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House GOP Resolution Commends Capitol Police

Police in general don't get the appreciation they deserve. The Capitol Police in particular are being accused of racism and excessive force by the loony lefty Rep. McKinney. As a result, the House Republicans are trying to pass a resolution commending the Capitol Police for its efforts to protect all those who enter the Capitol Hill buildings.

House Republicans, reacting to the confrontation last week between Rep. Cynthia McKinney and a Capitol Police officer she is accused of hitting, pressed for a resolution Tuesday to commend the police force for its professionalism.

Democratic leaders did not defend McKinney or her charge of racial profiling.

"I don't think any of it justifies hitting a police officer," said House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California. "If it did happen I don't think it was justified."

Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the No. 2 Democrat in the House, said all lawmakers, staffers and visitors in the building have a responsibility to obey Capitol Police. "I think we all should cooperate fully," he said.

Rep. Mel Watt, D-N.C., chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, had no comment, a spokesman said.

As a federal prosecutor considered whether to press assault or other charges against McKinney, Republicans were introducing their resolution.

"I don't think it's fair to attack the Capitol Police and I think it's time that we show our support for them," said Rep. Patrick McHenry, R- N.C., a sponsor of the measure. Ignoring a police officer's order to stop, or hitting one, "is never OK," McHenry said.

So where are the other black caucus members with their stories of abuse at the hands of the Capitol Police? If the force routinely engages in racial profiling and excessive force, wouldn't other black members of congress also have had problems?

Rep. McHenry, one of the sponsors of this resolution, is stopped routinely by the Capitol Police.

McHenry, who at 30 is the youngest member of Congress, said he is routinely stopped by Capitol Police and asked for identification.

"When I'm not wearing my pin, I am always stopped," McHenry said in a telephone interview. "I accept that as a due course of security."

Is that age profiling? Maybe he should file a law suit.


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Comments (19)

They're just trying to prov... (Below threshold)

They're just trying to provoke a hissy-fit on the left, aren't they?

When the average American i... (Below threshold)

When the average American is willing to put up with the inconvenience of security measures on airlines or entering public buildings, they will surely have zero sympathy for McKinney's situation. So, let her go on about it and make an ass out of herself. It's entertaining and if she's too stupid to see the type of reputation she is creating for herself, so be it.

McKinney is actually hurtin... (Below threshold)

McKinney is actually hurting the Democrats more with her baseless " race baiting" charges. The spotlight has now turned on her instead of GOP problems. Every time the Dumbocrats take one step forward - they take two steps back. Are these the type of people we want running the country? I think not!

I noted yesterday in an e-m... (Below threshold)

I noted yesterday in an e-mail to the Cafferty File (which I don't think made it to air) that if this police officer is successfully prosecuted, I wouldn't be surprised if the Capitol Police just stop protecting Congress as a whole. If you're going to get paid comparatively-little money to lay down your life (possibly), you damn well deserve to be commended for it.

McKinney made a stupid mistake. But, like many (but not all) liberals, she can't just stand up and admit it.

McKinney made an ass of her... (Below threshold)
Charles Bannerman:

McKinney made an ass of herself long ago and has proved what an ass she is many times over.
This episode was contrived intentionally by Daddy McKinney (Master Race Baiter) to get the sympathy of her constituents for her re election campaign. She lost the last election in which she had a credible opponent and is laying the groundwork to be seen as the poor, discriminated against, black congressperson from a black district.
It is all very ugly politics of desperation.

So this is their represent... (Below threshold)

So this is their representative than huh. What A Joke!

Did you all know that Cynth... (Below threshold)

Did you all know that Cynthia McKinney always refuses to wear her lapel pin. This is not the first time she has done this. There are thousands of people who come in and out of the Capitol buildings every day. Those lapel pins are important because they help the capitol police officers identify who is a Member and who is not. Yet, she refuses to wear the pin. Being a former staff member myself, I can tell you that those capitol officers are not racially profiling or "racist" but are in fact doing their job by preventing weapons and explosives from being brought into the Capitol and making sure that no one passes security until cleared. Cynthia McKinney is lucky that members of congress even get this privilege to bypass security. Otherwise they would have to take the five seconds it takes to go through the medal detectors like everyone else.

That officer is just trying to do his job and PROTECT THE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. How crazy is it that she can slap him and maybe get away with it! If you were told to stop on the street by an officer of the law and you didn't, the officer would use some sort of force to stop you and give you a ticket for not listening to him or her. Ms. McKinney not only didn't stop when told but assaulted the officer! That is outrageous and that behavior should not be tolerated and she should be arrested and thrown in jail. If this was done by a republican member it would be all over the press and everyone would be calling for his or her resignation.

I hope the right thing is done and U.S. Attorney's office presses charges.

I suspect the video of the ... (Below threshold)

I suspect the video of the incident hasn't been leaked yet to allow this woman and her version of the story to continue scampering out on a thin limb while distracting from the Democratic attempts to look legitimate. Once the limb cracks and she falls, the video will be out, all the hoopla will be over, and the Dems will have a "chance" to get back on track.

The thing that bothers me i... (Below threshold)

The thing that bothers me is that... well... it's a political move on the part of the GOP. Why else the suddent appreciation for the Capitol Police?

McKinney's an ass, no question about it, and I am totally disinclined to believe her version of the story. The police should issue a warrant, she should be arrested, booked, etc, and removed from office (Constitution, Art. I, sect. 5) if it is found that she did indeed assault the officer.

tawanna brawley all over ag... (Below threshold)

tawanna brawley all over again (sans feces).

So this is their representa... (Below threshold)

So this is their representative than huh. What A Joke!
Posted by: virgo at April 5, 2006 09:42 AM

And Tom Delay is your representative? Even more of a joke!!

The GOP is becoming less and less significant with each passing day, and obsessing about Rep McKinney (instead of facing the reality of a sinking Republican party) is proof positive of that. Hahahahaha.

Have a GREAT day!

All the hard work throug... (Below threshold)

All the hard work throughout the Right Wing Blogosphere and the best they've got is an oddball low level representative with a few synapses misfiring that her own party wants to disavow. What's the next big story? Russ Feingold's dental records prove that he has cavities?
Great job guys, right up there with the war on terror.

Lame-O! Lame-lame-O! Lame-O... (Below threshold)

Lame-O! Lame-lame-O! Lame-O-O-O!

McKinney's an ass and a tru... (Below threshold)

McKinney's an ass and a true representative of the Democratic Party.

Patrick McHenry doesn't loo... (Below threshold)

Patrick McHenry doesn't look young, though. He could easily pass for 45.

And Tom Delay is y... (Below threshold)
And Tom Delay is your representative? Even more of a joke!!
At least the Republicans are getting rid of Delay. The Democrats still have McKinney hanging around their collective necks.
HaHa McKinneys case is goi... (Below threshold)

HaHa McKinneys case is going to a Grand Jury....

Hitler's an ass and a perfe... (Below threshold)

Hitler's an ass and a perfect representative of the Republican party.

aHHH ASTIGAFA , Hitler is... (Below threshold)

aHHH ASTIGAFA , Hitler is Dead in case you did not know, that is if you could ever call that life living. DumKoff
Nobushplan , Tom Delay is not My representative , I do not live in Texas!
and He never assaulted anyone least of all a police officer ! So f off






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