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How Do We Define Americanness?

Mark Krikorian of The Corner makes a point that's spot on regarding the attitude of illegal immigrants and their supporters.

As one illegal-alien spokesman after another claims that they're actually Americans, and we just need to recognize that fact (a couple examples in this Post preview story on today's marches), it's hard not to conclude that the problem is that they really believe it's true. In other words, our elite has so completely erased the distinction between citizens and foreigners, devaluing the meaning of Americanness to merely working and paying taxes on American territory, that the illegals (and legal non-citizens) actually have come to believe it -- and are simply demanding the fulfillment of what they consider to already have been promised. Obviously, the point is not to excuse the foreigners' will to power, but rather that you teach people how to treat you -- and we've taught foreigners to make these aggressive demands against us.

Mark makes a great point. Now that these folks are here, although by illegal means, working and paying taxes, they think they are being denied what is rightfully theirs already: American citizenship.

So are members of the House and Senate going to pull a Chirac and surrender to the demands of illegal aliens or are they going to stand up for entering this country and becoming an American citizen legally?

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Hey ... I've got an idea. ... (Below threshold)

Hey ... I've got an idea. Let's create an institution solely devoted to maintaining unique American culture and guarding it from foreign influences!

Because it's worked so damn well for the French.


Hey ... I've got an idea... (Below threshold)

Hey ... I've got an idea. Let's create an institution solely devoted to maintaining unique American culture and guarding it from foreign influences! Because it's worked so damn well for the French.

That's not what we want. A US birth certificate or naturalization papers. There's your definition.

Showing up illegally and waving signs around saying "This is OUR land", etc., doesn't cut it.

Where in the hell are the c... (Below threshold)

Where in the hell are the counter demonstrations??? As long as the LEGAL citizens sit on their asses and do nothing but grumble a little of course the politicians are going to cave. Folks kiss the country goodbye because we're toast.

Hmmm.1. Frankly I ... (Below threshold)


1. Frankly I want to see what the GOP does without the necessity of counter-demonstrations. But if some are needed then I'm in.

2. I discussed just what are the privledges and advantages of being an American citizen rather than a legal alien simply living in America.


As always my handle is "ed".

Frankly there isn't much. With the rather significant awards process that is "immigration reform" there's hardly anything of value that's left to be attached to even the concept of citizen. What lists that can be assembled are rather paltry.

IMHO what I found more amusing that anything else was the lengths people went through to avoid answering the questions posed.

*shrug* So .... What reasons would you suggest that would make being an American citizen so worthwhile that it would be worth the aggravation of going through the naturalization process? Rather than simply being a legal alien resident?

I'm afraid that being an Am... (Below threshold)

I'm afraid that being an American citizen has been distilled by the left into one of two things:

1. Militant capitalist bigot intent on trampling on the rest of the world;

2. Entitlement program including free health care and education.

THe GOP will do nothing bec... (Below threshold)

THe GOP will do nothing because they are to split on the issue. THe Whole Corpratist/Nativist thing.

Until we reign in the corporations [assuming it is still possible] the repub party will be just as beholden. And the corps want their cheap labor. Unless of course you think Bu$h is doing it out of 'compassionate' conservatism.

Face it, The federal Repub party is as bankrupt morally as the dems.

*Military mismanagment [how many generals have spolken out lately?]
*exposing a CIA operative [at whatever level of security classification]
*spinlessness on immigration

In all honesty about the besdt thing we could do now would be be to impeach Bush and Cheney and start cleaning up their mess asap.

Cause if we wait till the dems control the house ...

The truth is in the form of... (Below threshold)

The truth is in the form of a question to yourself.
Would you truly VOTE for a third party canidate?
Such as Jim Gilchrist for President. Yes he is the founder of the Minuteman Project. But he values what your all talking about. Now if your first thought is "what about (insert some economic issue or Iraq or something else) this or that issue. Then you have compromised and your complaints are mute. So I ask again, What matters most and are you willing to put your VOTE where it WILL make a difference.
Check out Jim Gilchrist's run for congress. Unknown canidate runs agains well know Republican canidate challenging him. Jim received 25% of the vote in LA. he split the Rep. Vote, the winner olny had 38% that is'nt much. An American Revolution starts with one. Will you be the second.
Don't dismiss the Minute Man Party as a fringe weirdo group. We stand for all that your talking about. If nothing else, what have you got to loose but your County.
PS. We're building a border fence in spite of the President. Check us out. Just Google "minutemanhq.com"






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