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"Family Fun" -- if you're the Manson family

Kevin and I have never really discussed just what my duties as "Section Editor" involve, but there are a few things I've taken on. One of them is cleaning out the spam in the comments and trackbacks. I try to do it at least once a day, weeding out legit comments and trackbacks that got filtered while deleting the bad ones. Usually, I just wipe them out without a second thought, but this morning one caught my eye for special attention.

Some spammer wanted to plug his Disney-related site. I happen to know that some of the nastiest, vilest, most tenacious, most vicious creatures on the face of the earth are Disney lawyers looking to protect their company's copyrights and trademarks. The thought of feeding the spammer to the lawyers struck me as tremendously tempting, so I went over to Disney's site and started looking for a contact e-mail.

Disney, though, apparently doesn't want to get contacted like that. I looked for a form or an e-mail address, but no luck. So I plugged "copyright permission" into their search engine to see if anything came up. And something certainly did.

Oh, no way of getting in touch with Disney lawyers. But in the ad sidebar, for familyfun.com, some rather interesting results cropped up.

Boy, those folks over at Familyfun.com have some interesting ideas for entertainment...

For those who can't make out the details, "copyright permission" search results involved such entertaining topics as stillbirth, circumcision, infertility surgery, postpartum depression, sex after childbirth, and nursing.

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Gee JT, aren't those ads ba... (Below threshold)

Gee JT, aren't those ads based on your browsing history?

And here I was trying to fi... (Below threshold)
just me:

And here I was trying to figure out what was so bad-I was thinking pedophiles or something.

Most of those topics are pretty "mommish" to me, I would expect to see that stuff in just about any parenting magazine.






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