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MySpace Page Leads To Rearrest Of Ex-Teacher Pamela Rogers


My referrer logs tell me that another teacher arrested for having sex with an underage student is in the news again. This time it's Pamela Rogers Turner. From Nashville's NewsChannel 5:

Pamela Rogers was back in court Wednesday, charged with violating seven terms of her probation.

Prosecutors said Rogers wasn't allowed to use the Internet or have any contact with the victim's family.

Investigators believe Rogers broke both of those rules.

Rogers was released on bond Wednesday but will be back in court in July.

If Rogers is found guilty on these charges, she may have to serve more jail time.

Part of Roger's plea agreement ordered her not to use the Internet.

...Authorities said Rogers used a popular interactive Web site called Myspace.com to communicate with the victim's 17-year-old sister.

The court ordered her not to contact the victim or his family and to not use the Internet.

Here's the creepy part. On her alleged MySpace page (cached at BadJocks) she leaves this message for her former lover

TO NUMBER 32..... "My Plans are Your Plans...." "Nothing's Changed...." "Say it.....say it...." Always is the word, Baby, always. Listen to "Far Away" by Nickleback.... that's for you. But, you know... I hate hearing something that is exactly the opposite of what you have said. I hate lies. Honesty is the biggest, most important trait in people. When I find out that I have been lied to and deceived, after all the sacrifices I have made, it makes me wanna.....

Later, in another section of the page, she says this:

Also, I am not looking for a boyfriend, I am happily single and I went through a divorce about a year ago, so I am not looking for anyone.... I still do believe in LOVE, though... ;p I just think that I will wait for about 3 years before I fall into that..... Always, PJ

If the page is really hers, which seems likely given the volume of photos shown in the frontpage slideshow, it sure looks like Rogers is heading down the trail blazed by Mary Kay Letourneau. Perhaps, instead of sending her back to jail, authorities should mandate psychiatric care...

More pictures from Pamela Rogers MySpace page - [BadJocks]
Pamela Rogers Archive - [Wizbang]


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Comments (84)

I tried to hit on honeys li... (Below threshold)

I tried to hit on honeys like that ( teachers) when I was in school but alas no luck.

What kind of line do these ... (Below threshold)

What kind of line do these kids throw??? I think they've got a tremendous opportunity to make some money for themselves by publishing a "how-to" book:

"Hot for Teacher: A Easy Guide to Picking Up Hot Older Women".

The thing would FLY off the shelves.

Previous comments only supp... (Below threshold)

Previous comments only support lighter sentencing for females. You guys should try for a seat on her jury. Perhaps you could win a date afterwards. Carry on.

The wraping is nice, but yo... (Below threshold)

The wraping is nice, but you know she is seriously f'd in the head. I'd like to hear what her ex-husband has to say.

Previous comments ... (Below threshold)
Previous comments only support lighter sentencing for females.

You're reading a little too much into things, Lost.

Apparently there's a strong... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Apparently there's a strong desire on the part of some female teachers to expand their repertory of subjects to include love making techniques. These unselfish professionals merely what to ensure the success of their students by honing their love making skills through proper instruction and lots of drill and practice. State testing standards require students pass a final exam and these dedicated teachers allow students to practice for that high stakes test as often as they desire.

Unless the woman does somet... (Below threshold)

Unless the woman does something against the boys will, he can'tbe raped.

Boys at that age will stick their dick in anything willingly. Hence the pie joke in American Pie.

I WAS IN THE SAME SITUATION... (Below threshold)


Looking at her site, she is... (Below threshold)

Looking at her site, she is just sad and pathetic. Something has gone wrong in her head!

Pamela is not guilty of any... (Below threshold)

Pamela is not guilty of any of this!!!!

Pamela is not guilty of any... (Below threshold)

Pamela is not guilty of any of this!!!!

ARE U SERIOUS LYNN .,, WTF ... (Below threshold)


This whole thing seems a li... (Below threshold)

This whole thing seems a little screwy. Are they just out to get her? She posted a message referring to someone. That is not really contact with him is it? And anyone can find photos of her on the internet and post them. To send her to prison for 8 years for this myspace thing is absurd. 8 years is a long freaking time. Let's not forget she was good friends with that whole family before any of this started.

And another thing. Includi... (Below threshold)

And another thing. Including a probation provision that says you can not use the internet is just stupid. That's just setting someone up for failure in today's society. But I guess she agreed to it.

she can use the internet, j... (Below threshold)

she can use the internet, just cant contact anyone, plus she put stuff that incriminates her on the internet, what a tard

wha !! Put stuff on the int... (Below threshold)

wha !! Put stuff on the internet that incriminates Her ? i better erase my files.

she sure dolled herself up ... (Below threshold)

she sure dolled herself up for the cameras did,nt she !

I'm really shocked by some ... (Below threshold)

I'm really shocked by some of the comments here defending this woman. She is a PEDOPHILE and should never had been released to begin with. I'm glad she showed her stupidity by posting this info. at Myspace...I only wished her sentence was much longer. We have a duty to protect our children from these sickos out there. Giving them short sentences is not protecting our children...it only sends the message that we are not concerned with their future or their mental health. Its time to right the wrongs and stop confusing our youth. It's because of people like Pamela, our society is as whacked as it is.

I say, "Lock her up and throw away the key"!

I don't know about you peop... (Below threshold)

I don't know about you people, but in my experience nice wrapping + seriously f'd in the head = the best sex ever. Why waste that on a high school kid?

Where were these teachers w... (Below threshold)

Where were these teachers when I was in school? It is wrong for these teachers to be taking advantage of these young kids, but I'm not so sure if I were in their shoes and my hot teacher wants a piece of me that I would be doing too much complaining. Wish I was young again, but knowing my luck I'd have some old hag for a teacher.

Man Pam really screwed up t... (Below threshold)

Man Pam really screwed up this time didn't she?.....so much for her not being guilty eh Moon?
....before this went down I got letters from her admitting it all so....I'm not going to try and be her friend or protect her anymore man she's on her own. I tried to give her good advice while we wrote letters during her jailtime on moving on and rebuilding her life and esteem but....she just ignored it all she was just interested in flirting with me and hooking up when she got out....instead she dumps me for a 15 year old....that felt really wierd.
I mean I thought Pam was just another nutty gal like I always seem to end up dating so I just sort of blew off her odd nature....hell show me a woman that isn't a little wierd right?....but I never saw this coming....and I'm pissed at her for being so stupid and self-destructive.
I can't hang around for that. I'm letting her go. She needs the kind of help that can only come from trained professionals.
For what its worth she's not a pedaphile....beleive me the young man she went after was very physicaly mature and "equipped" if you know what I mean....the reason I know is because she told me....in so many words. She'd never gone after him otherwise. But going after him again after her release was absurd. She knew better than that shit. Her life is now forfiet.

Pamela is not guilty of any... (Below threshold)

Pamela is not guilty of any of this!!!

hell, i'd fuck her too<br /... (Below threshold)

hell, i'd fuck her too

Sorry if I can't bring myse... (Below threshold)

Sorry if I can't bring myself to take you seriously there Curly Larry and uh...Moe...three stooges right?....and I'm supposed to take your word on this?.....uhm.....yeah....ok.

Brian...I must disagree wit... (Below threshold)

Brian...I must disagree with you on the wether or not she's a pedophile. The boy was 13...maybe mature physically but by no means, mature mentally! I've been racking my brain trying to figure out Pam's mentality here. Why on earth would she even consider the possibility of carrying on with a boy?? I guess I'll never understand the mentality of the Pam's and Mary Kay's out there.

I am glad that you've given up on trying to be a friend to her...she's not worth it.

And to the stooge fan....let's see some proof to your claim.

you guys are fucking retard... (Below threshold)
Rich City:

you guys are fucking retarded... She is not a pedofile. It takes 2 to tango. A guy doesnt get his penis hard from torture or someone forcing him. So let Pamela Rogers off the hook. She does not deserve this.

Rich City:....yeah i... (Below threshold)

Rich City:
....yeah its kinda' hard to rape a guy when his dick is limp and he's running in the other direction....you got a point....beleive me man....we all know he ate it up like candy....but sadly, I'm afraid thats beside the point....Pam broke a law...hey listen...I'd like to let her off the hook you kiddin'....a woman like that walking around that can't control her sexual urges?.....hell I'm not complaining or threatened....but our godfathers in washington don't feel to cozy about it....and Moon made a good point to....about the maturity thing...

Moon....Pam did it because she had an extremely young yet- manly-for-his-age prepetual erectioned sex machine on call at her immediate command and disposal. Now, this is a tremendous sexual turn on for a woman almost 30 with the right mentality ( or wrong mentality in this case ) to be tempted with all the time like she was....and when she expereinced a glimps of his youthful ability to screw her silly....she ( and he ) became addicted....her more than he obviously.
If I had a 13 year old son, who like me was very developed at that age, I'd rather he be exposed to the embrace of a woman in his early manhood instead of the dark specter of pornography and the debilitating sexual habits and perceptions of women that would result and follow. Porn has nothing to do with real human sexual expereinces and dynamics, its actualy a poor sick portrayal of human sexuality and blatant disregard and disrespect of women and their needs. And I'd feel much more comfortable catching him in the arms of a beautiful intelligent woman than mind-fucked by pornographic influences.
But I must admit your point.....sex between female's over 20 and males in the young manhood of their teens is pretty intense stuff.....like crack cocaine.... I would know..... I've expreinced it(both actualy)....its been deemed by our society as taboo....a forbidden pleasure.....and for good reason. A young man of 13 having sex with a woman vs having sex with another girl of 13 is a totaly different expereince and matter. A 13 year old boy having sex with a 13 year old girl is nowhere as intense or strangely exquisite when compared to sex with a woman.....strictly no contest. When your a teenaged boy, sex with a woman is like a drug. And just like a drug, the heightened first time expereince of sex beyond what is normal can sometimes mess with a young man's mind in a negative way should he not have the emotional constitution to deal with such a sudden intense, provocative pleasurable expereince. Most young men in their teens however are not that vulnerable sexualy, And they eat it up like candy, I damn sure wasn't (vulnerable) and I did (eat it like candy)....but then again some are of weaker constitution, and to be sexualized that early would not serve them well mentaly and emotionaly....and thats reason enough to take the moral high ground....even if its just to protect the weaker few. And, like Moon, I have to cast my vote in favor of protecting the potentialy weak. Despite my darker masculine side wanting to let Pam off the hook. Beleive me, a part of me would really like to.
Besides, these activities between women and younger men are having wierd repercussions, have you noticed?...I mean now females over 20 are no longer to be trusted by anyone with teenage boys...its bizzare...but now a reality....it used to be that men were the stinkers who couldn't reliably control their biological urges....now women have been thrown into the same negative reputational cess-pool....oh I'm sure women are just thrilled with that. Thats just another societal pressure they gotta' deal with now.
And teachers....wow....as if they aren't overworked and underpaid enough, now they have to deal with this added burden and carry it....not good....not fair to them. Hell they are some of the most important people in our society and are not paid a fraction of what they are worth or deal with and this is how we thank them....more scandals....more precautions and restrictions against them. Making an impossible job even more so. Its stuff like this that caved the powerful Roman empire of old in. And ours is not far behind if we don't make some changes.

Amen, Brian....it's so nice... (Below threshold)

Amen, Brian....it's so nice to see a man here who is thinking with the right head!!!

Thanks Moon...I'm afraid I ... (Below threshold)

Thanks Moon...I'm afraid I don't deserve that kind of credit....LOL !!!!....but I'm working on it.
We men do have the tendency to think with our smallest head, its the way were built, and as a result we tend to overlook important details about women. I'm not going to make that mistake anymore. Or at least try to minimize it.
Our male dominated society has been underestimating a woman's ability to lust for centuries, and its coming back to bite us. As is clearly demonstrated by all these female sex scandals. And how suprised and alarmed everyone is by them. Instead of asking " oh my gawd...why are these women doing this...oh my gawd"....we should be asking...why the hell not? They are just responding to all the warped sexual propaganda that has been needled into our veins for decades now like some narcotic.
Women these days are freer, more sexualy empowered and expressive, and less inhibited....and are prone to act alot like men....acting out and on thier biological compulsions, even when inappropriate, instead of repressing them like they always have in the past.
and its just begun....you think the 60's and 70's were a sexual revolution....well....we ain't seen nothin' yet. Just wait.
Were in for a real shit storm. If anything....it will be interesting tho'...I must say.

man what a lucky kid i woul... (Below threshold)

man what a lucky kid i would have loved to wax that...........

The Sting of Pamela Rogers-... (Below threshold)

The Sting of Pamela Rogers----Phase Two
I take credit for being the most informed person about the case other than her mother and father. It seems that the Rogers case has become almost my third full time job, keeping up with what is happing next. I do know some information that I can share with the readers of this webpage. I have had two emails from a close friend of Pamela's and have talk with her brother by phone in the last three days.

I know that the boy's family changes there phone number to unlisted sometime in the spring of 2005. I know that the cell phone number that Pamela used to call the boy's mother on was disconnected sometime in the spring of 2005. This was the same number that the DA tried to say she used to contact the boy. I also know that Pamela did not know the new phone numbers. If there happens to be contact by phone it would have been by the boy or the boys family not Pamela.

I was email on about 20.February. 2006 by a teacher in South Fentress Elementary telling me that Pamela's mother wanted me to know they had disconnected their Internet service. I talked with Pamela's father sometime about 05.March. 2006 and the subject of the Internet did come up in that discussion and he said it has been disconnected. Some where around the 20.March.2006 I received a very distasteful email from some man that had ideas that Pamela was in love with him. I called the Rogers home and talked with Pamela's father and he said that wish you could just forward that to me, but we don't have the Internet. He asked me to mail a hard copy of the email to him. Which I did.

It seems that the Pictures on the web pages are some of the picture that Pamela misplaced in her haste retreat from Centertown. The writing on this web page is not in the form of writing that Pamela uses. Pamela Rogers almost has a Master degree in English. A less educated person wrote this page. We may never know who made the web page but two things are for sure. It was not by Pamela Joan Rogers and it was by someone that was close to the case. This person could either use the sister's email and played both the part of Pamela and the sister or they were able to make the sister think it was Pamela. Can anyone tell me how Dale Potter found this web page?

T. Dan Bass Ed.S
[email protected]

....Give it up Dan. ... (Below threshold)

....Give it up Dan.
For one thing.....I have those letters everyone, letters that Dan is just dying to get his mits on, because they tell a totaly differnt story in Pams own words and handwriting than the conspiracy theory he is trying to promote ....and I have that stupid inane Email he sent me claiming that a cell mate wrote me vicariously through Pamela. It was totaly retarded and an obvious rediculous fabrication. The infantile Email was supposed to have been forwarded to me from Pam, desighned to convince me that I never had contact with Pam while in jail, but with her cellmate instead, ....the email looked like it was written by a flighty 12 year old girl caught with her hand in the cookie jar, instead of an articulate, innocent, intelligent woman of almost 30. And it was such an obvious lie that I can't beleive they tried to even convince me of its authenticity, they must think I'm as dumb as they are.....LOL !!!! That was a bad boo-boo guys.
Hell all it did was furthur indicate to me that she's indeed as guilty as what she admited to me in her letters.
Hang it up pal....the fat lady has sung.
And for another...I thought Pam was in love with me?.....man who you trying to kid? Infatuated, sexualy aroused, flirtatious, .....yes.....but in love?....hell no....she wasn't anymore in love with me than she was the 13 year old she boinked.
The letters I wrote her were meant to seduce her into opening up so that I could peer into the mind of a female sexual predator of her caliber and type and do scientific research on it. And guess what....it worked.
Don't let the Harliquen romance novel style of my letters fool you into thinking that I was looking for anything else but info...I was just trying to mesmerize Pam into spilling her guts....and she did.
By the way Dan....the term for me is "brutaly honest"....not distasteful.
Distasteful is when you rape young boys.
If you don't like the way I verbaly express myself then continue to do what you do best when you deal with me....run and hide.
Oh by the way danny boy....I want you to plug this into your formula...ever think about what your going to do and how your going to feel when you analyze the handwriting of one of the letters I'm going send you and it matches Pam's handwriting....perfectly?....think about it bro.

Hey Moon....you getting an... (Below threshold)

Hey Moon....you getting any of this? Was I to hard on Dan? I was rude again wasn't I......damn. I really need to learn to hold my tongue.
Yeah Dan was the guy I was telling you about Moon who independantly investigated her case and discovered how haphazardly everything was handled and processed. Its true she had no evidence against her, none that would qualify as "exhibit A" or "exhibit B" in a court of law anyway, a court hearing would have basicaly been a free-for-all of their word against hers....a real media circus, and an oppurtunity for the sleazy tabloids to pounce. So a plea-bargain was worked up and settled on instead. To keep the media from milking this thing and embarrasing the hell out of Warren county more than it already has.
But Pam didn't need hard evidence against her she pretty much buried herself in a shit-storm of verbal self-destruction....going around telling friends what she'd done ( including me ) like she was almost proud of it.
Pam is gifted with a list of awesome qualities, and hell, I like her, can't help it, but she's dangerously naive, and has never learned to look before she leaps, and therefore does and says alot of things that are less than appropriate...and is always getting in some kind of trouble, I've never seen anyone attract more bad luck in all my life. She's a very sharp lady, very intelligent, hell she was a school teacher and terrific at it, but when it comes to being naive she has a cog missing upstairs. And it landed her in some serious deep mud this time.
You know, when you read Dan's stuff man you can't help but be impressed by his tenacity and loyalty and hard work. I get weird vibes from him, but I'd definitely want him in my corner if I ever needed investigative support, thats for sure.
I almost hate to send him copies of a couple of my letters for him to examine....whats he gonna' do when he finds out that all his hard work is all for naught?
Yo' Dan.....your not going to do something foolish when you find out those letters really are from Pam are ya? Its ok man......we all make oversights. Hey, you did your best.......it was kind of you. It really was. You may be a little peculiar but.....you are kind......to her anyway....can't really say the same for me tho'.....you were a condescending, aloof prick toward me from the very moment we met. And rudely ignored me until you discovered from Pamela that I have those letters. But hey, you know what, I forgive you. You've earned it.
What do you think Moon?

Oh and one last thing....I ... (Below threshold)

Oh and one last thing....I can't help but wonder what Dan's approach was to get in tight with Pamela and her folks.....how'd you pull that off Dan?......I begged and pleaded with Pam's parents when her case first reached "critical mass" and went nuclear.....and I got to talk to her mom a few times but they never embraced me like they did Dan.....all I got was a cold phone conversation and shoulder basicaly. And I'm very persuasive ( just ask Pam ), thats part of how I make my living, I'm in sales, and I'm a male model, so if I don't seduce.....I don't eat. Kind of like being a prostitute only on a higher level.....LOL !!!!
Anyway my hats off to ya' Dan for pulling that off you suceeded where I failed.....you must be very overtly non-threatening somehow....your either handicapped ( wheelchair, crutches, body-cast ) with some obvious injury or infirmity, or your extremely efiminate ( perhaps blatantly gay? ) or very elderly. Whatever it was.....it worked......more power to ya'.
You know, it just dawned on me, I should have talked and acted like I was hard core gay when I talked to Pams folks the first time, man that would have put them at ease and relaxed them like three shots of Jack Daniels.....LOL !!!! Why do I always think of this stuff after the fact? Oh well.....20/20 hindsight vision I guess.

As Larry The Cable Guy says... (Below threshold)
Terry"Big Cock" Paul:

As Larry The Cable Guy says: GET ER DONE!!!!!! I'd fuck the livin shit out of that and then drink her bath water!

It's me again. Anyone know ... (Below threshold)
Terry "Big Cock" Paul:

It's me again. Anyone know where the Video is with Pamela in it.

Love the screen name there ... (Below threshold)

Love the screen name there Mr. Big Cock.....you must really be popular with the chics....LOL !!!!
....the Ms. Nitro Video?....try the badjocks website....there's a dude there who might can hook you up....google in the name Badjocks....and go from there....unless your talking about the video of Pam in court and on the news,,,,hell you can find those everywhere online bro....

Hell, my kingdom for her ph... (Below threshold)

Hell, my kingdom for her phone number or e-mail address...Can anyone provide?

brian,you are not ... (Below threshold)


you are not very bright...you cannot allow 28 year old teachers to poke students of 13-14 years...no need to say more...to say that the 14 was aroused therefore no crime was committed is an indicator of your extreme ignorance of sexual abuse....you must have been brain sodomised!

DAMN, WE NEED MORE TEACHERS... (Below threshold)
Camote Rabbit:


One of the videos she sent ... (Below threshold)
Local observation:

One of the videos she sent the boy via cell phone is being fwd. all over the town where she was arrested. Anyone seen it yet?

Duly noted Tates...thanks..... (Below threshold)

Duly noted Tates...thanks....but you really need to read my interview concerning the letters I got from her in wich I actualy interviewed her while she did her first stint in jail...Email me and I will send you a copy ([email protected])...I said alot to redeem myself of the stupid dark philosophies I was promoting on this thing....my apologies....you will find from my interview that we are now on the same page....anyone else interested in this interview go for it...my sponser will be posting it for all to see online soon....but for now I will send anyone interested a copy....

This deceptive false moral ... (Below threshold)

This deceptive false moral standards are dooming this great nation. Pamela did dot rape the boy. She enjoyed being with him and he enjoyed being with her. That is so true that they met several times. In comunities less hypocrites than ours dad actually used to give money to their boys when they were 14 or 15 to go to and find a hooker (not any more because of AIDS). If Pamela could read this I would give her an advice: get out of this country, go and live in places like Brazil where what she did would not make her an "offender". This boy, if he grows up normal after seeing the best thing that happened to him being arrested, will thank their parents a lot for putting an end to what will be his best dream ever. Or maybe he turns out to be gay, for the joy of his parents.

I think they have made w... (Below threshold)

I think they have made way to much out of this. She is a teacher and I believe that is the part that the media is praying on! Lets face it.. If she a cashier at a grocery store, she would be fired and ran out of town... I can honestly say that I would have lost my virginity to this woman.. I would of asked myself "why me", but noticed I said afterwards. I dont think this thing was haunting him at all and to tell you the truth, the media is doing more mental damage then anything. The fact that in Jewish cultures, you are a man at 13 years old should say something...

PAM IS A HEROE god bless he... (Below threshold)
alex vilenchik:

PAM IS A HEROE god bless her. Fuck allof you prudes out there

Oh fuck, I have to comment ... (Below threshold)
El Bastardo:

Oh fuck, I have to comment on this!

First off, looking at this entire situation from a "legal" stand point, she is of course technically guilty of a crime. But our legal system, like many other aspects of our government, is a bunch of bull shit! I say this because there's so often a DOUBLE STANDARD when trying cases just like this one. Pamelas treatment and punishment was such a joke compared to what happens to MEN who are found guilty of similar "crimes". Technically, she should have been punished as severely as a man would have been, instead of a slap on the ass and sent on her (naughty) way. Second, she is part of the "beautiful" part of society. We all know (and if you don't, your kidding yourself) that there is another DOUBLE STANDARD when it comes to what society considers is a "beautiful" person and a "ugly" person. So, she of course was also perceived, treated better and lightly punished because she is so hot. Society, which is firstly male influenced, won't perceive a hot piece of ass like Pamela as any harm, subsequently she "got off" easy (until now...). If she was a nasty looking cunt like that ugly bitch who faked the finger tip in the bowl of Wendy's™ chili (remember), she more than likely would have got the book, hell, the whole library thrown at her!! You know that's true!!

The BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG point I want to make though, is how mainly prudish men (pussies) and most women (who can be verrrrry hateful and jealous of someone as hot as Pamela) think what she did was an atrocity. Again, I'll remind you of how hot she is and I'll ask you to keep that in mind as I proceed. Most boy's are probably playing with their dicks by the time they are seven or eight years old. Most of you are guy's and you can attest for that yourselves. Our dicks are a powerful and influential thing makes us who we are, starting at a very young age. How many of us couldn't concentrate on our teachers lectures in elementary school because of the simple fact that we had a "boner" and were more concentrated on it so we flunked the quiz at the end of class. Now, you bring a sweet piece of pussy like Pamela into the picture when you're 13 years old, oh-my-god!!!!!!! If that 13 year old boy was half as horny as my friends and I were at that age.........he probably dropped to his knees and thanked God, Alah, Buddah, Ganeesh, Quezalcoatl, Satan, etc., etc....get me? As far as I (and maaaaaaaaaany other guy's from what I have read throughout the internet) am concerned, if a chick (whether she's fucked in the head or not) as freakin hot as Pamela decided to fuck me, it would have been like a supreme gift from the God's. It's a difference in mentality between boy's and girls. I of course can't comment from a 13 year old girls point of view but I sure as hell can from a once 13 year old boy. As hard as this may be for some of you to understand, I can safetly say that I am one of probably millions of men who would have given a left nut to have had the exact same experience that 13 year old boy had.

Bring it! you ultra-feminized, ultra-sensitive, "Will and Grace"/"The View" whatching pussies!

-El Bastardo!

LOL !!!! El Basterdo....LOL... (Below threshold)

LOL !!!! El Basterdo....LOL !!!
....oh man....can't argue with ya' there...LOL !!!
....hell your more outspoken than I am...I used to see it the same exact way EB until i did some research on it....I'm not saying your wrong but there's a little more to it than the simple way those who think with their dicks ,( like you and me ), see it....we see it from a very invulnerable, horny, passionate perspective, but we have to take into consideration everyone else's feelings and other factors....like the maturity factor of him being only 13, the way his mother feels about the whole thing, and other mothers of teenaged sons like that, I mean they ain't like us man, they gotta' be freaked out over this thing you know, understandably it offends their more fragile sensibilities and really freaks them out...and the media hype and how it destroy's the parties involved lives and reputations and privacy over this thing, so you see...there is more involved here than just a simple sexual encounter between two unlikely parties that probably no harm was done but....thats beside the point...harm was done to others...and harm might possibly have been done to the young man who was seduced....sure in all likelyhood he got lucky, but other young men might be more sensitive and freak out...who knows...so why risk it?
But the other points you made were dead on target man....the beauty inequality thing...and how our society judges accordingly....yeah I'm with ya' on that....

totally fucked up chick. s... (Below threshold)

totally fucked up chick. sadly there arent more of her out there. well actually im no longer 13 and since i got no hot teacher action everyone else should suffer to. but she is hot( the body at least) check out how hot at www.break.com/index/pamrogers1.html i found it this morning on my daily trip to break.

Brian:OMG!..feelin... (Below threshold)
El Bastardo!:


I'm just giving you some shit. Ok, I'll definitely agree that because of the lack of life experience, pre-teens, teenagers and sometimes even older guy's can have a "brain hemorage" trying to sort out any type of interaction they may have with a chick. Not to mention what has to go through your mind as a 13 y.o. boy gettin' some of that good stuff from a hot bitch in her mid twenties. But, again, I must bring up the point of the "DOUBLE STANDARD". A 13 y.o. girl in that particular boy's situation might be ostracized and labeled a hoe, slut, whathaveyou. But we're talking about a male. I may assume he's been getting almost nothing but "high fives" and requests to smell his fingers. He might still have trouble processing his "feelings". He might even think he's in love with Pamela. It's safe to say that this situation was a life altering event in that boy's life. Hopefully, he's not letting this whole thing get to him. And if it is getting to him, hopefully he has someone who he can talk to and put the whole thing in perspective for him. HOPEFULLY, he has a good father who has talked in full with him. If he was my son I would tell him: "Son, you had a good piece of ass, take it for what it was and try not to overthink it. Hit her up when you're 18 if you want to and plow that ass good for your old man.......and don't forget to show me the pictures!!" As far as his mother, well depending on what type of person she is, this situation may have affected her. To what degree? I can't say. Embarrassed? Maybe. But this wasn't murder. Unconventional in our society, yes. But like I said, hopefully that boy isn't getting overloaded by a bunch of bullshit psyco-babble because that would be a cause to send him into a tail spin. He just can remember that experience fondly and for what it was and know that she will probably be there for him when he turns 18, probably still look fine and probably take it in the ass.

-El Bastardo!

I just want to know if anyb... (Below threshold)

I just want to know if anybody has found her other videos and these pictures of her on the internet somewhere that she sent in the text messages. Come on, help a bro out!!!

LOL !!!!....oh my god El Ba... (Below threshold)

LOL !!!!....oh my god El Basterdo ....LOL !!!!.....you gotta' way with words man....and hell....I gotta' hand it to ya'....no one can really deniably argue with your brutal logic there....LOL !!!!....shit man...you kill me...you remind me to much of myself....try to tone it down a wee bit maybe....you'll end up in the center of a contreversy you don't want to be.....I've been there done that with this...trust me....its a pain in the ass....unless of course you just enjoy verbal confrontations....you sure have the artillery....in wich case....be my guest man....wear it out.....just don't be suprised at some of the psychotic and seedy characters you attract....but something tells me you can handle yourself pretty good....LOL !!!!

Pamelas ass tastes like can... (Below threshold)
Terry "Big Cock" Paul:

Pamelas ass tastes like candy. I Love Her. We R getting married when she gets out. She's pregnant with my kid! So all ya'll FUCK OFF and LICK IT!

I seen the video I taught h... (Below threshold)
Terry"Big Cock" Paul:

I seen the video I taught her how to dance! Hell I gave her those Panties and Bra! Yo Al! Your sis is a NIIICCCEEEEE piece of AAASSSSS! Her PUSS is good too! See ya Bro!

Yo Terry "Big cock"....Alvi... (Below threshold)

Yo Terry "Big cock"....Alvin will kill you when he gets his hands on you man....are you crazy?
Who the hell are you anyway? We met before?
Anyway, let me ask you something BC....well...no....I can't ask you here...Email me if your for real...I need your help, see if you recognize something...I'll send it to ya'....crazy bastard....LOL !!!
[email protected]

Hey all, maybe it is becaus... (Below threshold)

Hey all, maybe it is because she is beautiful and she does not seem dangerous .
Like Debra LaFave, this woman did not strong arm the boy, the teen was fully cooperative !
And he enjoyed every minute of it :-)

Call me chivalrous, but I hope she receives leniency . No more than a couple of years in prison ~
Beauty should not be allowed to go to rot !
An odd attitude from me, for I consider myself very conservative, but I would like Justice to be liberal with Pamela Turner . . .

By the way, does anybody know of a link where I can download a copy of the cellphone video she made for that kid ?

i want to fuck this women..... (Below threshold)

i want to fuck this women..she's fucking beautiful

Gosh!~that kid is the lucki... (Below threshold)

Gosh!~that kid is the luckiest student in the world..lol~i hope i can find a teacher like PAMELAAAAAAA.. T_T

HEY PAMELA, WHY DON'T U GO ... (Below threshold)


Pamela, if you want a peruv... (Below threshold)
Isaac Durand:

Pamela, if you want a peruvian man just tell me. QUIERO CACHAR CONTIGO.

I want Pamela's Pussy again... (Below threshold)
Terry "Big Cock" Paul:

I want Pamela's Pussy again shes HOT ME SO HORNY!!!!! I think she's pregnant with my kid.GEE I HOPE IT'S A BOY!!!!

I'd stick her :P... (Below threshold)

I'd stick her :P

just google it dumba ass:)<... (Below threshold)
yo yo:

just google it dumba ass:)

pam's lover boy may only be... (Below threshold)

pam's lover boy may only be a boy but i understand he is hung like a horse...a BIG horse. he is supposedly so big that he is abnormal looking. guess pam likes the big ones

You guys are really sick, I... (Below threshold)
Whips and Chains:

You guys are really sick, I mean yes she is hot and has a nice rack and yes if i were a lesbian i'd screw her BUT arousal doesn't count for consent and look at the age of the kid he is fricken 13 I mean did any of you guys really know the impact of what could happen with having sex. Sure fucking a 20 something hot piece of arse would be every guys fantasy but it should stay a fantasy nothing else. You can also get it up with out wanting to and it is very easy to manipulate a horny 13 year old boy. what she did was wrong and she is no differnet than a male sex offender. She is a pedophile

As I guy I can jump on the ... (Below threshold)
Not Chuck Norris:

As I guy I can jump on the dude bandwagon and say I would have loved to have a sexual encounter with someone like her. Hell, at 13 I probably would have done Charlotte Rae if given the chance. A part of me says lucky bastard to the 13 year old. But most of me knows that it was the wrong thing to do on her part, and not because she's a sexual predator--which I'm pretty sure she isn't.
Because of current laws and also society's requirement for what is right, as an instrument in placating society's needs for what is right and wrong, she shouold have know and instead chose to be self-severing and placed the kid in a potential damaging sutuation. Not because he's been raped or that some of us think it's sick, but because she robbed him of the annominity of youth. I'm sure that she had no idea that the kid would be subjected to the harsh light of such attention if they were caught, but she had to know that an uneven relationship with someone that is 27 and someone that is 13 will fast forward some of the growing a person needs to go through at 13. That's why it's wrong.
I feel sad for her because I imagine that she was suffering from some amount of low self esteem (not that its a free pass to commit a crime), but that if she felt that she loved a 13 year old, it can only be a projection of romantic love, and not the real thing, which takes work and sacrafice--which in turn brings reward.
There has to be a certain amount of distance that our mentors have with our pupils. Authoritative figures cannot be consider equals to those that are students, because the disipline bond breaks down. By placing a student on the same level as her, i.e. as a lover, Pamela destroyed what the kid is there for in the first place--to grow and learn.
I feel sad for him as well, as what he's faced in the past year is not normal, and the crucial moments of discovery as a preteen to teen to adult has taken a different path than what would be a healthy road to adulthood and happiness.
Good luck to all of them--they're going to need it.

Very good points Not Chuck ... (Below threshold)

Very good points Not Chuck Norris, you have a good balanced perspective. Not like the rest of us nut-bags with our shallow superficial comments.

Hey Koko....your correct Pam does like size, the bigger the better, and it was THE core reason she gave in to temptation to mount the young hung lad, I know because she told me. ...anyway, given that and the fact that he had a fresh charge on his sexual batteries combined to really ignite her passions, and she didn't fight it. She should have.... man I bet she nor he could see all the crazy hype, hysteria and trouble their encounters would avalanche. I feel bad for 'em both.
I mean they were alone together all the damn time, both attracted to each other with such intensity you could split atoms with it, and he did treat her with respect and was sweet and kind to her, hell what does everyone think is gonna' happen when you get two people like that in constant close unsupervised proximity? We all need to wake up, because let me tell ya' something, this kind of this is way common and goes on everwhere all the time. Our society needs to figure out how to control this sort of thing better than it does.

Yo Paul Big Cock....don't be afraid to email me man I'm not gonna' bite ya'.

Hey Whips and Chains....you mean we are supposed to take you seriously? You'd do the same thing Pam did in a heartbeat if the conditions were faverable and the oppurtunity presented itself and you know it.....so don't give us any of this self-righteous indignation there wild child. Your a woman subject to all the same temptations like all the rest.

I think the KID should get ... (Below threshold)

I think the KID should get life in a mental facility. You have an older extremely hot woman at your whim WHY would you screw it up and rat her out?

But yeah, basically I'd say it's near impossible for a woman to 'rape' the average guy. Generally speaking, guys are rapists. Guys are the ones with the protruding weapon therefore more often than not, they're the ones raping women and other guys.

If Rosey O'donnel was touching my weewee, I'd perhaps consider it borderline rape. But it's NEVER 'rape' with this girl- it's simply too hard to call it that. There's no other word to use than lucky.

Having a 16 year ... (Below threshold)
Tincan Sailor:

Having a 16 year old boy around the house I
have my doubts she had to twist his arm to
get the action going, besides I heard his
nic-name was RABBIT!!!!

what guy wouldnt wan... (Below threshold)
Roger Dodger:

what guy wouldnt wanna screw that whore, age 15 or age 35?

look at this... Pamela R... (Below threshold)

look at this... Pamela Rogers Action Figure - how funny is that. The butt shot especially captures it all....


This trial is completely st... (Below threshold)

This trial is completely stupid! The woman made a bad choice to rebound with a thirteen year old, but the fact of the matter is, she didn't force him to do anything that he wasn't more than willing to do! Da, have you seen the lady?, she's freakin hot! There isn't a (single) male thats stupid enough to say no to that! That guy is fn-loving this! But so what! LEAVE HER ALONE! Yes, this was a bad judgement call, but nobody is hurt, or think of it like this; NOBODY GOT HURT UNTILL SOMEONE DECIDED "THEY" THOUGHT IT WAS WRONG!

this kid was a retard, i ne... (Below threshold)

this kid was a retard, i need to find that lady...
and show her what the 13 year old could not..


Dan is an idiot, he doesn't... (Below threshold)

Dan is an idiot, he doesn't have any information on this case at all, furthermore, he doesn't even know Pamela Rogers. SHE was a COACH, not an English teacher and they have her dead to rights, the cell phone records don't lie, and all the graphic images she sent to his phone are in the police's posession. IT is real simple, she is alright looking, she isn't anything special, garden variety breast implanted wanna be beauty queen with her dyed hair. SHE has low self-esteem and relates more with adolescence than adulthood, she is immature and juvenile. Get over it, she needs to go back to jail like Mary Kay and think about things awhile. IF this was a male, he would already be locked up.

"she is alright looking, sh... (Below threshold)

"she is alright looking, she isn't anything special, garden variety breast implanted wanna be beauty queen " WRONG. she doesn't have big boobs. there can be no discussion but that she is hot with a phatty for an ass and a slamming face and body. if your judgement is so bad in the first place how can we trust anything else you'd write?

no, there is no question that this woman rocks the planet HARD. however she is obviously messed up in the head and clinging onto her adolescence through her relationship with the boy, since she cannot handle a mature relationship with someone her own age. the big question is, did the kid have a footlong or what? I'd tend to say no, the relationship seems driven more by the woman's broken down emotional condition rather than physical drive... a hot chick like her would have no problem finding someone hung like donkey kong of any age... it's dubious that for a chick this hot finding a big cock would be so precious a resource that she'd have to go to 13 year olds.

this woman needs to be in mental care not jail. this entire case is sad

She should be made to serve... (Below threshold)

She should be made to serve her sentence chained naked in the town square, and let any one get a piece of this cunt.

This MIGHT mature her a bit.

SHE DID NOTHING WRONG. WE S... (Below threshold)


Well, it was sort of a comb... (Below threshold)

Well, it was sort of a combination of both physical drive and Pam's skewed mental condition Drea....the young stud was hung like a little monster...beleive me Pam would have never touched him otherwise....she won't have sex with a guy unless he has at least 8 inches.....so we know by deduction that little Jack horney had at least that.
I don't totaly agree with what Pam did but I must say, speaking as a red blooded american male, a hot chic like that going to jail to rot just because she has an active sexual oreintation and libido is truly a waste....she should be dealt with in a more effective manner like therapy or something.

Hey Brian, If Pam ... (Below threshold)

Hey Brian,

If Pam is really a into big ones then do you know if she has ever had sex with any black men?

LOL !!!....that I couldn't ... (Below threshold)

LOL !!!....that I couldn't tell ya' Justin'....but if I were to guess I'd say she loves black men just like most white blondes do these days....stands to reason.....but as far as her ever actualy being with one I'm not sure....she never mentioned it.....wouldn't suprise me in the laest if she had tho'....lets put it this way.....I can guarentee that if a 6 foot 4 bratha' came along with a 10 inch Tennessee black snake and the right eubonic charms, he would have definitely taken her mind off the forbidden fruit of young mr green-apple....and probably saved her ass from putting herself right back in the slammer chasing little-boy-blue-balls the way she did....crazy concept but probably true. Interesting.
Anything is possible where she is concerned. But to answer your question I'd say yes....if she's never boinked a black man she'd definitely jump at the chance. Vegas odds are very much in favor. I'd lay my money on the table.

Hey Brian,Try to f... (Below threshold)

Hey Brian,

Try to find out the truth on this one. She should have gone into porno and saved herself alot of trouble. She would love Mandingo or Mr. Biggz.

Hey Brian,Can you ... (Below threshold)

Hey Brian,

Can you find out if she has gone black in the past? She should have gone into porno and saved herself all this trouble. She would love Mandingo and Mr. Biggz

I can't find out anything e... (Below threshold)

I can't find out anything else about her anymore Justin' bro.....I'm cut off. I'm gonna' try to sell her letters and make a few bucks and call it quits.
Pamela....for all her nutty sexual behaviour....ain't really the porn queen type. She's to hardshell southern bell....you know....false modesty and all that. Most women in porn do it for the money honey, not for the fun. Pamela was into having fun behind closed doors....not getting banged onscreen for cash.

Hey Pam ,we of the B... (Below threshold)

Hey Pam ,
we of the Brazil are with you
I have more than 18
contact please
[email protected]
Kisses for you , baby

God damn she's hot though. ... (Below threshold)

God damn she's hot though. Lucky 13 year olds...






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