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Mainstream Media Madness

Today we have three media mess ups that explain exactly why people choose to get their news from sources other than the MSM.

NBC plans to create the news. Michelle Malkin reports on an e-mail she received which shows that NBC is looking to create a story. Dateline wants to video tape muslim men as they attend sporting events, such as a NASCAR race, to document the reaction of those around them.

Nice. NBC's and Dateline's objective journalists seem to think there are a lot of bigots at NASCAR races and are expecting to hit pay dirt with examples of anti-Muslim, anti-Arab behavior.

More at LGF


Apparently Reuters bought into the terrorists' claims that they shot down a US helicopter. Al Jazeera played the terrorists' video of the wreckage, which Reuters then reported. There's one problem. The video was imprinted with the year 2000. Could it be simply the incorrect time programmed into the camera? Possibly. Could it be the terrorists are lying? More likely.

More at Bare Knuckle Politics.


It seems the perky Katie Couric is going to read the evening news from a teleprompter on See BS (CBS). Yawn. As Lucianne Goldberg said this morning on Tony Snow's show, people are not going to suddenly flock to CBS at 6:30pm every day to get their news from the perky Katie Couric. My suggestion: she should call herself Katherine Couric instead.

More at TV Newser.


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Comments (14)

If the media is going to se... (Below threshold)

If the media is going to send "Arab looking" men out into the community to test the reaction of passers-by what are the chances they will report the encounters that are positive?

Could it be the terroris... (Below threshold)

Could it be the terrorists are lying? More likely.

If their lips are moving ......

...what are the chances ... (Below threshold)

...what are the chances they will report the encounters that are positive?

Heh. How's about we FedEx a snowball to Lucifer?

If NBC wants to show real u... (Below threshold)

If NBC wants to show real un-Americanism and hatred in action it should operate a sting operation at any "peace" rally in San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York.

Perhaps Jerry Falwell could... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Jerry Falwell could send some of his agents of intolerance to the track to welcome their Brothers In Christ.

Can anyone ever trust these... (Below threshold)
Eon the terrible:

Can anyone ever trust these lie a day rags i mean that left-wing rag TIME is bringing out a whole issue on this GLOBAL WARMING poppycock hogwash

I would,nt wipe KingKongs ... (Below threshold)

I would,nt wipe KingKongs ass with the trash thats sold as newspapers around this country..
The national enquirer has more validity , at least their honest about being a gossip rag..

there should be a law against wasting precious natural resources to print this tripe..bunch of lying political hacks.

NBC Sikhing Arab Looking Me... (Below threshold)

NBC Sikhing Arab Looking Men

No one does puns anymore

And quite a clever pun it i... (Below threshold)

And quite a clever pun it is, considering Sikhs aren't Arabs (or Muslim for that matter), though they are "Arab looking" to the ignorant. Doubt you meant to be that clever though.

I would not be so quick to ... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

I would not be so quick to dismiss the claims about the helicopter based on the date and time of a camcorder. An American helicopter did go down on the day in question. The Reuters story even said that the American military had confirmed that. It is possible that the Islamorons did shoot the video that day only they had the wrong date set in the camera. We aren't talking rocket scientists here.

Good one don!Maybe... (Below threshold)

Good one don!

Maybe NBC should send some of their producers to an arab country and see what kind of reaction they get. Let them walk around with an American Flag pin on and "see what happens".

Katie Couric is leaving NBC? Everybody sing along!

Na Na, Na Na,

Na Na, Na Na,

Hey, Hey, Hey,

Who cares!

Couric on CBS evening news?... (Below threshold)

Couric on CBS evening news?? I give it 2 weeks before she resorts to a scope up her ass.

Actually I have almost alwa... (Below threshold)

Actually I have almost always been treated well in China and the limited Arab countries I been in. Just like anywhere, you will get the occasional jerk but most seem to admire the U.S. but don't understand some of our faults.

You're a male, Wayne.... (Below threshold)

You're a male, Wayne.






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