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The 10 Spot - Freakshow Edition

A collection of totally unrelated, but highly entertaining, links to news stories you might have missed.

  1. The Masters, a tradition unlike any other... - [Deadspin]

  2. In case you're wondering, American Idol's Mandisa could be going home tonight. - [Wizbang Pop!]

  3. From the Wayback Machine. Cynthia McKinney, Billy McKinney, and the J-E-W-S. - [PhotoDude]

  4. Something tells the release date for Ann Coulter's new book is no accident, but a deliberate attempt to drive the left nuts... - [Amazon]

  5. Candidate slogan, "Time for a change," is the understatement of the year. - [DeseretNews]

  6. CNN p0wned by the new media. - [Talking Points Memo]

  7. Katherine Harris has gone all kinds of crazy. Just get a look at her new campaign staff - [Wonkette]

  8. They can't all be Debra LeFave - [The Smoking Gun]

  9. Anna Benson, wife of Baltimore Orioles pitcher Kris Benson has evidently finished sleeping with all his former Mets teammates and is going to give the marriage another go. - [NYP]

  10. Bah bah rainbow sheep? Political correctness takes Britain by storm - [TimesOnline]

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Regarding item 7: "DISCOVER... (Below threshold)

Regarding item 7: "DISCOVERED! THE 12th COMMANDMENT: Thou Shalt Not Criticize Fellow Republicans Unless Said Republican Faileth to Subordinate His Will In Toto To the Bush Family Trust, Jupiter Island, Florida."____file under: I Only Got You Your Job, You Cross-Eyed S.O.B.!; Florida Recount 2000

Regarding Item 7:"Pu... (Below threshold)
L8R G8R:

Regarding Item 7:
"Punch cards sure are complicated." typical (D) voter

"Punch cards sure are co... (Below threshold)

"Punch cards sure are complicated." typical (D) voter

Remember when reporters gave the same supposedly "complicated" ballots to schoolkids, and NONE of them messed up? That was hilarious.

Well, I guess BDS can have ... (Below threshold)

Well, I guess BDS can have some really crazy symptoms, but when bryanD is supporting Katherine Harris...

Hmmmm.There's hope... (Below threshold)


There's hope for him yet. Quick, someone get him a "I Luv George" button.







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