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Yakkity Sex

(Yeah, I know, this should properly go on Wizbang Pop!, but I don't post there. Besides, this is too funny to stuff off in the corner.)

Everyone's commenting on how Basic Instinct II is tanking. The creators are blaming the Bush administration and the conservative, puritanical current climate, but I think there's something more to it. The film is lacking one key ingredient -- it needed a final editing by a certified entertainment genius and legend, and unfortunately for the creators, he died in 1992.

Had he still been alive, his unique touch could have turned what is rapidly appearing to be crap and turned it into pure gold.

Hell, he might have even convinced Michael Douglas to return to play the bald little old man.

Fortunate for us, while he has passed on, others have captured his spirit and remade the trailer for the movie in his unique style. So go on over and check out this somewhat NSFW video clip, and weep for the cinematic classic that is never to be.

Update: It's now on Wizbang Pop!

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what is it with you and Pau... (Below threshold)

what is it with you and Paul TAKING FOOD OUT OF MY KID'S MOUTHS!!!!!!

anyways, from what I've heard, that trailer clip has as much nudity in it as you'll see in the whole movie. that, and the internets have filled the need for porn at the motion picture show this film would've satiated.

Reminds me of a friend's ba... (Below threshold)

Reminds me of a friend's batchelor party in '81. He took bits out of several "films", speeded them up and put them to the music of "Flight of the Bumblebee". Yes, we were falling on the floor and assorted liquids were spilling on the furniture and floor - and out our noses! We still can't talk about it without cracking up - while our wifes look across the room and wonder what's going on.

Yippee Skippee ,I think I,... (Below threshold)

Yippee Skippee ,I think I,ll pass ! looks like some cheap benny hill porn attempt .. haha

So what does it prove! that middle aged women like sex ... Wow what a revelation.....






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