy", you are picking the wrong fight.

Cynthia McKinney is embarrassing herself more with every passing day and the vast majority of even the Democrats, of all races, know it.

There are other issues in America that are *real* racial issues. She cheapens all of those issues by distorting this personal, self-serving thing into an issue that it most assuredly is not. This is about security of the Capitol building.

Bottom line, a cop has the right to stop her or any congressperson, physically if necessary, if she flagrantly disobeys proper procedure.

This is a no-brainer, "billy", and you are sadly mistaken if you think she is going to come out of this looking anything but foolish to the majority of Americans of all races and political parties.

even though alvin may be pa... (Below threshold)

even though alvin may be partially right. mckinney may be a hothead and reacted wrong,

the gop doing a victory dance over this black woman is a bigger deal. and the gop not making america better, protecting us, etc, but instead gloating over a black lady wrongfully grabbed by a white cop has huge implications.

everyone already knows all the smears you right wingers have against her. but she keeps on winning so there really isnt much to say about it.

except to say, this may be in fact part of the reason the gop is losing its edge.

it keeps barking up the wrong tree. they should be angry at osama, not a black american victim.

no wonder the gop ranks are shrinking dramatically in the last year or two.

McKinney is the best thing ... (Below threshold)

McKinney is the best thing to happen to Republican's in a long time. She is showing just how divided the democrats really are. They have no unity other than Bush-bashing. I'm really enjoying this whole thing with her. It's about time bigot's like her are exposed for what they really are!

[email protected] billy... (Below threshold)


@ billy

she had the right to pass.

Not without the Congressional pin that would identify her as eligible to bypass the metal detectors.

white racist repubs praising the police for frisking a black woman who had the right to pass?

I'm not praising the police. Frankly they should have taken her down, handcuffed her, tossed into a squad car and done the perp walk with her right then and there.

But I am criticising *her* for *her* actions. You know. Truth-to-power and all that. And best of all, since I'm criticising I'm also proving I'm an American and I care.

say good bye to the black vote.

*shrug* the Democrats have been urinating on blacks for 50+ years now with hardly any impact. If this turns away the black vote then that's their problem. If they prefer getting urinated on by Democrats, well that's a personal choice then isn't it?

Hmmmm.sigh. Why i... (Below threshold)


sigh. Why is it that just about every new liberal we get here has the reasoning ability of a 12 year old?

I work at a court house wit... (Below threshold)

I work at a court house with a damned sight LESS employees than the House...

And even IF the security guard "recognizes" me, I have to show my ID. Every time. No exceptions or I go in the public door with the metal detectors.

The idea that McKinney gets a "pass" because she's a black female (she doesn't deserve the title "woman") who flaunts the fact she will NOT wear her Congressional pin that allows her to bypass like other members of Congress is the epitome of her own sense of superiority.


Victor Frankl said "There are only two races in the world, the decent and the indecent"... I suspect you're thrown you lot in with McKinney in the latter "race."


Here's a new technique to b... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

Here's a new technique to be learned by terrorists if McKinney has her way:

Disguise several suicide bombers as Congresspeople, ala an SNL skit, and have them cruise by secuirty right into the Congressional chamber. Right in the middle of a Congressional session, BOOOM!

Certainly a lot easier than learning how to pilot aircraft.

Billy,First, in a ... (Below threshold)


First, in a poll in Atlanta 95% say Cynthia McKinney is to blame for the incident. Second, read the article leading this thread. It's the Democrats lamenting that Cynthia is distracting their message. Third, it is Cynthia and her campaign manager father that are the bigots. In 2002, after she lost her seat her father blamed it on the "J-E-W-S." Finally, before you gloat about how weak the GOP is, maybe the Democrats should win some elections.

By the way, what GOP resolution are you talking about?

What is Ms.McKinney... (Below threshold)
tincan sailor:

What is Ms.McKinney going to do when she finds
out the Mexicans/Spanish/Cuban are now the
largest minority in America...As for dear old
Billy,more proof you can't fix stupid...

what are You all talking a... (Below threshold)

what are You all talking about , Billy is a zero , but He also happens to be Ms. Mc Whacko,s second cousin.. so lay -off !
Lets focus on the video we all want to see.. that will surely vindicate Ms Whacko, thats why we have,nt seen it yet ! out of Her deep respect for the police protecting Her..after all if this were a black man or woman being beaten by white cops we would,nt instantly see the video plastered all over CNN would We..

If it's a joke, Hillary "Pl... (Below threshold)

If it's a joke, Hillary "Plantation" Clinton isn't laughing...

Pro Cynic ... (Below threshold)

Pro Cynic
what billy meant by a ( whit bigot )thats Ms McKinneys terminology for Tom Delay..He just mistakenly put the letter "T" in whit , He meant to put the letter "p" there..

Hey Billy,I see LS... (Below threshold)

Hey Billy,

I see LSD is still in vogue with you zany Dems. Groovy, man. Don't let those hallucenations stop you. Keep on droppin' the tabs, man.

Your world must be so cool. We're just dying to know the color of your sky.

As long as you and the rest of your clueless party keep tripping, things will be just fine for us. Thanks for being an idiot!

I can't wait till some blac... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

I can't wait till some black woman (who's not in Congres) with a buckwheat hairdoo goes around security and is not stopped because of this moron.

Next it will be a muslim terrorist with a buckwheat hairdoo and the shit will hit the fan.

Yeah Dims She,s... (Below threshold)

Yeah Dims
She,s yours and you should be so proud of Her public school ettiquette... hehheh i can already see the political adds..heheh

But, but, she's black, and ... (Below threshold)

But, but, she's black, and a woman! And she's has two attorneys! Untouchable!

What the hell is going on on Georgia?

I wonder if Congress will c... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Congress will correct this outrage by passing an ammendment making it mandatory for EVERYONE (incuding Reps and Senators) to pass through the security checkpoint, no exceptions.

I would love to watch that debate...






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