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A sorry excuse for an apology

Last week, something odd happened to my TV. Just like on "Friends," when Joey and Chandler's TV started getting free porn, my TV started letting me hear the thoughts of the people along with their words. It was fascinating.

For example, I happened to catch Representative Cynthia McKinney's apology on the news. I had a hunch it would be worth saving, so I taped in on the VCR. Lemme show you what I sacrificed a hunk of Battlestar Galactica for:

First, what the rest of you heard:

"I am sorry that this misunderstanding happened at all, and I regret its escalation, and I apologize. There should not have been any physical contact in this incident."

Now, I heard a slightly different take.

"I am sorry that this misunderstanding happened at all."

If that goddamned cracker cop had just recognized WHO I AM, like he oughta, this never woulda happened.

"...and I regret its escalation."
Just wait 'til those pigs see what happens to their budget by the time I'm done with them. NOBODY messes with ME.

"...and I apologize."
I shoulda known they'd stick the biggest racist pig right in my way. He oughta know that those pins are for the OTHER 534 members. I don't have to follow THEIR rules. I'm CYNTHIA MCKINNEY, BITCH!

"There should not have been any physical contact in this incident."
If that goddamned pig hadn't grabbed me by the arm, I wouldn't have had to mess up my cell phone smacking him down. I bet he's a Jew, too.

Unfortunately, like Chandler and Joey's free porn, I made the mistake of turning off the TV, and the translations went away.

Seriously, McKinney's apology was positively Clintonesque. She didn't apologize for her actions, only that there was a "misunderstanding." She isn't sorry for raising the race card, only "regrets it escalation." And "thre should not have been any physical contact," meaning that the officer who grabbed her arm was in the wrong.

True translation: "I'm sorry I got caught, but that cop was way, way out of line. I shouldn't have had to smack him around for actually daring to enforce those stupid rules on ME. If I pretend that I'm sorry, can we just all just let this go so I can get back to my business?"

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Wow! My computer's monitor ... (Below threshold)

Wow! My computer's monitor provided me with the same translation of that alleged "apology".

It seems that society has f... (Below threshold)

It seems that society has forgotten how to give a sincere apology. A real apology is very rare these days and I don't think I have heard one from a politician in my entire life.

If you hear the terms "I'm sorry" or "I apologize", you can assume the implicit unspoken tag along phrases are there. Like: "I'm sorry that YOU took offense" or "I apologize that YOU misunderstood me". Why don't reporters call these people on their sincerity? Oh yeah, never mind... I just remembered who I was talking about.

You might try turning off t... (Below threshold)

You might try turning off the SAP button next time. Let's face it - we all knew what was coming...

What's the latest on the Gr... (Below threshold)

What's the latest on the Grand Jury? Is there really one that can keep a secret about secret testimony? McKinney's biggest crime is
being consistantly 'stupid' in congress.

"Lemme show you what I sacr... (Below threshold)

"Lemme show you what I sacrificed a hunk of Battlestar Galactica for:".....Jay Tea, I'm jus' gonna file this under "Literary License". I mean, that's like me taping over Svetlana Khorkina for Queen Latifah! Not. Gonna. Happen.

notice how arrogant she was... (Below threshold)
kepa poalima:

notice how arrogant she was before the grand jury convened? and how she only tried out her veneer of an apology after the grand jury started looking into the incident? without the grand jury, she'd still be schilling the race card and blaming the capitol hill cop.

Scotty - excellent point. I... (Below threshold)

Scotty - excellent point. If you want to see the difference between a REAL apology and a politician's apology, check this:


Is Mckinney the person from... (Below threshold)

Is Mckinney the person from Homeland Security that was caught trying to lure a 14 year old to his house?

Nope, bill, wrong Democrat.... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Nope, bill, wrong Democrat.


Wow! My computer monitor ha... (Below threshold)

Wow! My computer monitor has produced the same techno-clairvoyance. I can hear what JT is thinking, even as he's doing this idiotic racist hack job:

"Stupid darky doesn't belong in government...send her and her relatives back to Africa...then nuke Africa...what else can I do today to promote theocracy in America?...God certainly loves me...is Newt really God?....boy, my panties are certainly tight today..."

Either it cuts both ways or it shouldn't be tried, sport. Not that you'll get that, but the remedy for ignorance is ever my golden standard -- and I got you, babe.

One problem, astigafa: mine... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

One problem, astigafa: mine's at least based on McKinney's history. Yours is based on gross stereotypes and zero facts. I've condemned Gingrich in the past, blaming him in a large part for the venomous nature of politics these days, and I've declared myself an agnostic on numerous occasions. Oh, and I once also wrote a piece on just why it is in our national interest to do all we can to help Africa.

The only reason I don't disclaim the "panties" one is I've never discussed my underwear on Wizbang. The rest, though, is all established.

All references available on request, moron.


Now now JT, don't stoop to ... (Below threshold)

Now now JT, don't stoop to the elementary school name calling. No need to bring yourself down to astig's level of maturity. And I really think you should stop trying to imitate Cher, astig, even though your teeth and ego seem about right...

Astigafa McKinney ... (Below threshold)

McKinney does,nt sound african ? are you sure about this... the next time you buy tights , make sure there the right size.






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