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Matt Stone And Trey Parker Rule The Universe


Really, what other explanation can there be?

South Park airs Part II of their Cartoon Wars storyline and there's a bit about Comedy Central censoring the image of Mohammed from appearing in the episode. Immediately after that Jesus is shown pooping on an American flag and other people.

There's all sorts of discussion in the blogosphere about the hidden meanings of the episode and the cowardice of the network. NRO's Steven Spruiell even contacted the network about the censorship and proclaims their statement, as proof the network silenced the South Park creators - never mind that Mohammed has appeared in previous episodes and is in the intro.

I'm not buying it...

Matt and Trey, with the willing (or unwilling) participation of Comedy Central executives are experimenting with the blogosphere. While it may be true that the network refused to broadcast the image, it's entirely possible that the they situated Mohammed in an image guaranteed to require censorship. Think bestiality, kiddie porn, goatse.cx, etc...

They're probably watching the discussion unfold and getting a good laugh out of it... or some fresh material...

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Comments (17)

Kevin is Alert!Kevin... (Below threshold)

Kevin is Alert!
Kevin WIll Not Be taken For A Ride!

One thing though, since when has bestiality, kiddie porn, goasts.cx, etc. been censored on CC and SP?

Still stinks of a publicity stunt however...


Remember kids, Goatse alway... (Below threshold)

Remember kids, Goatse always wins.

[not a typo, but not entire... (Below threshold)

[not a typo, but not entirely anatomically correct either...]

Apparently the uncensored v... (Below threshold)

Apparently the uncensored version is already on the internet and the Mohammed model is the same used in their past episode and all he does is hand the helmet to the other character and says jihad a couple of times.

To be fair though, if he hadn't said jihad I don't think they would have censored it. I don't think anyone could have claimed to be offended by that with a straight face. Having him say jihad at least gives them some grounds though. :\

srl, they've had "jihad" sp... (Below threshold)

srl, they've had "jihad" spoken before. I think this supports Kevin's view even more strongly.

Do we have confirmation tha... (Below threshold)

Do we have confirmation that Comedy Central refused to show the image? Two thoughts went through my mind (simultaneously) when I saw the frame in question (last night, in the context of the episode itself)...

1. Did Comedy Central really refuse to show an image of Mohammed, given all the previous South Park takes on Christ??

2. Did Matt and Trey deliberately write the episode with this frame in place in order to make it LOOK like Comedy Central was not willing to show Mohammed, to further the "scaredy network won't show Mohammed" joke/theme??

Until I hear confirmation that Comedy Central really refused to show the image, I think it's at least equally likely (and possibly more likely, given the creators' tendencies) that the South Park episode never contained an image of Mohammed and planned to run the "black screen" explanation from the start.

According to Malkin's site ... (Below threshold)

According to Malkin's site there is confirmation Comedy Central caved. Bunch of cowards.

Looks like the jihad is wo... (Below threshold)

Looks like the jihad is working...

Dhim-may!... (Below threshold)
Paul Zrimsek:


Damn if that wasn't the fun... (Below threshold)

Damn if that wasn't the funniest hour of TV I've seen in a long time.

OK, thanks Faith. I've bee... (Below threshold)

OK, thanks Faith. I've been too busy today to do my usual trackdown on information. I'm saddened - though not surprised - to hear comedy central actually caved over this. Although, in one sense, they did make the creators' point for them.

Is Mohammed still in the in... (Below threshold)

Is Mohammed still in the intro? I remember the episode with Mohammed in it: "Everything is as it should be," "Shutup, Buddha!" Has that episode been pulled now (along with the scientology one, which wasn't that funny anyhow, and the one where the virgin Mary bleeds out her rear, which was one of my favorite episodes of all time)?

i highly doubt that matt an... (Below threshold)

i highly doubt that matt and trey had portrayed mohammed in anything but a very normal, quotidian manner, 1) because the bush character is shown watching and then informing us that the portrayal is entirely harmless and 2) M&T have a point they want to illustrate, they're on an ideological crusade against media hypocrisy, and to insult mohammed in this context would be to shoot themselves in the foot.

they want to show that CC is bowing down not out of respect towards any religion in particular (which would be a valid reason if they refrained from making fun of ALL religions), but instead caving in to terrorism (a hypocritical reason that shows a lack of courage in defending the 1st amendment). it's not about disrespecting mohammed... matt and trey could have shown jesus, buddha, and every other godlike figure in human history worshipping mohammed himself and CC would've censored it, simply based on the recent events in europe, and that's exactly what M&T want to prove. if the original version were to denegrate mohammed, M&T would not be vindicated... and vindication is what they seek. in any case, i'm sure the uncensored version exists somewhere and will be released somehow to the public, maybe in a few years thru DVD, who knows... but in any case...

a genius episode. really. just. brilliant.

If its so genius why cant ... (Below threshold)

If its so genius why cant we see it.

The creators of Family Guy ... (Below threshold)

The creators of Family Guy (the real ones, not the manatees) should animate that exact scene with Muhammad, Peter, and the salmon helmet into a future episode.

Comedy Central Lets The Terrorists Win

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Well, even they couldn't cu... (Below threshold)

Well, even they couldn't cut it. The episode with Osama and Cartman is so dumb! Wow, Cartman takes a magnifying glass and and looks at..
Ha,ha! It ruins the spirit, the characters and everything South Park is. In couple of years, when they blame everything on Bush, it will be quite clear. Never endorsed the 'New American Way', which was there long time before him. Clinton went and bombed my country because of a blowjob! American presidents don't make the rules, they live by them. Whatever is damaging to the country....-get rid of it!!! Anyway, even South Park is getting a bit 'money controlled'. September 11th happened and they make an episode about Osama and his small dick, which is really boring and produced for the American masses Matt and Trey were always making fun of. I guess money always wins in the end.






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