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NASCAR Responds to NBC's Sting

Yesterday, Michelle Malkin reported on Dateline's attempt to create news by planting Muslim men at a NASCAR event in an effort to provoke anti-Muslim/anti-Arab reactions. Today, NASCAR responded:

"This is outrageous for a news organization with the reputation of NBC to stoop to the level of attempting to create news instead of reporting it. Any legitimate journalist should be ashamed."

NBC's attempt to create news is making news.


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Comments (18)

NASCAR: Pays protection mon... (Below threshold)

NASCAR: Pays protection money to the Rev. Jackson. NBC wants some. Next...

Now if only NBC would run a... (Below threshold)
johnny o:

Now if only NBC would run a companion piece detailing the experiences of 2 white Americans wearing t-shirts with those Danish cartoons printed on front and back sight seeing somewhere in Iran or Pakistan or in the so called Suni Triangle..that would make for an interesting comparison.

Even if there had been a few 'racsist" comments directed at the 2 Arab looking guys in Martinsville.. that would have been the extent of it.

Those Islamic savages who advocate murdering anyone who refuses to accept their ancient and intollerant views of the world and who riot, burn and destroy whenever they feel offended by us non believers are who Americans hate and have contempt for. As any right minded civilized person would.

The vast majority of Muslims in this country are peace loving fellow citizens who are no more responsible for that nonsense than Bible reading Christians were for the Wacko in Waco David Kouresh a couple of years back.

It sounds like Nascar hasn'... (Below threshold)

It sounds like Nascar hasn't been keeping track of NBC's reputation lately. It sounds just like everything else NBC and the rest of the obsolete media tries to pass off as news these days.

God love it all -- Now ever... (Below threshold)

God love it all -- Now everyone plays by the same standards -- it is all public , nothing is secret

Reminds me when they stage ... (Below threshold)

Reminds me when they stage a side impact of a GM Truck to try to demonstrate the side saddle gas tanks were deadly.

They got their effect when the truck burst into flames. They only forgot to point out they deliberately left the gascap off the truck, letting gas spew out everywhere. Especially onto the lit model rocket engines strapped to the front of the moving truck.

"This is outrageou... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:
"This is outrageous for a news organization with the reputation of NBC to stoop to the level of attempting to create news instead of reporting it. Any legitimate journalist should be ashamed."

Their first mistake was assuming that it is a legitimate news organization.

How much do I have to pay f... (Below threshold)

How much do I have to pay for the f*** NBC t-shirt franchise?

This really reminds me of t... (Below threshold)

This really reminds me of the Dateline where they were trying to show how unsafe side saddle fuel tanks were on GM pickups. They did a crash test, but, to get some spectacular results, they strapped a lit road flare to the truck to ensure any fuel spillage would catch on fire.

jpm100...you already covere... (Below threshold)

jpm100...you already covered it. I should have read the comments. My bad.

Want to see fireworks? Go t... (Below threshold)
Sewing Susie:

Want to see fireworks? Go to Saudi Arabia and attend a public event holding a Bible in your hands and wearing an ichthus or cross around your neck. NBC needs to see the real face of hatred and bigotry.
To those who claim that Islam is a peaceable tolerant religion--I challenge you, make an honest and thorough study of it. You will find out otherwise.
Sewing Susie

Jonny O What pray t... (Below threshold)

Jonny O
What pray tell was that whacko in waco Koresh responsible for ? getting burned alive by Janet Reno and a bunch of runaway communists in the ATF ?

virgo: There are plenty of ... (Below threshold)

virgo: There are plenty of search engines out there for you.

You fight serach warrants with lawyers, not with guns.

Staging the news?M... (Below threshold)

Staging the news?

Maybe Katie Couric can bring a little of that NBC News magic to CBS.

No, wait. They've got their own.


The same organization that ... (Below threshold)

The same organization that had a reporter in a canoe as two guys walked behind it a couple of months back, no way.

Isn't NBC a broadcast partn... (Below threshold)

Isn't NBC a broadcast partner of NASCAR? They were touted as broadcasting it in HiDef along with TNT for 2005.

Has something changed?

eLarson - NBCs coverage of ... (Below threshold)
Another JT:

eLarson - NBCs coverage of NASCAR s*cks, hard. Most NASCAR fans hate watching the races on NBC. First half of the season, (except for the Daytona 500), Fox broadcasts it, second half, NBC. And for whatever reason, this will be their last season carrying it (last I heard).
Starting next year, it will be Fox and some other network.

NBC reminds me of an old Sa... (Below threshold)

NBC reminds me of an old Saturday Night Live skit where John Belushi (or Dan Aykroyd) played William Randolph Hearst (or a character based on him)shooting people from the window of his newspaper office to make big headlines about a "mysterious" sniper. Maybe that's where NBC got the idea?

NBC, the network who for ye... (Below threshold)

NBC, the network who for years ran a HACK out there everynight who spoke with his mouth full of marbles--is anyone surprised?






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