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Free Speech Hypocrite

A liberal professor at Northern Kentucky University and ten of her students destroyed a pro-life display consisting of 400 crosses and "Cemetery of Innocents" sign. The professor, Sally Jacobsen (on the right in photo below), said tearing down the display was part of their right to free speech.


Witnesses reported "a group of females of various ages" committing the vandalism about 5:30 p.m., said Dave Tobertge, administrative sergeant with the campus police.

Sally Jacobsen, a longtime professor in NKU's literature and language department, said the display was dismantled by about nine students in one of her graduate-level classes.

"I did, outside of class during the break, invite students to express their freedom-of-speech rights to destroy the display if they wished to," Jacobsen said.

Asked whether she participated in pulling up the crosses, the professor said, "I have no comment."

She said she was infuriated by the display, which she saw as intimidating and a "slap in the face" to women who might be making "the agonizing and very private decision to have an abortion.'"

And get this: she tried to argue that destroying the pro-life display the moral equivalent of tearing down Nazi displays.

Pulling up the crosses was similar to citizens taking down Nazi displays on Fountain Square, she said.

"Any violence perpetrated against that silly display was minor compared to how I felt when I saw it. Some of my students felt the same way, just outraged," Jacobsen said.

She characterized the pro-life group's display as silly, yet she expects her feelings to be taken seriously and given superiority over the pro-life group's feelings. This is the typical, self-consuming attitude of the left: it's all about them and no one else matters. Professor Jacobsen needs to grow up and realize that the world does not revolve around her.

Michelle Malkin has more about Sally "its all about my feelings" Jacobsen.

More at the American Thinker.

Update: Kevin mentioned this story below.


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Comments (36)

She referred to it as a "si... (Below threshold)

She referred to it as a "silly display" but she was "infuriated" by it.

What a moron.

I trust that she'll ... (Below threshold)

I trust that she'll be referred for tolerance and sensitivity training. We after all need to learn to embrace our differences. We need more dialogue.

She's not moronic, nor is t... (Below threshold)

She's not moronic, nor is the threat she poses to academic freedom silly. Whether she knows it or not, this professor is using the tried-and-true tactics of Leninists/fascists worldwide - using the extreme perversion of language, coupled with violence - to violate the rights of a particular group of citizens.

Notice how she encouraged her students to "express their free speech rights" by violating other student's rights. The degree to which that perverts the language of civil rights is absolutely stunning, if only because her use of the perversion was so facile. That something so sick, twisted, and evil could spill out of her brain with such ease, betrays a severe corruption of her mind.

Ask yourself, if she is willing to be interviewed and have her picture taken while trampling the civil rights of these pro-life students, imagine: a) how comfortable she must feel with her actions, and (and what that says about academia), and b) what she must be like in a classroom.

Imagine trying to get an "honest" grade from this Bolshevik-minded shrew. And she's only one tiny example of the corruption of America's professors - a third-rate mind at a third-string University. What goes on at first-tier schools, where the teachers are that much more sophisticated...?


One wonders at the hypocris... (Below threshold)
Tavis C:

One wonders at the hypocrisy of one who decries their mouth their opponents as Nazis and then employs 'activist' taken chapter and verse from the "Night of Broken Glass"

I mused on my blog that per... (Below threshold)

I mused on my blog that perhaps it's my free speech right to spray-paint an obscene word on her car. To add to this thought: After all, destruction of property is free speech. Perhaps her car was made in Japan, and I find the outsourcing of good ol' American car manufacture jobs offensive.

I mean... where does the line go for this moonbat?

If she wants to pull someth... (Below threshold)

If she wants to pull something down, it should be astatue of Saddam.

Is there an official respon... (Below threshold)

Is there an official response from Northern Kentucky University yet? How about from the Samuel P Chase College of Law?
Check out the student paper there for info as well as the above link:


"Is there an official respo... (Below threshold)

"Is there an official response from Northern Kentucky University yet?"

Probably not. Takes a while for the "investigation" to conclude, I'm sure.

Check out her web site, whi... (Below threshold)

Check out her web site, while it is still up:


Yup. *MY* feelings are mor... (Below threshold)

Yup. *MY* feelings are more important than *your* freedom of expression.

And people like this *teach*?

You know... I've always been severely critical of Christians who discourage young people from attending college because it's harmful to them spiritually. I always figured that it was a sign of a faith without foundation and those people should focus on the problem of spiritual maturity rather than blaming the colleges and universities.

Now I can only hope that this sort of flagrant moral vacancy (What *ever* happened to disagreeing with what you say but defending to the death your right to say it? Huh?) where "free speech" means "if I *feel* bad you have to shut up" will provoke such a backlash that the tide will turn.

College kids are *smart* and they still retain that passion for justice and keen nose for the stink of hypocracy typical of young people. I have faith, I have to, that things like this and other events like forcing recruiters to leave job fairs and otherwise suppressing the freedom of individuals to make their own choices will become clear for the totalitarian suppression that it is.

I will note that the "official" reproductive freedom (it's a euphamism for abortion) group on campus has condemned the vandalism.

Personally, I think that the pro-life students should "display" to this Jacobsen every chance they get.

Truly beyond the pale. It j... (Below threshold)

Truly beyond the pale. It just goes to show how adept Leftists are at rationalizing ANY behavior they like and outlawing ANY behavior they don't. Free speech and the concept of rights really have no bearing at all, except to the extent they can be twisted.

pingellc - you nailed it.

Is what she did all that di... (Below threshold)

Is what she did all that different from the constitutionally sacred act of burning a stolen flag...?

Just wondering, is all.

At the very least, I hope s... (Below threshold)

At the very least, I hope she gets fired and the students get expelled. Sounds like they're facing felony charges, too.

"Is what she did all that d... (Below threshold)

"Is what she did all that different from the constitutionally sacred act of burning a stolen flag...? Just wondering, is all."

I hope that's a joke.

In case MfGehee's comment w... (Below threshold)

In case MfGehee's comment wasn't a joke, the difference is that when one burns a flag as a political statement, one is destroying one's own property.

Destroying others' property is vandalism, not a political statement.

Perhaps now would be time t... (Below threshold)

Perhaps now would be time to revise Tom Wolfe's famous aphorism to read 'Fascism is forever descending on the United States, but that somehow it always lands on college campuses'.

I find it interesting that ... (Below threshold)
lurking observer:

I find it interesting that another professor at this same university, Robert Lilly, has apparently published a book about the American liberation of Europe, where he claims that American troops raped their way through England, across France, and into Germany. Based on an examination of court-martial records, he finds several hundred cases being prosecuted, from which he extrapolates that thousands of such cases occurred.

This professor of sociology and criminology, however, did not publish his findings here in the US, but instead published it in France (after supposedly not being able to find an American publisher), where it has been made into a documentary.


I think we should all use o... (Below threshold)

I think we should all use our freedom of speech to send the professor an email:

[email protected]

"Is what she did all that d... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

"Is what she did all that different from the constitutionally sacred act of burning a stolen flag...? Just wondering, is all."

In case that wasn't meant ironically, absolutely nothing. The protester who burns a stolen flag could (should) still be arrested for the theft.

More on liberals' "feelings... (Below threshold)
Busting up the sign? Sup wi... (Below threshold)

Busting up the sign? Sup wit dat?

Jason, your example is even... (Below threshold)

Jason, your example is even worse than this one! Where is the ALCU (ha ha) when you need them!

Its to bad a Big Bolt of L... (Below threshold)

Its to bad a Big Bolt of Lightning didnt arc down and fry Her Big ugly ass to a cinder !

A follow up:<a hre... (Below threshold)

A follow up:

Right to Life group to press charges against protestors

Someone ought to "free speech" her car, with their keys and some paint.

I think I should express my... (Below threshold)

I think I should express my First Amednemtn right by torching this woman's classroom. What?!? That's allowed, innit?

It does,nt have a classroom... (Below threshold)
katie couric:

It does,nt have a classroom , It has a ward to spread its venomous hatred around. It should be charged with corruption of the young as well.

I think Halloween displays... (Below threshold)

I think Halloween displays are silly , but i dont run around trouncing on other peoples things like this Haggard. shes got some real mental health issues going on.

In case McGehee's comment w... (Below threshold)

In case McGehee's comment wasn't a joke, the difference is that when one burns a flag as a political statement, one is destroying one's own property.

According to Texas v. Johnson burning a stolen flag is also protected speech. And that's the case I was referring to.

In case that wasn'... (Below threshold)
In case that wasn't meant ironically, absolutely nothing. The protester who burns a stolen flag could (should) still be arrested for the theft.

It was meant ironically, although there's so much irony in current events (especially this one) that I don't blame people for not being sure.

And I also applaud your reading comprehension for catching the "stolen flag" reference in my comment.

Sally Jacobson will be reti... (Below threshold)

Sally Jacobson will be retiring in a few weeks and she is a tenured professor, I doubt that there will be any consequences for her behavior. I graduated from NKU with an English Degree, but I actively avoided Ms. Jacobson's classes. While I tend to lean more towards the liberal side, as I woman I'm always shocked by feminists who feel that women are delicate creatures who must be protected from negativity. Her comments that the crosses were a "slap in the face to any woman agonizing over the decision to have an abortion" is just nauseating. Women are adults. I think we can handle the knowledge that many people find abortion morally objectionable.

College professors in Kentu... (Below threshold)

College professors in Kentucky? Isn't this the state that thinks "HeeHaw!" is a documentary? Typical of leftie "tolerance"...action without thought or imagination. About 20 years ago I saw a similar display on the campus of Loyola Marymount University; pro lifers had planted 100 little crosses on the campus Common. Pro choicers replied with 100 wire coat hangers dipped in red paint. Repulsive AND thought provoking while maintaining the dialogue of disagreement in an ethical manner.

This is in response to stev... (Below threshold)

This is in response to steverino: Can you please make your comments relevant to the issue being discussed? Your ridiculous attacks on the educational system and the people of Kentucky is really undeserved. Comments like the one above do nothing but lower the level of discourse. The rest of your comments are insightful, but the initial one is just mean-spirited and common.

"freedom-of-speech rights t... (Below threshold)
Speak Freely:

"freedom-of-speech rights to destroy the display"

There is not a right "TO DESTROY" another's free speech. Sally Jacobsen MUST be fired. Even if she is about to retire.

We cannot allow VANDALISM to become an accepted method of RESPONDING to another's free speech.

NKU President James Votruba: [email protected]

I encourage the University to terminate Professor Jacobsen and punish the students involved. I hope law enforcement investigates this matter and presses any and all applicable charges.

I agree with speak freely ... (Below threshold)

I agree with speak freely , the fact that your about to retire does not give one freebie to get away with ,shitcan Her now!

Hard to believe, but the Un... (Below threshold)

Hard to believe, but the University President did the right thing to her. Question is, what'll happen about the students that participated with her (or are they quietly being forgotten)?

http://www.nku.edu/ click of President's statement link

Professor Jacobsen is a pol... (Below threshold)

Professor Jacobsen is a polar-left non-normie; one that I describe in detail on my Web/Blog Site. She will be featured as a non-normie of the day next week on the site. She is far more typical of this emotional disease than unusual and there are thousands just like her in the various universites and colleges throughout the country. We have to recognize and brand them.
Jack Thomas






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