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Migrants Rush Arizona Border in Anticipation of Guest Worker Program

It's starting already. According to this article, Mexican migrants are rushing the Mexico/Arizona border.

NOGALES, Mexico (AP) - At a shelter overflowing with migrants airing their blistered feet, Francisco Ramirez nursed muscles sore from trekking through the Arizona desert - a trip that failed when his wife did not have the strength to go on.

He said the couple would rest for a few days, then try again, a plan echoed by dozens reclining on rickety bunk beds and carpets tossed on the floor after risking violent bandits and the harsh desert in unsuccessful attempts to get into the United States.

The shelter's manager, Francisco Loureiro, said he has not seen such a rush of migrants since 1986, when the United States allowed 2.6 million illegal residents to get American citizenship.

This time, the draw is a bill before the U.S. Senate that could legalize some of the 11 million people now illegally in the United States while tightening border security. Migrants are hurrying to cross over in time to qualify for a possible guest-worker program - and before the journey becomes even harder.

"Every time there is talk in the north of legalizing migrants, people get their hopes up, but they don't realize how hard it will be to cross," Loureiro said.

This story shows once again that we must secure our borders before we even discuss a guest worker program.


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Comments (15)

By the time the sorry congr... (Below threshold)

By the time the sorry congress members get off their ass the 10-12 million criminals will have swelled to 25 million +. Don't we have the most stupid group in congress that anyone could have picked if they were searching for stupid. Fence the place off and declare it a facility for the criminally insane.

Annexing Mexico would be fa... (Below threshold)

Annexing Mexico would be far easier than this Political BS! Just annex it divide it into another 10 states and start putting them to work building their sociey, instead of having them flee to us up north.

Yeah. I agree. We should ... (Below threshold)
Deport all illegals:

Yeah. I agree. We should start by first sending all white people back to Europe.

After you sir.... (Below threshold)

After you sir.

Is anybody surprised? Thos... (Below threshold)

Is anybody surprised? Those idiots in Washington (and I include the president) act as if they've got a static situation: all the POSSIBLE illegals are in the country, they can be made legal with a wave of the amnesty wand, and there will never be any more.

I think that, if I worked for the Border Patrol, I'd have to be on serious meds and in therapy seven days per week to deal with the frustration.

AM, you sound like a Mexica... (Below threshold)

AM, you sound like a Mexican: " A resented "indian" who is still fighting the 18th Century "Spanish Colonialism"of the cursed "Guero"
white, brown haired, green-eyed "Spaniards", in their minds and prejudices, and who blame their abject poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance on everyone but themselves after almost two hundred years of "self-governance" at the hands of such
"indian" "pichones de dictadores" as that
insufferable upstart, Benito Juarez, his half-breed "Generalisimo" who deposed him, Porfirio Diaz, and evey other ignorant and barbaric
"bandido", from Pancho Villa to Emiliano Zapata, and 75 years of PRI that have ruled them! They have no one but themselves to blame. Take Germany, for instance, it was not even a "Nation" when Mexico was already a "Republic", has risen twice from the ashes, after two World Wars and one of the most brutal dictatorships known to man, and it is today a strong , united, and prosperous nation!!!

Mexicans ought to go "demonstrate" in Mexico in front of "El Palacio Rosa," instead of on the streets of Washington! They should get their own house in order and their act together, instead of coming here, the home of the hated "Gringo", to screw-up ours! Period!!!


On the lighter side of thin... (Below threshold)

On the lighter side of things, earlier today I was surfing channels, it was the news hour locally, and everywhere that I switched the images of the massive illegal immigration rallies, and the chants of "Si se puede!" (apparently these Mexicans think of this conflict as of a FIFA soccer match similar to the one they lost at the World Cup in Korea a few years back, where they were all chanting the same thing) stared at my face out of my TV screen with the usual "whining" and "hand wringing" that usually accompanies them from the "Pundits and their "guests", as to what are we going to do with these 11 to 20 million illegals in our midst - as if we could not simply enforce our existing laws, round them all up, and send them all packing home, which apparently we are too "queazy," and "effeminate" as a nation (must be all that getting in touch with our "feminine" side fad of the past few years) to even consider without fainting (like I've said, that look of "smug" satisfaction at our perceived "impotence" on their faces when they tell us: "We are here, we are going nowhere, and what are you going to do about it" is priceless!!!).

I then switched to the "Animal Planet Channel," and was amazed at how enthusiastically, professionally, and "effectively" California Game and Wildlife Officers rounded up and arrested "abalone poachers" along the Pacific coast! It was quite a "sting" (and we can all sleep better knowing that the "Civil Rights" of abalone were duly protected!).

Now don't get me wrong, I am as much in favor of "conservancy" and "ecology" as the next guy, I do love animals and want to protect them and our environment, and I'm a firm advocate for the rights of whales not to be "discriminated" against because of their "girth" and made to pay more for airfare by the "prejudiced" airlines, but my God, if we'd put half the resources, the effort, and the dedication into enforcing our immigration laws and apprehending and deporting illegal aliens, as we put into apprehending "abalone poachers," "fishermen that may have gone a couple of trouts over their limit," or "elderly beachcombers in Maryland" who inadvertently picked up oysters that were under 3 inches, all of whom get caught, rounded up, slapped with cuffs, and unfailingly sent to jail (as we all see every night on Animal Planet shows), we would not have an illegal immigration problem at all! Hence, I have the following proposal:

Perhaps we should switch the roles, and have the States's "Departments of Game and Wildlife" enforce our immigration laws, and have "ICE" go after fishermen with expired licenses! That will probably solve the problem....it might make life a little easier for folks who fish too (due to the lack of enforcement)!

Also, imagine all the extra revenue the States might get when "Game and Wildlife Departments" start issuing licenses to hunt "Mexicans" along with moose, elk, deer, bear etc ( I can almost picture a couple of Head-hunter " Diplomatic Attaches" to the UN, asking the waiter at a fine New York restaurant: "Excuse me, we would like some Wild Game for dinner. Are "Mexicans" in season?")

Sounds like a winning proposition all around! Happy hunting!


Althor :)

If you think it's bad now, ... (Below threshold)

If you think it's bad now, wait until a bill gets passed. A human wave will cross the border.

the really sad part is that... (Below threshold)

the really sad part is that the ap took pictures and interviewed people planning on crossing the border illegally, and then probably did absolutely nothing to keep them from following through, like informing the border patrol.

Hmmm.What's more w... (Below threshold)


What's more with out utterly ludicrous election laws all of these illegals are going to vote in the 2006 and 2008 elections.

Anyone want to guess how they will vote?

What we're seeing here is the first stage of a **coup**.

10-20 million illegals already in this country with tens of millions more. Only 120 million people voted in the 2004 election. Just imagine the impact adding 5+ million illegal alien voters to a senate race in California or Colorado.

Jesus H. Christ. They don't need to fight us to take over this country. They can do it simply by invading us over the border and then voting us out of power.

I've been predicting this f... (Below threshold)

I've been predicting this for weeks. This the same (sort of) thing that happened in the lead up to the Iraq war. As the UN, France, Germany and Russia dragged their feet on holding Saddam accountable for his WMDs - he was busy sending them to Syria and getting the rest of his house in order. Who came out looking like the fools then?... the US and the UK.

Now we have the Dumbocrats and a few liberal Repubs. holding up legislation on a border security and immigration bill. Meanwhile the illegals are flooding into the US. Who do think will come out looking bad after the smoke clears? The consevatives of both parties. I hope the majority of people in this country that want the borders secure and no amnesty remember this at election time.

althor, Jonathan Swift was ... (Below threshold)

althor, Jonathan Swift was jailed for just such "A MODEST PROPOSAL"

Dear Wovoka,You ar... (Below threshold)

Dear Wovoka,

You are too kind! Were it that I could ever be as brilliant a satirist as Swift, but I am flattered by the allusion! Thanks!

Dear Daniel,

The reason the AP did nothing to prevent the people planning on crossing the border on whom they reported, from following through by informing the Border Patrol, is because as we all well know, the American Press and the Media are completely "impartial" and alerting the authorities may have constituted an anti-"undocumented workers" "bias" on their part!

And I stressed the "undocumented workers" because remember that to call them "Illegal aliens" is a "derogatory remark" akin to calling blacks the "N" word according to protests organizer Nativo Lopez of the "Hermandad Mexicana" or "Mexican Brotherhood" (isn't that like the Mexican version of the "Aryan Brotherhood" for racist Indians and Half-breeds?!?! Hmmmm!!!)

The fact that AP is "impartial", however, does not preclude them from giving the poor, tired, sore and blistered, "undocumented workers" they interviewed, a lift to the fence in their vehicle, though....for humanitarian reasons...

And Dear Ed,

Not trying to be pessimistic, but.... if the GOP desn't divorces itself from the White House, as they did over the Dubai Ports deal, from "illegal immigrants" and their lobbyists, and does pass legislation securing our border and "mandating" law enforcement agencies (by Federal Law, all across the country - no more "Sanctuary" nonsense!)to enforce our "immigration laws", criminalize being in the country illegally, and going after those who hire illegal aliens with stiff penalties, including jail time, to dry up the so called "magnet" they will most likely lose in November, and then the Democrats will only open up even more the floodgates, in a "Catch-22" situation!!!

Unless the GOP is serious in truly representing the people who sent them to Washington, instead of pandering to illegals and the "Special Interest Groups" behind them, they will most likely loose the elections in November, and then with the floodgates open, we will truly become "La Republica del Norte", a physical extension, "ethnically" and "geographically" of Mexico, the Spanish-Nahuatl "pidgin" they speak will become our "Official Language" taught to our children alongside "Spanglish", and America will just become one more "Latin American Third World Nation".... and in a hundred years time, blacks in America will most likely be "extinct," and the only few whites remaining will live in small pockets, like scattered islands amidst a sea of Mexicans!!!


All excellent points and al... (Below threshold)

All excellent points and also highly probable outcomes , i know i wont vote for these panderers and i bet a lot of others wont either.

Hmmm.Not ... (Below threshold)


Not trying to be pessimistic

*shrug* I'm already there.

Frankly there's supposed to be some sort of anti-illegal immigration rally in Washington DC on April 23rd, which is a Sunday. I'm going to pack a light bag and my digital camera and attend the rally.

I have nothing against legal immigrants, hell I am one from South Korea. But the potential danger to this country and it's political stability is just too great.

It's like a rowboat in the middle of a lake. If there is an orderly and organized process for people to get out of the water and into the boat, then all is well. Too many people all at once and the rowboat will capsize.






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