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Rep. Jack Kingston Answers Bloggers' Questions

I was involved in a blogger conference call today with Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA). The majority of the call was centered around immigration, which is the topic on people's minds right now.

My question was about border security. I commented that in the last blogger conference call a Texas sheriff said that one of the best deterents is simply a set of eyes, that a illegal won't cross the border if he knows he's being watched. The Minuteman Project is doing just this and is very effective. Will congress express support for this group? Why isn't this group being better supported? Rep. Kingston said he was aware of the horror stories that take place at the border. However, he suspected that most members of congress and the general public were simply unaware of how bad things are at the border.

Ed Morrissey asked if an guest worker program passes will we end up with guest workers and illegal immigrants. Also, how do we prevent a situation much like France with immigrants who don't assimilate? Rep. Kingston said that any immigration reform should follow the House model, which will allow all employees who hired illegal immigrants three months to register their employees. The immigrant would then have a certain amount of time before having to go home and re-register as a guest worker. Employers who don't register their illegal employees would face heavy fines. Rep. Kingston also mentioned a two track system: one for those who want to become citizens and those who simply want to work and make money.

Mary Katherine Ham asked how the US makes sure those immigrants who are supposed to go home and re-register as a guest worker actually do this. Rep. Kingston essentially said it would be very hard for the US gov't keep track of guest workers and would need use private industry to help. He also said that a protest of about 1000 people was taking place in Savannah. He mentioned that many of his constituents were not happy that an illegal immigrant can so brazenly walk down the street making demands.

John Hawkins asked a great question: If government is incapable of enforcing current laws how can it enforce new ones? Kingston's anwer: Perfect shouldn't be the enemy of good. We have to take a look at the old law and determine which parts are good.

Enlighten New Jersey said that we don't import workers; we import families. How many workers do we really need? Eliminating the birthright citizenship will help deter a lot of the families from coming over. Rep. Kingston said that the US is one of only 36 countries left who offer birthright citizenship. I also believe he said that 42% of women coming over the border are do so to give birth.

Tim Chapman asked about an article that stated the death of the 1994 Republican Revolution. Is DeLay's departure an end to the revolution? Rep. Kingston said that he thought there are still embers of the revolution in the Republican party. As an example, he stated that John Boehner, the new House Majority Leader, was one of the 1994 originals.

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Comments (3)

The congressman catagorizin... (Below threshold)

The congressman catagorizing the Republican occupation of the White House as "complicated". Town Hall version wins the Money Quote Award.

BLACK UNIFORMS... (Below threshold)


Josh Roberts double-locked the door behind him and anxiously peeked through the curtains. He didn't see any of the dreaded black uniforms of the Federales.
Roberts turned on his computer and re-set the preferences for English grammar instead of Spanish. Ever since Texas independence turned the state into Nuevo Tejas, all English language publications were illegal. If anyone found out about Liberty, Robert's underground newspaper, he and his family would be tossed into the Dallas County jail for . . . well, who knew for how long?
Roberts had worked for the Dallas Morning News before it was banned and re-born as the Dallas Reconquista. Reconquista stood for re-conquest; the acquisition by immigration of the lost Mexican territories of Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona. It once seemed like a ridiculous idea, but the numbers made it a reality.
After the 2006 amnesty bill gave citizenship to fifteen million illegal immigrants, another twenty million Latino illegal immigrants promptly moved to Texas. What Mexico lost at San Jacinto they won back with immigration. Once they had a majority of the electorate, the Latinos simply voted in Latino mayors, chiefs of police, state legislators and - finally - the Governor.
Vicente Diaz was the Governor until he declared Texas independence from the U.S. and made himself Presidente. The 1876 Texas constitution vaguely allowed independence. But the real power behind independence came from the Mexico/Venezuela oil embargo and the millions of immigrants marching in the streets. The U.S. politicians quickly bowed to the wishes of Latino voters in their own states and let Texas go.
However, an aide on Diaz's staff had slipped Roberts secret documents which proved that the Mexican drug cartels provided the financing for Diaz. This was the bombshell Roberts planned for the front page of Liberty. As Roberts opened his newspaper layout program on his laptop, he heard a knock at the door. He went to the door and looked through the peephole.
All he saw were black uniforms.

"Rep. Kingston said that th... (Below threshold)

"Rep. Kingston said that the US is one of only 36 countries left who offer birthright citizenship. I also believe he said that 42% of women coming over the border are do so to give birth."

Unless we a going to start mass deportations or eliminate most tax supported benifits to birthright citizenship has to go. My brother-in-law paid a $5000 deductible to have his child born in a California hospital. The Mexican illegal immigrant in the bed next to his wife had to pay nothing. Forced charity is stealing under a different name. Every child enrolled in a California school costs $120,000 to get to the 12th grade. The number of illegal immigrants who will pay that much in taxes in their lifetime is pitifully small. This leaves the rest of the citizens paying more so that others can break our immigration laws. I get to shell out an extra $100 a month for 30 years for school bonds made necessary by massive, community changing illegal immigration. It would have been nice to have that money to take care of my own family. It would be nice to live in a neighborhood where someone besides me flys the American flag on the 4th of July.






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