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Oprah is Proud to Be Wealthy

And she should be. Oprah worked her butt off and provided many people jobs in the process.

Speaking in Baltimore on Monday at a fundraiser for Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School, Winfrey told the audience, "I have lots of things, like all these Manolo Blahniks. I have all that and I think it's great. I'm not one of those people like, 'Well, we must renounce ourselves.' No, I have a closet full of shoes and it's a good thing."

Winfrey, 52, who is reportedly worth more than $1 billion, said she doesn't feel guilty about her wealth. "I was coming back from Africa on one of my trips," she said. "I had taken one of my wealthy friends with me. She said, 'Don't you just feel guilty? Don't you just feel terrible?' I said, 'No, I don't. I do not know how me being destitute is going to help them.' Then I said when we got home, 'I'm going home to sleep on my Pratesi sheets right now and I'll feel good about it.' "

Liberals believe the accumulation of wealth and capital is something to feel guilty about. That's because they don't understand that freemarket capitalism is the most efficient way to redistribute wealth.

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Freemarket capitalism is th... (Below threshold)

Freemarket capitalism is the best way to redistribute the wealth? Is that the one where the workers are paid a pittance while the man at the top takes the obscene profits thus creating an ever growing gap between rich and poor? If i had to choose then i would plump for Marxism as the fairest way, everyone is equal and is worth equal, and you cannot get fairer than that.

Except, of course, for the ... (Below threshold)

Except, of course, for the fact that not everyone IS equal. Wages are an exchange of money for output. Not everyones output is equal. It's fair compensation. The person at the top didn't get to the top by winning a lottery, he/she got there through hard work and because he/she was recognized as being the most valuable to the company at that position. Bigger responsibility, more pressure, higher compensation. Don't want to make a pittance? Then go to school and learn a damn skill. It's not easy, but the amount you make is always within your hands. That's about as fair as you can get.

Sorry LucyP, Marxism in any... (Below threshold)

Sorry LucyP, Marxism in any form has yet to work. We have solid, recent historical proof of it not working. Even the worlds great communists, China have resorted to capitalism to run their economy.

One of the great joys of freemarket capitalism, is that the workers are free to move to another job, or improve their lot in whatever organization they are working in. They can also quit, rebel, riot, negotiate, migrate to anothe country etc.

There is good reasons that people like Oprah have make more than the janitor. They earned it.

Oh Christ, I find myself ag... (Below threshold)

Oh Christ, I find myself agreeing with the righties. Shoot me. Quick. Virgo, here's your chance.

Marxism has never really existed anywehere. And Marx never called it Marxism. Free market capitalism is the absolute best way to create wealth. though market failure happens, and when it fails the ramifications can be really bad, it is still far superior to any other economic system.

Political liberalism does not necessarily equate to economic leftism. Many of the great ones- Keynes, Sen, DeSoto, even Smith - could easily be considered social liberals.

Even though economists hardly ever agree on anything, not one (not one relevant one anyway) can concievably say that free market capitalism is less efficient at resource allocation than any other system.

The US is by far the best at creating both wealth and innovation. And though I think the right is hypocritical, amoral, smelly and pimply, even they have a good economic idea every now and then (caph gains tax cuts for instance).

In no time has the debt burden been so great though, and it is going to be interesting to see what happens with that. Congratulations, you Republican dingdongs, on yet another failed policy.

At least you managed to get CAFTA through. Now go get FTAA done.

Liberals believe the acc... (Below threshold)

Liberals believe the accumulation of wealth and capital is something to feel guilty about.

I'm pretty sure Oprah's a liberal

That's because they don't understand that freemarket capitalism is the most efficient way to redistribute wealth.

As is evidenced by the ever-widening gap between rich and poor. Oh, and btw, we've had freemarket capitalism here for a long time now; why is that wealth needs to be redistributed?

Sometimes its who you know... (Below threshold)

Sometimes its who you know and not what you know..

My husband worked for a cer... (Below threshold)

My husband worked for a certain film maker for a few years (IT dept, not anything so interesting as production) and at that time there was a fair amount of criticism for just how much money this guy was making off of his various enterprises. I never bought into that but the reality was really brought home at the Christmas Party the first year (oh, I'm sure it was called "holiday" or "winter" something, but nevermind).

We walked into the Marin civic center (IIRC) and it hit me like walking into a wall... all the people standing around talking represented yearly incomes, individually, to pay mortgages, car payments, buy groceries, pay tuitions... 4,000 or more full time employees were supported by the money taken in by this rich guy who "didn't deserve it."

Sure, money from movie tickets bought by people for whom that was a big expense in exchange for entertainment flowed toward this guy but it didn't stay there... a small percentage did, sure, but most of it went on to other places, into other wallets.

She even owns her own Stedm... (Below threshold)

She even owns her own Stedman!!! You know you've made it when you own a Stedman!!!

The poor, middle class, and... (Below threshold)

The poor, middle class, and rich are all getting richer, but because the rich are getting richer faster, it's obviously time to just scrap the whole system and go marxist. I always thought success was a good thing, oh how wrong I was.

There is a qualification he... (Below threshold)

There is a qualification here, not to make a dent in capitalism, but to balance things a bit. I am sure there are folks who have worked as hard or harder and made more sacrifices than Oprah who are in the lowest fifth of income brackets.

Part of the difference in wealth may be due to personal choices (good and bad), some due to choices of others, and some due to luck. It is hard to climb to the top of the income heap without some hard work, but the choices (business choices) and a little luck probably have more to do with "success" than effort alone. What is involved in business choices is not considered savory to some - and I believe therein lies the distaste or jealousy that drives some folks to promote redistribution of wealth.

Compare Oprah's story and visits to Africa to Manute Bol who (perhaps foolishly) gave it all way in an attempt to save his country and people. The true advantage of our democratic capitalistic society is that Oprah and Manute are free to make their choices. The sad thing is that the pursuit of stuff so often overshadows what our hearts can accomplish. But enlisting government to redistribute things causes more harm than good.

Whether you celebrate a holiday dinner tonight or tomorrow, or not, this is a good time to be thankful we are indeed free, remember the bitter strife those before us suffered to bring us here, and think and act for our children's now and future.

Actually, free market econo... (Below threshold)

Actually, free market economies are liberal values - buyers have the freedom to choose from many choices, sellers have the ablity to sell/not sell at a particular price.

This is another one of Kim's hit-and-run style diaries. Low on content and points. You won't see her address any of the good issues brought up either. The fact that Oprah is left of center makes it even funnier.

Kim, what happened to that Iraqi document scoop? Haven't heard much...

Free Market Economies are l... (Below threshold)

Free Market Economies are liberal values? Now which liberals promoted the recent Free Market economic changes? I can think of protectionists on both sides of the isles.

wow, i'm impressed. i disl... (Below threshold)

wow, i'm impressed. i dislike oprah less now.

That ain't workin' that's t... (Below threshold)

That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
We gotta install microwave ovens
Custom kitchen deliveries
We gotta move these refrigerators
We gotta move these color TV's

This reminds me of Rush tou... (Below threshold)

This reminds me of Rush touting the virtues of Chainsaw Al. (google for the kiddies) And THIS lady AIN'T happy: from the Janet Jackson face transplant to the Stedman she never rides.(hat tip Tim)

It sounds as if the self-s... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

It sounds as if the self-serving Oprah in this interview is much more interested in redistributing wealth to herself than comes across in her public service announcement on her own site Oprah's Angel Network Start Making a Difference.

"Think about what you have to give, not even in terms of dollars because I believe that your life is about service. It's about what you came to give to the world, to your children, to your family."
-- Oprah
The lifestyle and humbug of the rich and famous is pretty commonplace and rather tedious.

Mantis:" 'Liberals b... (Below threshold)
Mr. Obvious:

" 'Liberals believe the accumulation of wealth and capital is something to feel guilty about.

I'm pretty sure Oprah's a liberal' "

Uh, no kidding Sherlock. That's what makes this story blogworthy: That Liberal Oprah doesn't take the usual, tired old Liberal view on capitalism.

Try to keep up.

"..why is that wealth needs to be redistributed?"

Other than Leftie hippies, lazy people or political opportunists, who sez that wealth needs to be redistributed?

It's a common misconception... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

It's a common misconception that Marxism redistributes wealth. It's more accurate to say that Marxism redistributes poverty. The underlying problem is not the redistribution of resources, it's the failure of Marxism to create wealth in the first place.

While brilliant intellectually, Marxism is simply not compatible with human nature. Simply put, people will work hard and creatively if they get to keep a significant portion of the fruits of their labor. Any system that fails to significantly reward work and creatively soon has little of either with the result that most people are equally poor.

Oprah Winfrey is a typical ... (Below threshold)

Oprah Winfrey is a typical house-negro who puts her self worth into the things she has accumulated. I don't care how many Kate Spade bags, or Manolo Blahnika shoes she has, she is still a glorified Aunt Jemima in my book.

Oprah, like so many others before her, will learn that at the end of the day she will not be judged by the riches she has acquired but by what she has contributed to humanity. Her wealth has given her the opportunity to do great things and inspire alot of people, instead, she chooses to talk about her sheets and shoes, give us puff pieces day in and out on her silly tv show, and promote fraudulent authors like James Frey.

Sorry girlfriend I am not feeling you. Stay in the house and keep making your money; that way you, Studman, and Gayle, can take your Rolls Royce Phantom and ride off into the sunset.

Actually, free market ec... (Below threshold)

Actually, free market economies are liberal values - buyers have the freedom to choose from many choices, sellers have the ablity to sell/not sell at a particular price.

They are if by liberal you mean the traditional meaning of the word... however, the economic views of today's "liberal" ? Communist maybe... laissez faire certainly not.

"Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper's bell of an approaching looter." from Atlas Shrugged

- MikeB

What's the problem field-ne... (Below threshold)

What's the problem field-negro? She's not sending some of her money to you?

Actually Synove, I don't ne... (Below threshold)

Actually Synove, I don't need her money.
I am very comfortable thank you very much.

Life is good to this field-negro.

I do know this; Oprah is ex... (Below threshold)

I do know this; Oprah is exceedingly jealous of pretty white women. I've heard her on two different shoes recently, one in which she tried to bash Mindy Mcreedy's brains out, and making the comment,"you're blond, white and beautifull, you're everyone's idea of beauty". See, no matter how much Oprah's net worth may be, every morning while brushing her teeth, she looks into the bathroom mirror and sees a silver back gorilla staring back.






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