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Another Spring, Another DEA Agent Shooting Himself in Foot Post

Every year as the snow melts and the flowers begin to bloom, hapless DEA agent Lee Paige manages to find his way into a Wizbang post.

It was April of 2004 when we first had the story of Mr. Pagie bragging to a classroom full of kids that he was the only one in the room "professional enough" to carry a gun then punctuating that sentence with a bang from his Glock .40.

The following Spring in March 2005 we had a link to the video. [no longer working]

Now, some 2 years later, Mr. Paige is suing the DEA over the episode. Apparently he is suing because they did not prevent the whole world from learning he was a dumbass. Or some such legal mumbo jumbo.

So, proving some people's 15 minutes of fame are longer than others, he gets another post on Wizbang. If only to post an updated link to the video. (YouTube Mirror)

Comments (20)

I'm an idiot who just doesn... (Below threshold)

I'm an idiot who just doesn't know when to quit.

I love how he tried to get ... (Below threshold)

I love how he tried to get all tough on everybody after he made an ass of himself and scared the crap out of everyone in the room.

What a freakin' Barney Fife. (No offense Don)

And you say there is a shit... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

And you say there is a shit pot full of drugs on the street?
I wonder why.

The Pro Se complaint is act... (Below threshold)

The Pro Se complaint is actually fairly coherent. Having my own problems with government officials releasing protected information inappropriately, I have a smidgen of empathy for the fellow. He did keep the weapon pointed away from others, and he kept his cool in front of the audience.

However, he does drop the race card by mentioning white supremacist organization's using the video to harass him. He repeatedly states he was a "top" agent, etc. And blames the video on not being able to get more engagements talking to kids.

Taking a loaded weapon into a classroom of full of children, and then acting in an unsafe manner and allowing the weapon to discharge [poetically only injuring himself in the foot], he is lucky he was not:

a)sued by the kids or their parents
b)immediately discharged from government service
c)charged with at least reckless endangerment

Of course, it all depends upon where the jury is from.

Cynthia McKinney's constituents would no doubt give him a huge settlement, and she might hire him as a bodyguard.

What an idiot. He's lucky ... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

What an idiot. He's lucky he only got shot in the foot and not some kids head or his own when he went to clean it.

I'm the only one professional enough BAM!



If he really was going to b... (Below threshold)

If he really was going to be working undercover, why was he giving public lectures that were being filmed? If you are the "best" undercover cop in the DEA, wouldn't you want to stay undercover.

Complaining about not getting to do more lectures is a laugh. I assume he was thinking about being able to stick the gun in his pants as an encore for the next lecture.

Doing one stupid thing can ruin your career. I would need to see a lot more to say that the only possible source of the video was from the DEA. If I was the filmer, I would be hard pressed not to keep a copy or send it on as a "private" you have to see this sort of thing.

This is almost as bad as th... (Below threshold)

This is almost as bad as the "Star Wars Kid" sueing for $300,000.

Perhaps, but I'd much rathe... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

Perhaps, but I'd much rather be in the Star Wars kid's shoes than be responsible for making "Glock Fotey" something that people snicker at.

What makes that video tape ... (Below threshold)

What makes that video tape "protected information?"

That's a dumb lawsuit. Hone... (Below threshold)

That's a dumb lawsuit. Honestly though, I think he handled himself pretty well after the accident. He kept his head, calmed the room, made sure the kids were uninjured, and used himself as an example of what not to do. Then despite being in pain he limped out quietly without causing a panic. I'll fault him for making a dumb and dangerous mistake, one that should keep him away from classrooms for the rest of his career, but once the damage was done I think he managed it ok.

Shit happens. Everybody can... (Below threshold)

Shit happens. Everybody can say such things may not happen but sometimes you might just be that poor bugger and you can't expect any sympathy from anybody... but it could happen to anyone of us, I'm sure he and all people who know him never would've expected something like that to happen to him... but ey, shit happens:)

I agree with John's comment... (Below threshold)

I agree with John's comments. Everybody can ridicule and make fun of unfortunate accidents, but when the shit happens to you--you end up getting no sympathy from others just as you had no symapathy towards this cop. That's one thing that is unfortunate in our society today. Shit happens sometimes, so, I'm not going to persecute the guy for making a mistake.

BTW, I thought the DEA agent handled himself very well after the shooting--I'm wondering how some of the people ridiculing him here, would've done had the situation happened to them?

He says it was an accidenta... (Below threshold)

He says it was an accidental discharge. There is no such thing. First, the gun has to be loaded. Second, the trigger has to be pulled. Evidently, they don't teach this at the DEA. I wonder if he can read and write.

I am a revovering prosecuto... (Below threshold)

I am a revovering prosecutor and now work in private practice. This is just one of many examples of cops taking care of their own. If this were anyone else he would have been charged with 30+ counts of endangering the welfare of another, plus unlawful discharge of a firearm in public, Menacing (did you see the father grab his child and leave? or, hear the kids beg him to put away the shotgun?) and who knows what else.

According to press reports he was never fired, just doesn't work undercover. Do we really want him working in high intensity-adrenaline frenzied shoot-outs with innocent bystanders in the area? Doesn't the DEA have the right and duty to protect him, other agents and the public from someone with demonstrated incompetancy?

If he were in the private sector he would have lost his job, rather than 5 days without pay (that was actually covered by his worker's comp insurance anyway).

The only good thing he did was ask if everyone was okay. After that he did more harm than good because the whole purpose was to teach kids that guns kill -- that if they played with his gun they would die. Then he shoots his own foot off and doesn't even skip a beat. That contradicts his whole message to the kids. Now they think they can go home and shoot their own foot, or that of someone else, with little problem.

He needs to take responsibility for his own actions and realize he shot his own foot. It is no one's fault but his own. Perhaps then he can make a claim to our children that he is accountable for his own actions. He talked about other people's foolishness with guns during the very same speech: does that mean they can sue him because he embarrassed/exploited their stupid act? Do I smell a double standard? BTW, when he played pro football, did he sue the networks every time they showed a play he blew? Why not? Wouldn't that have caused him the same embarrassment?

When cops and prosecutors start holding their own people to the same standards as the rest of us they will have my full respect.

What a Dumbass, Big underco... (Below threshold)

What a Dumbass, Big undercover DEA man teaching classes. Buying Dope that's what DEA will be doing if they settle and pay this guy.

The DEA like the FBI unfortuately have gained a very poor reputation over the years. All desk jockeys that do not need to be carrying guns.
This guy is lucky he did not kill a kid. And the video could have been released by those who recorded it and pass it around. But if this Dumbass plays the race card, I am sure he will get a settlement.

I work for the Los Angeles ... (Below threshold)
Joaquin Ramirez:

I work for the Los Angeles Police Dept. We are under a Federal Consent Decree and are monitored by the Feds. And this is how THEY run a Law Enforcement Agency?!?!? Why wasn;t this dangerous MORON fired? Oh - Dangerous Moron is a requirement for Federal Employement - Look at George W. Bush and compamny.

If he wasn't fired it was p... (Below threshold)
Steve Sawyer:

If he wasn't fired it was probably due to his union. Try and fire a bad cop and see where it gets you. Of course, if this guy kills a kid at his next safety demonstration, it's you and me that will have to pony up the money to satisfy the lawsuit his parents will surely file.

in response to Jisang's com... (Below threshold)

in response to Jisang's comments... what kind of responsible professional demonstrates the evils of handguns with LIVE ammunition? he brought all this attention upon himself... and as to the agents claim that he can no longer get speaking engagements in front of children... GOOD!!! what a fricking idiot.

Kids, Kids, See dar how dem... (Below threshold)
Hank L. Hewgley:

Kids, Kids, See dar how dem accidents happen!!
There is a village somewhere missing an idiot!!

First off it can be said th... (Below threshold)
In the Know:

First off it can be said that the firearms on the school premises should not haver had any ammunition in tham at all. Would it not have been better if the firearms on the school premises were deactivated guns. But then surely this is a fault of the DEA Lecture system not the Agents carrying out the lectures.

Knowing Lee personally as I do he is an exceptionally professional and proud individual and I can vouch for the fact that he was indeed one of the top DEA Undercover operatives who placed his life on the line for job and Country. Given that it was an accident, that he beleived the weapon had no chambered round, and that no on ewas injured other than Lee what right has the DEA and the Country to ridicule this individual.

America has some serious issues with lax gun culture and racial issues that have never been put to bed and in my opinion Lee has fallen victim to those issues. I think it unfair to ctriticise him for "playing a race card" by mentioning white supremisists when in fact it this group that played the race card first.

If he never consented to the video being used then why was it used full stop. Bottom line is someone in the DEA released this video and doing so has poured oil on a flaming fire by aiding and abeting to damage Lee's mental state and life.

The issues of the lawsuit in my opinion run deeper than the incident itself. It has not been considered how many or how much drugs have not hit the streets as a result of Lee's previous actions and operations in the DEA.

People mention he was a scab player in the NFL, Oh so let me see now, no one watched the NFL strike games then during that season as a boycott, I dont think.

Accidents come in all shape and sizes and are unpredictable hence the term accident. I suggest before anyone offers opinion on such a matter they consider their own life and will soon relaise that very few people live in glass houses.

Personally I hope Lee gets paid a vast sum of money enough to relocate his family to another country and enjoy his life again.

Sadly America to me is to quick judge, to quick to throw its weight in, has serious racial issues and way to quick to sue.






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