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In Defense Of Donald Rumsfeld

Gateway Pundit has a thoroughly comprehensive post that outlines in detail the successes and failures Donald Rumsfeld has had since taking on the position of Defense Secretary.

Update: More generals have come out in defense of Secretary Rumsfeld.

Update II: James Lewis at The American Thinker argues the retired Generals who have come out demanding Secretary Rumsfeld's resignation are doing so because they are auditioning for the next potential Democrat administration.

Like so many CanCan dancers strutting their shapely legs before a lustful audience, the Clinton generals seem to be auditioning for the next Democrat administration...

...[S]eeing retired general officers pick up the pompoms and cheerleading for the Democrats is really over the top: it shows nothing but contempt for military honor and tradition...

...It's a degrading spectacle for the military. If the general officers are back-stabbing their civilian leaders in public, what is to keep the grunts and NCO from doing it to the generals? The answer is: Nothing. The political generals are risking a return to Vietnam, when "fragging" became a term of art. This is not good for the country, and it's terrible for the military.

The generals, unfortunately, don't care.


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Comments (14)

Face it. There is NO defens... (Below threshold)

Face it. There is NO defense for Donald Rumsfeld and if we want to save the Republican Party from the sham, shame, sorry excuse it's become under George Bush, Rummy needs to go and Dubya needs to get a clue. Soon. 'Else we're in for a Democratic President and a Dem controlled House.

Which, Zip, is entirely irr... (Below threshold)

Which, Zip, is entirely irrelevant to the question of military discipline and good order.

The fact is that we have a professional military that is the most disciplined that History has ever seen, with the best morale and effectiveness and these old retired guys apparently don't understand *why* that is true, or as Kim said... they don't care.

There's a gentleman's agreement of sorts, not between Generals and the Administration but between officers and enlisted and these guys either don't understand or don't care. The thing about it is that not even a General has to understand *how* it works for it to work so long as everyone plays the part that military tradition gives them to play. Those traditions work and have been developed over centuries. This *behavior* offends me as a former enlisted person. I find it dishonorable and disgusting.

And that's got nothing to do with Rumsfeld.

Zip: And thank you for your... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Zip: And thank you for your heartfelt concern about the Republican Party and how "we" need to save it. Now please, return to your lair under the bridge; the other trolls are looking for you.

Zip-There is NO... (Below threshold)


There is NO defense for Donald Rumsfeld and if we want to save the Republican Party from the sham, shame, sorry excuse it's become under George Bush, Rummy needs to go and Dubya needs to get a clue.

Who exactly is "we"?

I voted for Harry Browne in 2000.

I voted for Peroutka in 2004(in Ohio).

But, after all the stupid shit GWB has done to alienate consevative and libertarian voters(NCLB, McCain-Feingold, Medicare Drugs, no spending vetoes, etc.), you choose to whine about... Rumsfeld.

My last vote for a Repub. President was Reagan '84.-- which seems like one more Repub than you have ever voted for...

If they take Rumsfeld down,... (Below threshold)

If they take Rumsfeld down, they'll move on to the next guy and do the same thing.

He's just in the firing line.

I think he's great, myself. The Left cannot STAND to have such a well-spoken guy in that position.

And if they think he's like McNamara, would they kindly stand up and tell us what exactly he's ever lied about? Would they kindly tell us how Rumsfeld has cut the military out of the decision-making, letting civilian lawyers draw up the war plans and ignoring the professionals? No, wait, they can't, because he hasn't done those things.

I am SO disgusted with the Democrats.

Hasn't there been more suce... (Below threshold)

Hasn't there been more sucess in iraq the past few months? I think these guys are all in CYA mode to cover their own failures (like half or more of the senior officers in Vietnam spending their entire tour in a whorehouse in Siagion and not in the field) in the leadership role. Come on Senior NCO's let it out. What kind of failures, including unnecessary deaths, do you attribute to these six idiots? I'm a retired Senior NCO so I know you are the backbone of the military and nothing moves anywhere without you and nothing happens that you don't know about. You know the dirt down to the whore houses they frequented ( I did but never had a General officer turn traitor on the troops in the field and try to get them killed) so tell the world and these guys families what slime balls they are. Name places, dates and names. Can't do it in public, do it on the blogs, word will spread fast.

Retired Generals running fo... (Below threshold)

Retired Generals running for office. An American Tradition. However, the spectrum runs from Grant to Eisenhower (excluding Washington) as far as competency in office.

Remember when once many thought Colin Powell walked on water...

Course there have also been a few Sec State who have tried...

But badmouthing during the prosecution of the war, retired or not, that should curl the nose hairs of officers and Senior NCO's alike.

How much you wanna bet the... (Below threshold)

How much you wanna bet the DNC is giving these lib generals a golden parachute and arranging bookdeals for them ! this seems to be standard operating procedure for every lib that leaves this admin,whitehouse or what have you, Personally I find it very 2 faced and yellow the backstabbers.

These guys are cowards. If ... (Below threshold)

These guys are cowards. If it was so bad , where were they before they retired. Looks like the libs are getting desperate to hire these backstabbers as talking heads.

Democrats have polluted... (Below threshold)
Rob in LA Ca.:

Democrats have polluted and corrupted the minds across the entire liberal media receiving world. I "am" a registered democrat who voted democrat for the past 15 years because that's who my mother told me to vote for cause I didn't give a rats ass about politics. That was until I heard Fraud Kerry disrespect the President of the United States George W Bush prior to the Nov.2,2004 election. No doubt you know who I voted for on that day. For not paying attention I recall when Clinton was appearing in court numerous times it seemed as if Ken Star was the bad guy by the way I heard the press talk about him.

I don't consider myself a Republican just because I voted for President Bush Nov.2 2004 but at the same time the last thing you want to call me is a Democrat cause I my go off and dot your eye. That's is how disgusted I am with the whole Democrat Party. They have sent sinister examples for the whole world to see by their very actions.

They can be seen by the Minority Suni's in Iraq by their obstruction and unwillingness to participate in their recently liberated country's first election. They behaved like the sniveling cry babies in todays Minority Democrat Party. The Democrats and the likes, those that have their own sick little agenda have made a sport out of character assasinating President Bush and the Republican Party as a whole for political points. These are the sick ones but what is just as sick if not more are you idiots that know full well what is going on in todays politics yet still support these traitorous corrupt lying cowards. What the hell do you get out of these bunch of incompetance getting back in Power?

More incompetant people like Nagin and Blanco in more cities to let over 1,000 of their citizens die?

I seem to recall reading a ... (Below threshold)

I seem to recall reading a certain saying about the military brass:

"When you make Lieutenant Colonel, they take away your mouth.
When you make Colonel, they take away your brain.
When you make General, they give you back your mouth.

Rummy? Resign? Get Fired? Not just no, but HELL NO!

If Rummy could be forced to... (Below threshold)

If Rummy could be forced to resign, the libs will just rotate and start calling for Cheney or Rove or Rice to resign again. If Rummy doesn't resign, they'll start calling for Cheney or Rove or Rice to resign again.

If Rummy could be forced... (Below threshold)

If Rummy could be forced to resign, the libs will just rotate and start calling for Cheney or Rove or Rice to resign again. If Rummy doesn't resign, they'll start calling for Cheney or Rove or Rice to resign again.

This suggests a good metric for conservatives to measure job performance: performance by a conservative elected official or appointee is directly proportional to the volume of the screaming and wailing by liberals (and their MSM allies) for said conservative elected official or appointee to resign.

My own comments are here.</... (Below threshold)

My own comments are here.


I support Rumsfeld. It is always distasteful to see generals involved in partisan politics.






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