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Washington Post Looking for Bloggers

The Washington Post is looking to hire two new bloggers, one from the right and one from the left.

The Raw Story has the details:

The paper's ombudsman, Deborah Howell, has informed RAW STORY that Jim Brady, executive editor of washingtonpost.com, is looking for a liberal blogger, along with a conservative one, to replace Ben Domenech who resigned after only three days of blogging after earlier writings were discovered by mostly liberal bloggers to be racially insensitive and - in multiple cases - plagiarized.

The paper doesn't plan on making any formal announcement, but the news should be welcome to many critics on the left who felt that it was unfair to hire just a conservative blogger in the first place.

Many felt that the hiring of Domenech had something to do with a column written by Howell last December (The Two Washington Posts) which was critical of one of the more popular bloggers at washingtonpost.com.

"Political reporters at The Post don't like WPNI columnist Dan Froomkin's "White House Briefing," which is highly opinionated and liberal," wrote Howell, and that Brady was thinking of "supplementing it with a conservative blogger."

It's interesting that Jim Brady still wants to utilize blogs even though WaPo's hiring of Domenech was a "disaster" as Howell put it. Brady seems to understand that blogs have a huge impact on how information is communicated, and if the Post is going to stay on the cutting edge of communication, it must be plugged into the blogosphere.


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Comments (3)

Paleeeese. How many of you... (Below threshold)

Paleeeese. How many of you believe WaPo will ever hire a conservative blogger. For all you who do, I have some property that is dry 50% of the time I want to sell you.

I have been giving some th... (Below threshold)

I have been giving some thought and introspection about the issue of illegal immigration and the negative impact that it has had on our communities. Now our government has come up with the so called "guest worker program is it just me or isin't a guest" some on you invite over oh well the bill is now before the House-Senate and Congress. I wonder if that same program would have been introduced if the undocumented migrants lives in LaJolla or other affluent American communities and taking their jobs and homes???
I have come up with a relatively simple solution and answer to this major problem. Why not have the department of agriculture implement a field worker program and let it be the only branch of government that has the ability to grant temporary work permits to illegal immigrants. That way we all will know that the immigrants are here working and really trying to become part of America as productive Americans citizens and not pushing their own Mexican agendas to retake America or take it back as so many has stated subjecting us to events like waving the flag of Mexico while in protest against our nation and our laws. I would like to say that I as a natural born American found it to be insulting and very un-patriotic as our country is at war trying to secure freedom for other parts of the world and me myself as a hard working struggling small baseness owner and father of four have found it increasing more difficult over the past few years to find affordable housing or rental retail space to promote my business. This is due in a major part to the fact that most of if not all the less expensive rental spaces occupied by ill-legal and are not even advertised in English anymore. The true fact of this issue is that ill-legal immigration has greatly and disproportionately affected the poor and struggling people of this nation and in my hometown of SanDiego it is worse and it has been to a much greater degree than it has affected the rest of America, We live right next to the boarder and we here all know exactly where they come as soon as they cross over and that is to our communities schools and work places, from my personal perspective I have seen with my own eyes that we have lost entire lower income communities of SanDiego to our new UN-documented brothers and sisters, and our government is just now trying to come to grips with the issue of illegal immigration or as I call it "The Katrina Effect". to little to late,, I'm not in no way trying to diminish any of the great works of our past city or government leaders God bless YOU ALL BUT THIS IS NOT A RACE ISSUE AT ALL IT IS AN AMERICAN ISSUE DO WE WANT OUR LAWS TO BE RESPECTED OR SHOULD WE JUST OPEN THE FLOOD GATES TO THE REST OF THE WORLD AND FOR THE RECORD I AM A BLACK MAN BUT THIS ISSUE IS NOT BLACK OR WHIT AS FAR AS I CAN TELL IT IS RED WHITE AND BLUE YOU CAN REPLY Charles Lewis for the limited contribution he was able to make to the city. However Mr. Gorge Stevens was a giant and really proved himself as a Strong Force and leader to be reckoned with, during his time on the city counsel. He spearheaded numerous development projects and advocated a strong sense of devotion as-well as economic empowerment for the people of the forth district. We all now enjoy some of the fruits of his labor from the Market street plaza to the Home Depot project are just to name a few of his accomplishments, now it would seem that his work may be all in vain because the people he meant it for are being forced out to accommodate ill-legal population however I have faith that our new leaders will continue on that same type of legacy of hope and concern that Mr. Stevens so outstandingly exemplified during his terms now we are faces with a new challenge and find ourselves in a critical position and something has to be done about it for the ethnic and cultural cohesiveness of our community is now in jeopardy for every new ill-legal family that comes into SanDiego it has the potential of pushing another black family onto the streets.
So I hope you will join me in on calling on all of our city leaders to take a strong stand on this crucial issue and for them too have the courage and backbone to unify and just say "no" to a guest worker program and "yes" to wait in line like everybody else.
In conclusion we all as American are not allowed to buy any property in the boarder or coastline community of Mexico within ten miles, and and furthermore if you recall in recent years the Mexican government has confiscated and evicted many Americans of their lifetime investments and beach front homes, our government did nothing to help them now we have a chance to speak out for our rights and laws to be respected for all hard working American who have and have not yet achieved the American dream but who are patiently waiting in line for our dreams to come true.

...the bill is now... (Below threshold)
...the bill is now before the House-Senate and Congress.

And if both the House-Senate and the Congress pass the bill, it goes to the Governor-General for his John Henry. Except if he signs it "John Henry" he's likely to get in trouble because that's not his real name.






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