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More Bad News for Rep. McKinney

Expose the Left is reporting that the officer Rep. McKinney hit is considering a lawsuit against her:

WASHINGTON -- The top police union official in the U.S. was in Washington today, urging the police officer who was involved in a run-in with Rep. Cynthia McKinney D-Ga. to file a lawsuit against the congresswoman.

McKinney is accused of striking a Capitol Police officer, after the officer failed to recognize her and stopped her at a security checkpoint.

Channel 2 Action News learned exclusively that the president of the largest police union in the U.S. met with the unidentified officer this morning to talk over a possible lawsuit.

"We're going to make sure the officer won't be harassed. We want the officer to be able talk to experts, who can look at his legal recourses, if he needed to," says Chuck Canterbury, national president of the Fraternal Order of Police.

And the FOP is looking into McKinney's body guard who said he was a police officer.


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Comments (20)

Seems justifiable enough ,... (Below threshold)

Seems justifiable enough , I heard Tom Delay on Rush say He would bring Her up on ethics charges if no one else does.. that should be fun to watch.

Yeah, TD bringing McKinney ... (Below threshold)
Rush names his left bottock Virgo:

Yeah, TD bringing McKinney up on ethics charges. That's rich.

I'd sue her to kingdom come... (Below threshold)

I'd sue her to kingdom come

Yeah, all we need are more ... (Below threshold)
Republicans for More Tort:

Yeah, all we need are more lawsuits. Sue everybody, I say. If we sue everybody, maybe the trial lawyers would leave the Democrats and come to our side?

Oh, and what are we suing McKinney for? Can we sue Rush too? What about Flammity? Or Mann Coulter?

Can we sue them? Oh please, can we?

What praytell is a left Bo... (Below threshold)

What praytell is a left Bottock? Whoever it is thats afraid to use a real name ?

How about we sue You for being brainless Suesymoretort..

Silly Virgo, RLLB ... (Below threshold)
My Real Name is Virgo:

Silly Virgo,

RLLB (Rush Limbaugh's Left Buttock) is where he keeps his pills. Do I have to explain EVERYTHING to you?

Virgo being your real name explains a lot. If I had such a retarded name, I'd be angry all the time too...

MRNIV, ZINGER! And so true,... (Below threshold)

MRNIV, ZINGER! And so true, the blitherer!

Man, I love that Wizbang ha... (Below threshold)

Man, I love that Wizbang has 20 stories on McKinney, all with commentary. However, 1 article about DeLay stepping down, offered with zero commentary. Get your news here folks.

Its ok...you guys all stand... (Below threshold)

Its ok...you guys all stand up for a piece of execrement black woman yelling discrimination. She looks like Buckwheat peeing on an electric fence and you really dig it....but, of course, I will fight for your right to feel as you please. But please have some taste you limp wristed white hating libs.

Jp2 , what's the matter? ... (Below threshold)
ROB in LA Calif.:

Jp2 , what's the matter? You miss the Clinton days of complete control of info. to deceice the public? It's common knoledge that the democrats are liars , corrupt and they admit that they "WILL SAY ANYTHING" and "DO WHATEVER IT TAKES" to take back power since they can't get it by means of an honest election.

The liberals on this thread... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

The liberals on this thread really need to lay off the pipe and the acid. Can you guys and gals please only post after you've returned from your trips?


Dickdee, while pretending to be a conservative, you should realize that the most rascist people in this country are liberals. You make this point crystal clear.

bryanD Hey , blit... (Below threshold)


Hey , blitherbrain ' how,d your tryout at air america pan out? i bet they thought you were to angry to change Frankens drawers. dont worry you,ll always have a place here with the rest of the spastic lib,s.

jp2Delay getting s... (Below threshold)


Delay getting set-up by the left and a hack for hire D.A. is self explanatory..

That maybe self explanatory... (Below threshold)
Deport Virgo:

That maybe self explanatory. But the fact remains that your English is appalling. I am now convinced that Virgo is an Al Qaeda terrorist masquerading as a redneck.

Deport Virgo to Baghdad now!

Rob,Please go back... (Below threshold)
Left Coast:


Please go back to your job as a fluffer in Chatsworth. Or get out of California. We don't want you here, you hateful little putz.

I'd say go for it. She woul... (Below threshold)

I'd say go for it. She wouldn't hesitate an instant to sue him, were the facts reversed.

To the Gutless Tard 3 par... (Below threshold)

To the Gutless Tard 3 paragraphs up ^

If my english is so bad how come a jismy quivering spinchter muncher like you can understand it hmmmm " less than -7 IQ

High quality dialogue here.... (Below threshold)

High quality dialogue here.

Thank you..... (Below threshold)

Thank you..

I hope he does sue the GHET... (Below threshold)

I hope he does sue the GHETTO BEOTCH...!






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