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Eli Roth: Twit

Eli Roth was on Your World with Neil Cavuto today and made a complete fool of himself. He actually said that President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld are directly responsible for the surge in horror movies because the war in Iraq is making Americans so stressed that they have a need scream to deal with the terror in their lives.

And according to Roth, Psycho, made during the Kennedy presidency, was not the result of world turmoil. I guess he doesn't think the Cuban Missile Crisis was sufficiently terrifying.

See the video at Expose the Left


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Comments (9)

::: can't.stop.laughing :::... (Below threshold)

::: can't.stop.laughing :::

Now that's a stretch.

That is funny. It's also ... (Below threshold)

That is funny. It's also not how it works.

Horror in the world leads to greater escapism in film.

Safety in the world leads to thrill seeking in film.

People don't go to movies for more of what they have in their lives. They go for what is missing.

Eli who now?... (Below threshold)

Eli who now?

TWIT: ELI ROTH... (Below threshold)


I can provide the address o... (Below threshold)

I can provide the address of a really secure rubber room motel for that nut.

"Whore movies? Where's Jane... (Below threshold)

"Whore movies? Where's Jane Fonda man!"
-- Cheech & Chong

Psycho was made in 1960 dur... (Below threshold)

Psycho was made in 1960 during the Eisenhower administration.

Y'all jack-assy jack-asses ... (Below threshold)

Y'all jack-assy jack-asses can kiss m'pee-pee.

I'm quite sure Eli will be so positively red-faced now that you've asserted your opinions - that he'll never give another interview again.

fatass kim priestmolester b... (Below threshold)

fatass kim priestmolester burned eli roth sooo bad






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