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Ben Affleck says President Bush could be hung

Wizbang Pop! on the frontpage

Ben Affleck has officially moved in the political mainstream by stating that, if Bush leaked the name of a CIA agent, he should be hung. It was similar to Al Franken saying "Yeah. And I don't know how I feel about it because I'm basically against the death penalty, but they are going to be executed it looks like."

In something that's becoming all too common, we're seeing the convergence of celebrities becoming more politically motivated and outspoken. When the Christians do that, it's a bad thing; when Ben Affleck does it on Real Time with Bill Maher, it's a good thing. Lemme 'esplain.

For those of you unfamiliar with Real Time with Bill Maher, it's a show on HBO that is basically a televised moonbat venting session. You assemble a liberal, a moonbat, and a mildly right-of-center apologist to bring "balance." Then, there's Bill Maher, who, surprisingly, doesn't have a journal at Daily Kos (unlike a certain former US President).

Yeah, long setup to get to the story, but you've probably never even heard of this show, as it's on pay-tv, it's got a bunch of liberals, and it's on Friday nights. Think Air America, only you have to pay for it. Mad Nielsen Ratings, yo.

From a story posted at NewsBusters, here's a rough transcript of what was said:

Bill Sammon, Washington Examiner: "A lot of critics are conflating the two and are saying that because Bush disclosed this piece of information, they're implying that Bush leaked the name."
Ben Affleck: "He probably also leaked the name. There's just no proof of that."

Sammon: "Even the prosecutor, even Fitzgerald is saying Bush didn't leak the name. So let's be clear, Bush didn't leak Valerie Plame's name -- not that we know of."

Affleck: "Because if he did, you can be hung for that! That's treason!"

Bill Maher: "That is treason."

Affleck: "You could be killed. That's not a joking around Tom DeLay 'I'll do a year, I bribed the state officials with corporate money.' That's like they shoot you in the battlefield for doing that. Don't you think we should find out who leaked that name?"

They also have the video of said moonbattery.

Yes, Mr. Affleck, we should. Or, rather, we should find out who authorized the declassification of secret information. Yes, that's what happens when the President declassifies things, even though the press hasn't figured that out.


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Comments (43)

Is there a problem?... (Below threshold)

Is there a problem?

Who's Ben Affleck?... (Below threshold)

Who's Ben Affleck?

Pictures are hung.</... (Below threshold)

Pictures are hung.

People are hanged.

Ben, stick with your day jo... (Below threshold)

Ben, stick with your day job.

Politically astute, you're not. But you do amuse.

Well hey, everyone knows Ch... (Below threshold)

Well hey, everyone knows Cheney is hung.

(running away)

Talk about Politically Inco... (Below threshold)

Talk about Politically Incorrect:

Somehow I am willing to bet W is better hung than BA.

Dang Beth, I gotta learn to... (Below threshold)

Dang Beth, I gotta learn to type faster!

Well, compred to Aflack, W ... (Below threshold)

Well, compred to Aflack, W is almost certainly "hung" but then so is Hilary Clinton, compared to Aflack.

Sounds like Ben is trying t... (Below threshold)

Sounds like Ben is trying to enervate the base again.

And people watch this intel... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

And people watch this intellectually stimulating show? Who'da thunk it?

Apparently little Bennie boy's intellectual skills are on the same par as his acting skills!

The leaker should be hanged... (Below threshold)

The leaker should be hanged (if she was undercover) for leaking top secret data (or her name) and so should the members of the press who published it. One is as guilty as the other. The main problem is that the bitch hadn't been undercover for years 'if ever' and was really a part of the underground 'destruct america' crowd in the CIA. There was never a crime comitted by anyone in this mess, just a failed dim-wit plot. She teamed with her lying (now a proven fact) husband in his hate because he lost a promotion to a 'black' female. And the dim-wits call others racist, thats the pot calling the kettle black.

The few times I have seen p... (Below threshold)
Charles Bannerman:

The few times I have seen parts of the Mahre show I have wanted to pull his lips off. He is an arrogant ass who isn't fit for me to wipe my butt on.

That show is just a commie... (Below threshold)

That show is just a commie bitch session , i imagine just like airhead america,
a bunch of ultra libs sit around and cut down everything conservative or christian and than the audience which is 99.99% lib applauds on cue for their snide little remarks..
I guess they have to have somewhere to feel like they have power because their losing everything else. it is truly deserving of pity..

By the way , after sufferi... (Below threshold)

By the way , after suffering thru a few Afflick flicks ,
i might vote to have Him
strung up

The only HANGING that went ... (Below threshold)

The only HANGING that went on was Dead-Eye HANGING GeeDub out the window.

Affleck: "Because if he did... (Below threshold)

Affleck: "Because if he did, you can be hung for that! That's treason!"

Bill Maher: "That is treason."

So, is Maher just baiting the fool, or is he (chuckle) agreeing?

bryanD You made mo... (Below threshold)

You made more sense over in the economy sucks the sky is falling Bush did it section.

Wow...just what I need...le... (Below threshold)

Wow...just what I need...legal advice from Ben Affleck. He's the mental giant who asked Jay-lo to be his wife. Brilliant mind.
Let's not even discuss the fact that he has trouble picking good movie roles - which IS his business.

The man needs to adjust his priorities.

Hey whats wrong w... (Below threshold)

whats wrong with J lo,s ASSets ?

The best role for Ben right now would be to run for Congress and put his mind where His manhood should be...

Hmmm.Hung is a des... (Below threshold)


Hung is a description.

Hanged is a punishment.

The genius of Bill Maher's ... (Below threshold)

The genius of Bill Maher's show is that if a conservative makes a valid point he can't counter he just cracks a joke and moves on. If someone says, for example (please don't let this example throw the thread off topic), that every intelligence agency in the world thought Saddam had WMDs he says, "Well maybe it was a type-o and they hit the wrong key on Iran" and his audience laughs and cheers and hoots and hollers and then he moves onto something else.

I used to love watching Bil... (Below threshold)

I used to love watching Bill Maher but I watched the first episode of Real Time and I just couldn't sit all the way through it. Why not just call it "When Moonbats Attack"?

I also love that when Scooter Libby wasn't implicating Bush he wasn't credible. Now he suddenly is.

virgo, There is no question... (Below threshold)

virgo, There is no question that the information leaked (as in: Not for Attribution) came from within the west wing. What is funny in a pathetic kind of way is, that despite the multiple layers of political insulation for the chief executive, as soon as the heat got too hot all fingers aimed at George. Now, Libby is a born skunk and still-in-good-standing-ex-member of the Marc Rich Gang. So no surprise there. But Cheney! He's lionized by the neo-con propagandists as the Bismarck and Political Sphinx. A real die-hard! But on the very day that the onus of Libby's defense moved upstairs (directly to Cheney who probably WAS the source), what does Uncle Dick do? HANGS it on W. (And yes, no need to worry that George will "fire the leaker"; being prisoner of his own devices and extra-legal acts, W can't punish his own veep for things he's already done himself!) Well actually, the president COULD cut Dick off(

Does anyone remember where ... (Below threshold)

Does anyone remember where I saw this 3-phase thing? It was on a conservative blog or in a conservative column. It basically said that liberals attack in three phases. First, the NYT reports something that implicates the administration without really in fact implicating them. Second, moonbats go on all the talk shows and through their columns and stuff say the president should be hanged, our 230 year experiment in self government is over, it's unprecedented, bla bla bla. Third, someone "respectable" like the AP does a poll where they bias it 10 points to the left through the way they word the questions and then another 5 through fuzzy math, and tell the American people that 65% of the American people think that [insert bad thing Bush did here] is true, and you're in the apologist minority if you disagree.

How long until polls come out saying that the overwhelming majority of us feel that the president leaked Plame's CIA status?

bryanD That is a ... (Below threshold)

That is a great description of Cheney the Bismarck or Political sphinx.. I just dont see the necessity to get rid of anybody as He is not running again and if it s ok for the pres to declassify , why mess with all this anyways?
marc rich , now thats a whole other thing, i guess we all know politics is a dirty game and everybody knows everybody and everybody owes somebody .. kind of like life .

virgo, Firings are up to th... (Below threshold)

virgo, Firings are up to the executive, but in the information age the appearance of "evil" will tip the next election the wrong way. It will be a miracle if the House is not lost to the dems. And it will be W's doing, no question. And he will be impeached. Now, I'm a Rebublican and will vote so in the midterms, but am all in favor of putting BushCo in the dock. As a lesson to adhere to the constitution and to respect the system of checks and balances. Now Libby is not the ordinary venal politician, he's a 20-year consigliere to a player in the recent Iraq food-for-oil scandal (Marc Rich), and WHY W kept him, let alone HIRED him implies he(W) is not in control of things(a puppet), or that he's as bad as his worst critics insist he is.

I can't take it anymore. I... (Below threshold)

I can't take it anymore. I'm going to go watch a Jackie Chan movie.

(And if Jackie Chan ever gets into politics I'm going to buy a gun and blow... oh, nevermind. I'll be *severely* *disappointed*. How's that.)

Ben should be hanged for ma... (Below threshold)

Ben should be hanged for making "Gigli"

Did you see it the week bef... (Below threshold)

Did you see it the week before?
Maher brought up the seven minutes W stayed in reading class on 9/11. Rohrbacher said it was OK because because it waasn't "a major attack".

Hmmmm.Now... (Below threshold)


Now, I'm a Rebublican and will vote so in the midterms, but am all in favor of putting BushCo in the dock.

Ok then let's see your voter registration card because frankly you're full of shit.

bryanD hits the #5 rule of ... (Below threshold)

bryanD hits the #5 rule of BDS ....

Claim one's Republican bona fides before launching the perfidious attacks.

JAYsus, if I gotta hear one more claim "I [am/used to be] a Republican BUT ... " I'm going to track down the miscreant and yank their liver out through their nose.

ed & Darleen (Hey, that's c... (Below threshold)

ed & Darleen (Hey, that's catchy!), Well, now I'll just toss'n'turn all NIGHT! But since I'm huntin' and peckin' anyway (see my NYPost post next door), all I can say is I'm not a keyboard version of a "Seminar Caller"(See? FORMER Rush fan (until NAFTA!). I mean Bush truly DOES Suck(!) but I'm not the only Republican who thinks that. And now that I think about it, I WOULD be an independant but where I live independents can't vote in the primaries. And no, I didn't vote for his dad either, and compared to Jr. , his dad was a BLOODY GENIUS! And I am 100% pro-life-no abortion 'til your kidneys fail-type voter. In other words I'm perfectly content to leave the top field blank as W's stare on 9/11! I do support the Ticket in the persons of Coburn, Inhofe and Sullivan. An asterisk denotes who I WOULD have voted for in the presidential sweepstakes had their campaigns lasted so far; TWO asterisks, ditto, plus me being temporarily insane:(and yes I'm giving away my age, but I'm a hunk so that's OK!):Reagan, Reagan, Robertson**, Perot* ,Perot* ,none , none. (why am I talking to you, again?)

Ronald Reagan... (Below threshold)

Ronald Reagan

Clue for bryanD:If... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

Clue for bryanD:

If the boss okays it, it ain't a leak.

b moe, Let's see: ye got 'y... (Below threshold)

b moe, Let's see: ye got 'yer Primary Position, yer Secondary Position, yer Supplementary Position...what comes next? When you find out, tell the White House so they'll know what to file it under.

Hmmm.I WO... (Below threshold)


I WOULD be an independant but where I live independents can't vote in the primaries.

So then that means you MUST have a voter registration card then right? Since you did vote in the Primaries.

So post it. Because the rather ridiculous nonsense you've been posting for months now doesn't feel in any way, shape or form the kinds of opinions that any Republican would have.

Frankly this is nothing more than a Moby. Claim to be a Republican and then use that "credibility" to attack Republicans.

So put up or shut up bryanD. Because as far as I'm concerned you're a fucking liar. Prove me wrong or be known here as a fucking liar forever.

Another left-wing holywood ... (Below threshold)
Eon the terrible:

Another left-wing holywood celeberty with their walnut sized brain only proving how stupid they are why dont he put duct tape over his mouth with STUPID written on it

Robertson? Pat? Are you te... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

Robertson? Pat? Are you telling me you are a Pat Robertson supporter? LMFAO!

Only Ben the Affleck queer ... (Below threshold)

Only Ben the Affleck queer duck would know if Bush is hung. But let the libs string this all out...notice how much closer they are to giving actual threats. Right on the borderline. But the anvil will come down (on internet posters too) on anyone who believes they can threaten and get away with it. Thats how the Secret Service keepss the moonbat population down to balanced levels. I can't wait to wake up someday, and find out that Teddy K.bought the farm cuz he got tasered after a threatening speech! The police would be yelling ...'Cholesterol down!!''

No aquitta in chappaquita.... (Below threshold)

No aquitta in chappaquita.

the things posted in respon... (Below threshold)

the things posted in response to Mr. Afflack's stupid statement are just as stupid. This Hollywood star who you all care so little about that you can't help going apoplectic when he says something stupid never made any threat. He merely made a misstatement of fact. i particularly liked ed's logic.
"put up or shut up bryanD. Because as far as I'm concerned you're a fucking liar. Prove me wrong or be known here as a fucking liar forever."
That's like Ben Afflack going on some stupid talk show, looking in the camera, demanding that Bush prove he didn't leak Plame's name, and then saying that if Bush doesn't respond to Afflack's request, then that is proof that Bush is a liar.

There are procedures to be ... (Below threshold)

There are procedures to be followed when unclassifying something. Nobody can just say "this is declassified" and then it is, regardless of whether these procedures were followed or not. Even Bush's Executive Order doesn't say that he can do this: wwwdotfasdotorg / sgp / bush / eoamend . html

He's not a King, though that's the kind of power that he and his cronies want for a Republican President... that whatever he says goes, that his word is Law.

He released the information to DISCREDIT A CRITIC, and he didn't declass it and put it out there, he authorized a private leak to very specific people, not to mention the fact that he only declassified a very small portion of the NIE.

Using Presidential powers for political purposes most definitely should be illegal if it isn't now.

Re: Plame - This is the biggest thing. It seems interesting to me that security-minded republicans are completely clueless as to how intelligence works. Read a Clancy book or something before you spout off.

When someone (Plame) runs covert agents while working under Non-Official cover, they pretend to work for a company that has nothing to do with the CIA. Later, when this officer no longer runs those agents and informants, you must keep the original operations officer's CIA connection secret, because if not, agents and informants that were known to meet and communicate with the (no longer active) CIA officer are suddenly under suspicion and subject to arrest, torture or execution. So, regardless of whether or not she was an active CIA operative at the time of the disclosure, merely mentioning that she once DID run agents and informants in a foreign country puts every single one of them at risk. The fact that her specialty was getting intelligence on WMD proliferation just makes it even more insane.

It's amazing that you folks condone and congratulate this kind of action. As a veteran who spent time the first Gulf War in intelligence units, the lengths that you will go to justify any action Bush makes are stunning to me.

PS: I agree that silly comments from misguided celebrities undermines the arguments from the Left. As a lefty that uses reason, research and analytical process to build his views and ideas, it frustrates the hell out of me to see someone that has the ear of the media do so. I miss the middle, you know? Back when you could be a centrist without the left and right telling you that you're on the other side because you agree with some parts of each platform.

PPS: I used to be a Republican. I also used to be a Democrat. No idea what I am now. Neither party is worth a shit.

PPPS: Now is the time for you guys to crack a joke and move on.

Thanks Jim,I too u... (Below threshold)

Thanks Jim,

I too used to be a Republican and am now a Democrat but thinking of abandoning this party too. As you stated, neither party is worth a SHIT. I attempt to make decisions based upon research without influence of the media.

I don't agree with the premise of the war we are currently fighting. I think Bush should be impeached for misleading us into this war based up WMD theories that now he has admitted he based his decisions on faulty intelligence. He picked poor cabinet members/advisors to guide him and our country and when all is said I don't think he will go down as one of our better presidents. Perhaps we will be lucky and he will resign as Nixon did, but what is even scarier that Cheney will then become president. Oops, I forgot, he all ready is....






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