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Man Saves Puppies, Learns Lesson on Stupidity

You have to wonder how some people in authority think...

Man Fined for Rescuing Puppies

"When I went to get the keys there was a box and you could hear the puppies - they were abandoned - someone left them there." Last Tuesday, Bob Theall was delivering supplies to a gas field near Lebeau in Northern St. Landry parish when he stumbled upon a cardboard box. Inside - four crying puppies. "They only looked 2 to 3 weeks old - they were yelping a lot," says Theall.

Theall wanted to make sure the puppies were taken care of, so he brought them to the Lafayette Animal Control Center - but officials there said they couldn't take of the dogs because they were found in St. Landry Parish. That's when Theall decided to take it upon himself to make the puppies Lafayette residents. He traveled a few blocks to an abandoned parking lot and dropped off the puppies and called animal control.

The shelter picked up the dogs, then cited Theall for animal cruelty. "If they would accept puppies from everywhere - they wouldn't be able to run," says Lafayette Police Officer Jennifer Taylor. "What's their job? To protect animals? To turn them away seems ridiculous," says Theall. ...

Theall is facing only a $25, but plans on taking the ticket to court. Animal Control stands by the citation.

I'm thinking it will be thrown out of court.


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Comments (4)

Not if it is a left-wing ju... (Below threshold)

Not if it is a left-wing judge. PETA notwithstanding, they always take the most destructive position on every issue.

By the way, here is why Alito does not tilt the SCOTUS to the Right, but merely restores the balance that was absent before.

Now we know why he found th... (Below threshold)

Now we know why he found them abandoned in a cardboard box...

I would like to offer my se... (Below threshold)

I would like to offer my services to Mr. Theall gratis.

This kind of thing only dis... (Below threshold)

This kind of thing only discourages the "good Samaritan" impulse that many people have. "Why should I get involved? I'll get in trouble."






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