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Quote Of The Day - Dull Roar Edition

The death of a 49-year-old woman yesterday who rode Mission:Space at Disney's Epcot has raised the idle chatter on blogs and discussion boards to roar today.

Orlando Sentinel tourism blogger Beth Kassab, on the mystery death at Disney of a German tourist. Kassab offers no direct proof of her assertion, instead linking to the front page of two sites that between them have a total of 4 posts on the story. On the other hand that's 20% of the entirety of the blogsphere "roar" which according to Technorati amounts to 20 posts.***

*** At the time of the publication.

Comments (2)

From a guy who actually liv... (Below threshold)

From a guy who actually lives in Orlando, believe me, it is not a shock that someone affiliated with the Orlando Sentinel overhypes an issue simply because they are personally interested in it.

I am going to Disney, for the first time in my almost 38 years of existence, Monday :)

No doubt it will be widely covered across the blogs. I can see it now, "38 Year Old DumbBunny visits Disney!" It is sure to enthrall all.

From what I remember over ... (Below threshold)

From what I remember over the years here on the left coast, most of the park deaths could be attributed to dumb human tricks, like standing up on the Matterhorn ride (and having your head smashed), or walking on the (electrified) monorail track.






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