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Bush Economy Creating Better Jobs

So much for the liberal argument that all the new jobs created are just hamburger flipper jobs. Check out these jobs created during the Bush economy:

The US economy isn't just producing jobs these days, it's also producing good jobs. Alongside the ads for jobs handling a cash register or a spatula are these new opportunities:

• In St. Louis, AFB International is enlisting both technicians, paid $30,000 to $40,000, and PhD scientists, offered $80,000 to $100,000, in its quest for the perfect pet food.

• In Delaware, Honeywell plans to hire people at $40,000 to $100,000 to work in a data-storage center.

• In southern California, some of the latest openings involve working on the railroad, for $35,000 to $70,000 a year. Union Pacific plans to add 2,000 employees altogether.

These reports in the past month symbolize a welcome trend during an economic expansion that at first offered only tepid job gains, both in quantity and quality.

So who will be the first to blame Bush?


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Comments (25)

An awful lot of burger-flip... (Below threshold)

An awful lot of burger-flipper/entry level jobs are going unfilled, judging from the help wanted signs I've been seeing...


There's a helluva lot of no... (Below threshold)

There's a helluva lot of non-minimum entry-level jobs going empty, too. A lot of the folks I work for are screaming for new guys to do mildly technical stuff for $12-$15+ an hour.

(A burger flipper makes $10 an hour to start around here, BTW)

Obviously there are jobs ev... (Below threshold)

Obviously there are jobs even the illegal aliens won't do.

Wow! Is there a new burger ... (Below threshold)

Wow! Is there a new burger export market that's gone unremarked? http://www.vdare.com/roberts/060303_jobs.htm

I blame Bush.... (Below threshold)

I blame Bush.

Great post. I heard someone... (Below threshold)

Great post. I heard someone on FOX news say that anyone without a job today don't want a job and the local colleges are saying they have more job offers than they will have graduates this year. Someone slip a sleeping pill in Hillary the Weasel's coffee and play her a tape while she sleeps. It might just penetrate her thick skull, nope, no way to override her supidity. Promised NY 200,000 new jobs, lost over a 100,000, now it's all Bush's fault. He is one busy man, running the country and closing businesses in NY so they can open in a fair tax red state. Makes sense to me.

It's not a question of blam... (Below threshold)

It's not a question of blaming Bush, it's whether the few remaining members of his fan club are giving him credit for what he really didn't have that much to do with.

Question: other than the tax cuts, which have helped, but which have less of an impact than the low Greenspan-engineered interest rates, what exactly has Bush done to boost the economy?

Do you seriously think our economy wasn't going to bounce back after the collapse of the tech bubble and the 9/11 attacks?

Bush deserves credit for cu... (Below threshold)

Bush deserves credit for cutting the taxes and letting the market recover on its own and NOT fiddling with it like past Presidents did. He doesn't deserve credit for what he did, but for what he DIDN'T do.

Also, I think the main point being made is that people blaming him for a downturn are also the few remaining anti-supporters that won't give him any credit for anything.

I still think he's dropping the ball on immigration/colonization.

YipeeKaiyay!On Tar... (Below threshold)


On Target again!

McGehee is hot this week. Win a contest and he's on a roll.

Where I live, in northern A... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Where I live, in northern Alabama, it's nearly impossible to find anyone reliable to do construction work. And I think part of the reason is that the local aerospace companies are sucking up all of the good technical talent, leaving the construction field to the drunks and transients.

I've always felt that if yo... (Below threshold)

I've always felt that if you are going to give a President credit for the good times, then you also give the President blame for the bad times.

And vice versa.

However, I choose to never give the President, whoever he is, credit or blame in general - since there are simply too many variables involved in the economic "big picture". Likewise, at any given time, whether during prosperity or recession, you can find figures that sharply diverge with the overall trends. Instead, most people end up assigning credit or blame according to their particular partisan lens - "their" guy is always good, the "other" guy is always bad.

My two cents.

As I've said before I live ... (Below threshold)

As I've said before I live in Michigan which boasts the worst economy in the US. Because of Union greed, Auto Industry executive ignorance and a state governement without a clue - we are losing jobs and businesses by the boat load. So now what does our clueless Legislature do?... they increase the minimum wage (one way for union workers to get a pay raise - because now they'll expect a raise in pay to stay so much above minimum wage - a vicious circle.) Our moonbat, and even more clueless Governor, then vetos a bill that would have decreased or virtually eliminate the MI Single Business Tax ( one of the three highest in the country.) So now what incentive is there for new businesses, and the jobs they bring, to locate in Michigan?

In my town alone (N. Mich. tourist area with a closed down Air Base) a company wanted to build a new hanger that would bring in 600 new jobs paying $26+ per hour. That deal is dead because of our Governor's veto. Her plan is to give grants to qualifing cities so they can be distingusted as " Cool Cities." What a joke! We are losing all of our bright young college graduates to other states because they can't get jobs here.

In Michigan's case - it's our State Governement - not the Federal Government holding us back. We'd have good paying jobs if it weren't for their dumbass policies.

I'm partially in agreement ... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

I'm partially in agreement with shingles. I think there are only two things that Presidents can do to really effect the economy one way or the other. One is to press for changes in federal income tax rates. (But of course, Congress has to go along with it.) The other is to control the pace of issuance of federal regulations. I am convinced that part of the reason behind the Carter stagflation period was the huge expansion in the number and impact of federal regs that took place during his administration.

this goes perfectly my post... (Below threshold)

this goes perfectly my post today called: if Liberals (Hillary) had accomplishments they would have to run as fighters.

Hillary was in Upstate NY (my former home) blaming the Bush administration for her not meeting her campaign promise from 2000 to create 200k new jobs, when the area actually lost 114k jobs since 2000.

Actually, you could interpr... (Below threshold)

Actually, you could interpret it one of two ways...one is that she blamed Bush for winning and destroying the NY economy as, somehow, federal tax cuts cripple local economies in her world (doesn't make much sense)...the other is she is blaming Gore for NOT winning (and magically keeping the 90's economy rolling even though it was already dying at the time). In other words, neither makes a lick of sense. But then again, a Senator promising to create jobs (or a President, for that matter), doesn't make much sense, either (unless, of course, we're talking about hiring a few million cargo container inspectors to work for Uncle Sam). Of course it all conveniently ignores certain major economy-shaking events in September of 2001, but the Democrats don't like to talk about them too much since they clearly had nothing to do with the economy or nuttin'.

we do realize the unemploym... (Below threshold)

we do realize the unemployment rate is a reflection of the number of people filing claims. not the number of jobs created.

Depends on which unemployme... (Below threshold)

Depends on which unemployment report you're talking about, George, doesn't it? Labor's payroll survey versus the household employment? The numbers being bandied about (4.7% at latest?)are the Labor figure (right?), which runs below the actual employment figure. However, in NY's case, I don't think it's undercounting...they really are struggling.

Sillary is all full of hot... (Below threshold)

Sillary is all full of hot air just like monicas boyfriend Bill , typical lib blaming Bush for her inadaquasies..

You are right Kim, I have s... (Below threshold)

You are right Kim, I have some other exciting job opportunities for you that frat boy can take credit for:
1. Bankruptcy lawyer.
2. Undertaker and mortician.
3. Psychiatrist.
4. Burn specialist.
5. Unemployment counselor.
6. Right wnig radio talk show host.
7. Bicycle salesman.
8. Priest.
9. Cartoonist.
10. Prosthesis salesman.

Yeah there are lots of jobs out here , you just have to know where to look that's all.

why dont you try ms. mckin... (Below threshold)

why dont you try ms. mckinneys office ?

Hey Virgo, I don't think sh... (Below threshold)

Hey Virgo, I don't think she could help me I am not in her district. Besides, I already have a job.

Why don't you check with the congress woman? I bet she could find a job for even you.

I could,nt stomach the pay... (Below threshold)

I could,nt stomach the paycut, by the way all those jobs you listed above, im glad you pointed out that none of them count as a real job since Bush got to the whitehouse..

They might not have been re... (Below threshold)

They might not have been real jobs BEFORE frat boy got to the white house, but they are certainly real jobs now.

BTW I hope whatever high paying job you are in doesn't call for reading comprehension, because if it does, you are cheating your employer.

If you have a job what are... (Below threshold)

If you have a job what are you so ungrateful for ?
cant you make a comment without adding a cutting remark ? and im sure all those people working in the fields you mentioned got paid for their work even before Frat boy was president, they did not do these things for free.

Question for lakestate: Is ... (Below threshold)

Question for lakestate: Is that closed down airbase in N. Mich. Kincheloe?

Thank You Michigan State Governers, you greedy fux. I can't find a job doing anything anywhere in this state.






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