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DeLay on Short List for OMB

According to UPI:

The White House is looking at a list of cost-cutting candidates to head the Office of Management and Budget, and Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, may be on it.

The former House majority leader, who announced he will resign from Congress and is under a state indictment on political money laundering charges, is listed as a possible replacement for Josh Bolten, the U.S. News and World Report said.

I really hope this happens. Not only would DeLay be great at OMB, but the Dems would go apoplectic.

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Bring on the Hammer!... (Below threshold)

Bring on the Hammer!

It's hammer time!... (Below threshold)

It's hammer time!

Why are you so sure Delay w... (Below threshold)

Why are you so sure Delay would be great? Given his "no fat in the budget" remark a few months back, he'd have to have a born-again conversion to do anything worthwhile. And even with that, where would his credibility be on fiscal discipline given the last few years of Republican House leadership.

Some of us conservatives really still think that getting government spending in order (and substantially reduced) is more important than pissing off some Democrats. Sigh.

are you a mindless bush fol... (Below threshold)

are you a mindless bush follower or what? this is a disaster for the gop, hence I think it is a great idea.

Please Mr. Bush. Keep Tom Delay in the public eye. What a gift. The culture of corruption can live on to 2008.

Putting in Delay at OMB is ... (Below threshold)

Putting in Delay at OMB is another Harriet Miers, Dubai Ports World tin-ear move -- if true, which I doubt. Absolutely nuts to install someone who is involved in criminal charges, however baseless, in a high federal post prior to resolution of the charges.

Bring on the Hammer and Ha... (Below threshold)

Bring on the Hammer and Hammer Billy to death ! for He was concieved in corruption..

While I do think it would b... (Below threshold)

While I do think it would be entertaining to watch the Dems reaction, I don't think it's a particularly good idea for the reasons the other commenters mentioned.

I'd love to see it too, but... (Below threshold)

I'd love to see it too, but President Bush has demonstrated a desire to conciliate, even to appease, his adversaries that makes it less than likely.

So you want to install some... (Below threshold)

So you want to install someone who is being investigated for possible money-laundering charges into a very high position of managing our money?
Before you flame me as a low life dem (which I am not), do you have a tin-foil hat on or something? Do you really drink the kool aid and just agree to anything the gop throws out there just because???
Do all you folks want this guy managing a large chunk of our taxpayer funds. Myself, no but at least wait until he gets himself cleared on the probe then consider installing him there.
For now on Kim, Get a real opinion that you come to on your own before you throw junk up here on such a great site.

oh lower the hyperbole bret... (Below threshold)

oh lower the hyperbole brett.

But I agree, this is a horrible idea. Why not just hand over the gavel to Pelosi now.

Its a great idea that wont ... (Below threshold)

Its a great idea that wont happen. this administration is far to concilliatory with the left, i wish for once they would get aggressive and cram it down their throats. and Cryptkeeper pelosi will never hold the gavel, let alone be made to pay all her illegals a fair wage.

I'm a Houstonian and a DeLa... (Below threshold)

I'm a Houstonian and a DeLay supporter, but the idea of nominating a person who is under indictment in his home state is just silly. That wouldn't be sticking it to the Dems, it would be giving them an unbelievable gift.

Never happen. Even if the S... (Below threshold)

Never happen. Even if the Senate were 99% Republican, they'd never confirm DeLay to an administration job.

Even if he weren't "under indictment" (snicker).

I know I know jus... (Below threshold)

I know I know

just posturing a comment.

Because you can never have ... (Below threshold)

Because you can never have enough indicted-for-money-luandering former pols in D.C.






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